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  1. this site has it as home to a Tayavalla FC . With victoria park being under camelon station car park/ten pin bowling
  2. Facebook and Twitter are great fun the now as people are only just realising that world rugby have dropped the word Women form one of the 2 world cups in 2019. Due the the one due to be held this year (the womens one) probably being delayed a year.
  3. bonus points of your team is that players rivals and you mention that
  4. I have seen reports that we have told the Six Nations to f**k off with the first date offerd to play the France game ( 9th March) due to it not being 14 days since the last French covid tests. We will probably tell them to f**k off again with the 2nd date (26th March) unless we get our non Scotland bassesd players released(France have have there full team to pick from but the Top 14 woukd like the game played earlier that week)
  5. We had Pascal Gaüzère in 2019, Lacey in 2017, Glen Jackson(now a coach with Fiji) in 2015, Craig Joubert(set a record for number of penalties were attempted in a match) in 2013, Clancy in 2011 and Rolland in 2009.
  6. Looking at that still it is not just the fact that England are not set both sides have water carriers on the pitch so the match definitely shouldn't restart till they leave the pitch. Also the ref has admitted he got the 1st 2 Welsh tries both wrong
  7. they are doing law experiments with red cards that a player gets 20min in the bin and must be replaced after that time
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