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  1. As he was under 20 when he played for them he could still change who he played for and still can until he turns 20. He can play for USA(nation of birth), England(residential), Scotland (grand parent).
  2. Bayonne say Nakarawa set to re-sign for Glasgow Warriors. So it will probably be done at the start of next week.
  3. He picked up that injury and could never get his form back. Also Seymourhas retired form International Rugby
  4. From what i can see online he is ether staying in the Northern hemisphere and going to Glasgow or going to the Waratahs and playing Super Rugby.
  5. That is not true and your whole tongue can taste the difference tastes
  6. he is 38 and it was his first ever hatrick it also made him the oldest La Liga player to scor a hattrick
  7. They are getting refurbished by Wabtec and they are miles behind schedule. So most of the HST coaches are getting used as a stopgap until they finish.
  8. Just as bad as normal Elf on a shelf pics.
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