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  1. Tbh your never gonny please everybody no matter who we’ve got in goal now,no pressure whoever it is,just 10 in a row and imo you need a decent keeper and that in turn other players can put their trust in him.
  2. Bo’ness imo will be a good addition to LL and will bolster gates home and away.
  3. Done it the right way and went with the best wishes of Celtic support
  4. Terrible of him,he should just let wee Barry get on wae it,honest wee guy that he is.
  5. Tbh as much as Celtic been a big part of my life for a lot of years I’ve no even thought about league or title,it’ll get sorted one way or another,I’ve got daughter working in hospital in front line working with poor folk affected by it,my wife has underlying illness as well as my grandson who has Muscular Dystrophy,stay safe out there folks.
  6. Think wee Burkie was telling porkies about not supporting a team growing up when his da and brother where clearly Celtic fans,nice enough wee guy,enjoyed his story growing up in Gorbals as I was born there myself.
  7. 1-0 in the 8th minute would be a bonus,get the party started.
  8. Draw will have to do,feels like a win wae Slippy’s mob’s result the night.
  9. Tough game the night and 1 goal more than Livvy would do for me.
  10. Not a problem but would be even better if some of your own lot could turn up on the day and fill one stand instead of some arse going on about away seats not getting filled.
  11. I was in the Ormond stand and noticed empty seats in the stand on the right hand side but ffs it was a c..t of a day and St Johnstone couldn’t even fill a stand and your gon on about empty seats.
  12. Aye fair comment but sometimes the best team don’t win on the day.
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