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  1. Who Is America?

    Like the bit at 9:50
  2. Both is the correct answer
  3. France vs Belgium

    and in an earlier game he decided you can tell if a player has concussion in about 3 seconds
  4. Piper Alpha: Fire in the Night. Documentary about the Piper Alpha disaster that mainly focuses on the men that survived the disaster. With interviews with some of the survivors and the crew of the support ships that were involved in the rescue efforts.
  5. Rugby - Union And League

    If it is not played at Murrayfield it will be Rugby Park or Broadwood
  6. Rugby - Union And League

    A 26-3 win for Hong-Kong over the Cook Islands gives them the advantage in the Oceania/Asia playoff for the repechage tournament. The winner will join Canada, Germany(unless they perform a miracle v Samoa) and the 2018 African Gold Cup runner up
  7. Did not think that could be possible
  8. Rugby - Union And League

    Samoa have a slight lead in the RWC playoff game after a 66-15 home win v Germany in the 1st leg
  9. Rugby - Union And League

    Tim Swinson will be out for 6 months due to the injury he picked up v Argentina
  10. Japn vs Poland

    No as it is the first time it had been used at the World Cup
  11. New kits for 18/19

    Or the one in the middle has farted
  12. Switzerland vs. Costa Rica

    Macedonian/Yugoslavian born to Albanian and moved to Zurich at the age of 4 for the 1st goal. Swiss born to Croatian parents for the 2nd goal
  13. Football Manager 2018

    Anybody else have problems with fixtures not getting generated? In my 2nd season in Sweden and the league fixtures have not be generated. The only fixtures are for the group stages of the Svenska Cupen(early rounds are at the end of one season then a group stage and final rounds at the start of the next season)
  14. Rugby - Union And League

    there is no law about the ref getting in the road of a defender. I think he got it right( i hate Lacey) as the French srum half was in an offside position as he had left the scrum early at was playing the ref before the ball left the scrum