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  1. could of been me actually, but i was actually on the wind up to one of my mates who rates him ( i dont ) but i accept he wasnt at fault. on the performance yesterday there are signs that once this side gels we could be pretty decent. was impressed with simmons and big campbell and brighton when he played up front ( hes never been a winger) smith looked pretty useful as well and higgins didnt look comfortable at left back. queens looked pretty good when they went to a 4-3-3 later on in the game.
  2. kind of expected that to be dropped in there. i actually think its irrelevant that youve watched queens for a long time, in fact it actually makes your recent posting worse if your a long time supporter as youve surely hard time as well as the good times, surely youve seen squads being re-built through your time? for what its worth DW was average at best and although i agree that DH was a good keeper for us there isnt much between him and Robinson and if signing a slightly "inferior" keeper ensures we stay financially stable ill be a happy man, forget the past and give the new boys a chance.
  3. Have you actually got anything positive to say about queens? everytime you post your either writing queens off after 1 game or your moaning about something. NEWSFLASH queens have had abit of a finacial scare so the days of "supirior" players has now gone, are you so dilusional that you think we could compete with hamilton on the money front? maybe its time you got over your wee crush on weatherston and hutton and gave the new crop of players a chance.
  4. i have no idea what he is going on about to be honest. im assuming hes got me mixed up with someone else either that or he is just driveling his usual pish!
  5. what are you actually driveling on about you moron?
  6. no shit sherlock, did the fact ive only posted 73 times give it away?
  7. Not often we see you get shot down big man! dont know what i think about reid cant really say hes ever stood out to me but being a left footer is a big bonus as there arent too many around. i really hope we sign a keeper next im not too fussed about any other position as it looks as if we are pretty much set up. mckenzie isnt the answer for me, hes a big lump who goes down in stages. id quite like us to sign lee robinson.
  8. GOOD!! i have been constantly reading posts from people saying " i really hope he stays" and "hes a useful player" all i can say in reply to that is that he had no footballing ability what so ever and he tired after 10-15 minutes or something. im not concerned that hes been released and hopefully now i can stop reading folks drivel about them wanting him to sign!
  9. Be careful before writing off players before youve seen them play, you have previous for this remember! lets be realistic here there arent going to be any star studded players out there for us to sign so we might as well get used to the idea that were going to be signing players who didnt flourish last season in their clubs. lets not forget our friends S. Dobbie and R. Harris who didnt exactly set the grass on fire and St johnstone and clyde. why dont we let gus do his job and stop expecting this massive name to walk through the door.
  10. By far the worst keeper ive seen at palmerston was Jamie Campbell, absolute bombscare and i still will never forget the day he tried to guide a ball round the post v clydebank at cappielow and the ball went into the net! on the mackenzie situation bar it being a total f**k up by our secretary he'd of been on the scrapheap by now! i reckon FC_1919 has got better movement. im sure it wont be long before mackenzie is found out.
  11. Mark was my old coach at lochar thistle and was one of the best coaches ive ever had, a true football man who knows the game well as well as the buisness side. i can only see this as a positive (but strange) move and i wish him all the best. i used to be fairly close to the family and mark truely has worked his way to the top unlike some of the twats on the BOD who were born with a silverspoon!
  12. its not out with the relms of possiblity tho? in all honesty i can see us with someone like that next season.
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