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  1. The global mean surface temperature is a 30 year average. You won't see much difference in that.
  2. The evidence is anecdotal obviously but it's still telling. I haven't seen any opinion polls since the general election, perhaps I've missed them? Also, didn't the general election show that independence would have been carried if the 2014 proportion of yes voters in each party's support were considered? Not to mention 16-18 year olds and EU nationals who weren't counted in the election result but are normally a strong yes demographic to my knowledge.
  3. From a completely non-partisan perspective, I've now spoken to 3 no voters from 2014 who are now backing independence (the only 3 naysayers I know). Perhaps that's an indication of how the wider public feel. This is actually happening this time I think.
  4. Yeah, it used to be better than it is now, but even then is was fairly standard inauthentic Mexican stuff - fajitas, enchiladas etc. If it's Mexican you're after, try El Cartel on Thistle Street. Small place and they don't take bookings, so you're pretty much guaranteed a short wait, but they'll take your phone number and send you to the pub over the road until your table is ready. Really decent food in there.
  5. Scottish government ad on antibiotics. They've decided that it takes a cartoon and a little song to stop people taking antibiotics for the likes of a hangover. Probably says more about their target audience than most of society, but does anyone really not know about antibiotic resistance these days?
  6. Be careful selecting your thermal baths, many of them are full of shagging couples. I can recommend Szimpla Kert for a ruin pub, there's several bars in there and they have live music for most of the day.
  7. Wise wouldn't be the first word I'd pick to describe the IRA...
  8. Just listened to George on TV justifying the harbouring of nuclear weapons on Scottish soil. What happened to this guy?
  9. International law governs the extent of a state's territorial waters which would preclude the UK from hanging onto any maritime territory it's not entitled to. Next...
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