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  1. I'm not sure about that tbh. It's easier to lose 2 lbs in fat than put on 2lb in muscle! I here this kinda thing a lot and i think it can be self deluding. When is started doing weights i piled on the poundsbut that was because i was eating cleanly. Yeah, i'm sure i bulked up with a bit of muscle but more of it was fat.
  2. That Harris Benedict equation is very interesting. A lot of good work on the diet and exercise front could be worthless if you have a binge drinking sesh at the weekends. I was 12 st 4 for about two years even though i was going to the gym etc. but still had a bev on a saturday night. I stopped drinking for about 2 months last year and lost a stone. I now would like to get to about 10 10 so i think i need to can the cans for a while!
  3. Blah. blah, blah... Ross County have won the league. we will finish comfortably top half. Is there a great feeling at dens? where debts are written off and small businesses get screwed? In the current set-up we are a middling side who have been fucked over by crucial injuries in the first half of the season. Big Massive dundee are still scrambling about looking for the first rung on the ladder to the "promised land" . Morton won't go up and won't go down. Our prospects seem to bother you twats unduly. It's only the first division guys. Where is big gus's pie thread btw? not as funny as he thought it was perhaps? that's what happens when you scrape the barrel of humour by slagging off kids with Down's Syndrome. Fucking asshole. Poor, poor big city team dundee. They're fucked. Again. Hahahahaha
  4. I could tell you that. He used to raise the odd titter but when you're reduced to telling jokes about Downs Syndrome kids it's time to chuck it. Oh, and when he actually started claiming to be funny and was all chuffed that Divot mentioned him on the front page, it was kaaa-ringgggeee. It's ran it's course now.
  5. Yep, good advice from Fifespurt there. The voice of experience when it comes to getting a bit too excited on the ol' computer.
  6. According to STV news at six last night, 'Dunfirmline' were playing Hibs today. They wouldn't make that mistake with Rangirs or Celtoc.
  7. This gets the "unbeaten" monkey off our backs and lets us focus on where we want to be. A harsh lesson, sure but we can learn from this.
  8. That's an eerily similar reply to the one i just gave you on the other thread! Slainte !
  9. You're actually a bit of a weirdo ain't you? You're the easiest wind up target on here. Pure RAGING all the time. How did you guys get on today? I'm sure the likes of Barry and Big Gus will take it on the chin whilst you wet your pants in front of the computer. Chillax dude. x
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