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  1. Got tickets for France 2023 today. Going to SCOTLAND v EUROPE 2 and ASIA/PACIFIC 1 v EUROPE 2 in Lille
  2. Have seen more people defending him (games gone soft ect) than agreeing with the red
  3. ajwffc

    Band Of Brothers

    And it is still on of the best programmes ever
  4. Warriors to play a 3rd season outside New Zealand as they will be based at the Dolphin Stadium in Redcliffe https://www.warriors.kiwi/news/2021/09/09/redcliffe-confirmed-as-new-base/
  5. ajwffc


    Beta will be 2 weeks before. Information about new and updated features will be released latter this month.
  6. So November 9th
  7. Also it has yet to be and probably never will be sanctioned by World Rugby
  8. Don't think it will happen more than once if at all. As I don't see any of the Unions or leagues agreeing to it.
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