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  1. only person that needs tae stop making a c**t of themself online is you , you call others keyboard warrioirs despit them sayinf fuckall against you online you joost cnnae take the fact that a rangers fan like me thinks wae their own mind votes snp hates the queen and votes independence , then hide behind what you THINK  is an anonymous online identity tae say a have fucking learning disabilities ? fucking idiot of the highest order 

  2. speculation is one thing, sometimes hopefull sometimes genuine,but "speculating" something that quite clearly would never happenNow that is fucking silly!!
  3. And the award for funniest comment 2016 goes to...Talbot bing! Congrats!
  4. Shots on target also disnae mean outplayed
  5. Barely celebrated the pen, aye the eaquliser he celebrated, as ten mins earlier we were dead n buried! As a new cumnock boy he will always celebrate more than others, you would understand that if a hurlford lad played for you!
  6. Shots on target doesn't mean domination of play, you could take a pot sotvfrom thy centre circle or a long shot taking a chance, what does that mean? You can't get past the defence so take your chances from distance
  7. Kicking,shoving and pulling for 90 mins, And glens should have had a penalty.the definition of a stone waller! But hey that's the way hurlford roll!!!!!
  8. False, he barely celebrated atall!!!
  9. A foul is a foul regardless of what else happensShoe on the other foot, would u want th glens players red card rescinded?????
  10. Will there be fresh concrete/slabs for the terracing?
  11. Anybody know why Saturday glens kilbirnie game is now at new cumnock?
  12. Loch park was 3 foot under water late December...and has had games played since then
  13. no , not everywhere, only the juniors forum!
  14. Explain how it makes me dumb? Normally an asterix is followed up by an explanation of what it means at the bottom of the pagep***k
  15. Ambrose cost Celtic the match Glasgow Celtic ..always cheated never defeated!!!
  16. True. Fellas been fairr quiet since! Kegs is the man to be fair , know his stuff and well probably know s 90% of the team from very recent times
  17. After goading us for a bad start to the season. Ohhh the irony ????????⚽????
  18. Aw sorry a mistook you for a human.Clearly you are a superhuman who's super power let's them see the future as it will happen. In this case want tae let me men the winning euro millions draw fornriday then please?
  19. any body know when the draw for the west is? (or was , seems to go under the radar these days , though we played kilbirnie in the league until the mascot wished us all the best in the nest round lol )
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