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  1. was it one of those lights that have two sets of lines with you sitting at the further forward one for cyclists.
  2. on of the local papers will have an article up in no time praising the Glasgow patter
  3. so Edinburgh are away to Leicester Tigers Glasgow at home to Dragons
  4. that was how they tired to get out of it at first
  5. that is him probably about to get punted by both Glasgow and the SRU. A trip to MLR next
  6. looking at it due to the early release cause they should have kept him out of the euro games. But the punishment still allows them to qualify for the next round just no longer guaranteed to be at home with the fine suspended. It is probably the only time we see that rule broken
  7. https://www.bristolbearsrugby.com/news/disciplinary-decision-epcr-challenge-cup/ it looks like the rule they broke was one in place to stop sides signing players for just one game
  8. Some Kiwi journalists are saying that the SRU have been looking in New Zealand for the new head coach. With Leon MacDonald (current Blues head coach) getting ,mentioned if he doesn't get the All Black job
  9. https://www.hatads.org.uk/catalogue/record/94db9377-2872-4fec-825d-1e792d65e6a1
  10. if Toonie was staying i think the SRU would have said so by now. Mike Blair would be a good Scotland coach just not the head one
  11. also just as Australia showed signs of improvement
  12. just happened https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/64285827
  13. apart from using almost the same badge as Macclesfied Town with their founding year on it
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