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  1. Hope it happens but tbh we’ve got to try and sort our own house out and as the saying goes one game at a time starting on Sunday,Lenny might get away with getting gubbed in Europa but we’ve got to get in about teams and play better domestically or he’ll get arse and necked out the door soon,there’s no excuses .
  2. The subs ultimately changed the game for us when they came on,Saints held their own in parts of the game but I’ll take 3 points from a game we could have easily dropped points in.
  3. After all the shenanigans at Celtic Park recently think we’ll find it tough at Tannadice,got to do better after Killie performance
  4. Colin Stein? I remember Stein but surely he wasn’t as bad as wee beef cake for sending offs.
  5. Was the game agst Dundee Utd not supposed to be getting probed 3 weeks ago,never heard nothing since.
  6. They’ve obviously forgot about that game,they’ve got other things to jump on now.
  7. Has there ever been a CF sent of so many times in such a short period of time as in Morelos,you’d reluctantly accept that from a big tough tackling CB but he’s a wee turd who seems to glory in his silly sending offs otherwise he’d learn from them,time will tell if he stays.
  8. Celtic were piss poor but got to put that down to Killie who played well and deserved to get something from the game.
  9. Same performance fae Celtic as last week would be good but think this game will be a bit closer score wise.
  10. Call it what you like,he had a chance to go to a lot of teams growing up as a boy,Fergie got him in and he never looked back,his mum comes from a big Celtic supporting family and his dad is a Rangers fan,think the medals he collected as a player says it all,he’s a really nice guy as well with no airs or graces,good luck to him in whatever he does.
  11. Darren is a Celtic fan,his mum and dad stay up the road from me.
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