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  1. He always looks like he's walked into a room and forgot what he went in for. Lost a tenner and found a fiver.
  2. The shite he’s taken fae the Ppl in the past that’s pretty mild,get in there Broony
  3. Fair play then,you’ll enjoy the visit to Bonnyrigg,think it could be close game.
  4. I’m assuming you’ll sell them all.
  5. I’m hoping other parts of ground get the songs going.
  6. Good to see you guys get on with each other as local derbies go.
  7. All the best to the Rose tonight and the big Rose agst Montrose tomorrow.
  8. I got a ticket from a pal who can’t make it for Main Stand(Celtic end),that’ll do for me,I’m not a season ticket holder but go to a lot of games and if the so called VIPs who never go to a game or even support any of the 2 teams don’t give a hoot neither do I
  9. Be a tough ask for the Rose and think it will be close but definitely doable
  10. My son went over earlier the day and he’s not seen any bother yet but it’s early doors,more chance of it happening tomorrow I’d imagine,hopefully not as it’s a game of football he’s there for.
  11. He's there as a coach and tends to play the reserve games. He goes on the bench if we're really short too Smashing wee player in his day and a wee gentleman.
  12. Was at first game for a while,enjoyed the game and the Rose look a good side,all the best for coming season.
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