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  1. ajwffc

    FM 2020

    Watford is set as an affiliated to side to Udinese in the game with the option Players are able to move freely between the clubs. In real life it is meant for lesser players but the game is allowing bigger names to move on frees
  2. Among the autumn leaves They rear their tiny little heads Settling down In nature’s beds. Here to enhance the beauty Of this place here It’s the first I’ve seen them Different coloured heathers, so clear. Green, blue, beige and purple What a bonny array That line the path, to a historical monument To view on this cold autumnal day. A place to sit Off the busy main road A time to reflect And lay down that heavy load. And relax in the presence Of history represented here Sir John De Grahame remembered With a silent tear.
  3. Georgia game is kick-off 7.30pm BST, live on ITV4. All the Autumn Nations Cup games will be on Amazon Prime (unless we play Ireland in the finals)
  4. ajwffc


  5. They did sign current Sweden number one Robin Olsen
  6. Oops https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/stonehaven-tragedy-probe-after-hero-22863697.amp?__twitter_impression=true
  7. it will be this i think https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p087kkf8
  8. It will be the Lions tour before they are due to play again
  9. It is still a good watch the 2nd time round but you lose some od the shock value(the firefighters and plant staff in the hospital).
  10. Stirling was the main Motorail hub in Scotland
  11. Just finished rewatching it again.
  12. ajwffc


    I was listening to some of the SI staff on a podcast (think it was the 5 star potential one) and they mentioned not putting it in the game. That players could get Corona as it would work against them in the long run but will try and put as many of the leauge tweeks in as they can.
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