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  1. Some of them are committee and the rest of them are lucky that they were out walking their dogs
  2. Now they will be able to stay up and watch a game for bugger all Lol
  3. Rob why don't you crawl back under your stone. You are a sad bitter fat c**t that probably dose not even go to Olivebank to watch Mussie and is just a keyboard warrior .
  4. You missed out Sauchie on Sat then Broxburn at home on the 8th.
  5. What do you mean still have ? The Pans was in darkness last night Lol
  6. That will not be our decision , but yes could possibly play Peni midweek.
  7. I'm Still waiting for your answer RobM ?
  8. You are quick to slaughter everyone else even Camelon about a few bits o tape left on floor get a grip n let the halo slip a bit Aye whatever , now away back on the Lithgae thread .
  9. At least the dressing room door wasn't kicked in like at boness after tranents last visit. Pot n kettle spring to mind Think that you'll find that was sorted out straight away.
  10. Tramps hahaha that's the pot calling the kettle black .
  11. Don't think so as no other team has left the changing rooms in a mess.
  12. Leave a brush , i cannie mind us getting a brush at Camelon but we left the changing room tidy , plus yous have previous of this after the cup final v Spartans being a prime example .
  13. Tranent beat Tynecastle last night 4-1 in a closed door friendly , goals from Barrett,McGovern x2 and Cal Donaldson. Good work out against a good Tynecastle outfit. I can see why they are unbeaten in their league like to get the ball down and play , all the best to them for the rest of the season. Another big game on Sat v Camelon , first home game since the start of Nov so hopefully will mean a big support to cheer the boys on. Lie Forrit
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