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  1. Hope it beats the weather and still on come Saturday night.
  2. Celtic have to win and even then the games in hand need to be won as well and for me that’s a big ask and we’d still be playing catch up,past few derby games we’ve been bullied as well,got to go with Griff n Eddy up front,think we’ll score but defence speaks for itself
  3. Total embarrassment agst a team that were seen by many as the whipping boys of the group,defending was rank as per usual.
  4. We’ve not played well for a while now after we played them in the derby thought it cudny get any worse but it has and disny look like getting any better,f**k knows what’s gon on behind the scenes but needs sorted,it’s early doors as they saying goes but canny keep putting on performances like they have.
  5. Tbf Motherwell have played well and 4-1 doesn’t show that but just glad to get the points and this game out the way
  6. Celtic deservedly up 2-0 but next goal crucial,giving away to many free kicks and corners .
  7. As much as it was an embarrassing performance and losing to a supposed lesser team in the group,personally we’ve got to hope we get our act together in the league but after getting beat in the derby a few weeks ago and the way things are looking performance wise atm there’s no guarantee it’s gonny get any better.
  8. Hope it happens but tbh we’ve got to try and sort our own house out and as the saying goes one game at a time starting on Sunday,Lenny might get away with getting gubbed in Europa but we’ve got to get in about teams and play better domestically or he’ll get arse and necked out the door soon,there’s no excuses .
  9. The subs ultimately changed the game for us when they came on,Saints held their own in parts of the game but I’ll take 3 points from a game we could have easily dropped points in.
  10. After all the shenanigans at Celtic Park recently think we’ll find it tough at Tannadice,got to do better after Killie performance
  11. Colin Stein? I remember Stein but surely he wasn’t as bad as wee beef cake for sending offs.
  12. Was the game agst Dundee Utd not supposed to be getting probed 3 weeks ago,never heard nothing since.
  13. They’ve obviously forgot about that game,they’ve got other things to jump on now.
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