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  1. Celtic are the paedos club. WATP

    1. John McEnroe

      John McEnroe


  2. lichtieforlife is a montrose fan

  3. hmm, certainly is. Terrible, terrible film. Some really horrible lines, especially that one just there.
  4. Currently watching "The Weather Man" on BBC1 NOW!!!! it's fucking shit
  5. Anchorman. Can't be arsed writing a review that none of you will read. Plus I'm not even getting paid for it. Don't know when it was made, probably 2004, or something like that. But, yeah it was really good, I've already watched it about 5 times. 10/10.
  6. What's he sulking about now!? Reacts badly when things aren't going his way. Hope Anderson mauls him.
  7. Nothing new here. Not a fan of his, would like to see Osborne win. Btw, Osborne's wife is FIT!
  8. @ Wayne Mardle having an orgasm everytime there is a 180.
  9. yep just need to hope they dont get promoted as u will need to play them. we fortunately dont have tht problem :)

  10. ken. He's a dirty northern bugger.

  11. yep. you have to hope livi never play arbroath or ur arse will be getting shagged

  12. I know. Word on the street is that he's an unconvicted SP, and mass gay rapist. Stay away from him, he's dodgy.

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