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  1. Really happy with that. Another really good attacking option at this level.
  2. Anyone done a sunrise hike up Lions Head? Fine to park up and go yourself or better to go with a guide?
  3. Nan is her name, a cracking wee pub normally but no surprise she's a royalist. Nan always been really sound, and would’ve said it’s one of the few decent pubs in Ayr, but the above has me questioning if I’d ever go back. Bizarre stuff.
  4. Local wine merchant in Ayr. Went in to buy a gift for someone online… Not enough to close the shop, don’t you dare even peruse our products you disrespectful scumbag.
  5. Made it very difficult to go to the game tbf. Managed to get a ticket by showing up, but most people if unable to buy online and told over the phone they can’t get in won’t bother chancing their luck at the ground.
  6. Ignore this question, turns out new ticket accounts can’t buy for the games. Quite a lot of empty seats that aren’t going to be purchased so seems like a crazy decision.
  7. What stand would you fine gentlemen recommend for the game? I’ve only been to Tynecastle once before and think I was in the Wheatfield. Is Main Stand better?
  8. I’ve got two tickets for South Stand Upper that I won’t be able to use anymore, happy to sell on if anyone is interested.
  9. At first they said they’d offered me a reschedule so if I wanted to cancel then I’d still attract the (utterly scandalously priced) cancellation fee of $195 per person. Eventually wore them down and they agreed that the rescheduled flight times weren’t close enough and they wouldn’t charge me. Still have to apply for the refund like normal, but made sure to get it in writing that there wasn’t any cancellation fee first.
  10. Tried looking a bit online but still unsure what my rights are. I’ve got a return flight booked in October with Qatar that has 2 legs each way. They’ve cancelled the legs that would get me to and from my final destination. Ideally I’d want to cancel the full thing and get money back. Do I have to accept an offer of a rescheduled flight or can I get a refund?
  11. Ninja 5.2L. It’s a good size for a couple, but would be tempted to go for a dual one if you’d be cooking for a family. Would be handy having two separate things on the go at once.
  12. Couldn’t recommend it enough so far. Chicken wings, different types of fish & the obvious chips/onion rings etc type items have all been sensational in it.
  13. The recent purchase of an air fryer is shaping up to be one of the best all time purchases I’ve made.
  14. He deserved a ban for intentionally typing his posts out like a cretinous weegie e.g. typing ‘ye’ rather than ‘you’.
  15. What’s the conspiracy theory here? That the super rich have a way to live forever that they’re not telling the world about? A rich guy being a headcase isn’t a conspiracy theory.
  16. I haven't posted here in months. Yet you’re still clearly checking the thread, apparently to point out that other people are on the thread
  17. Paulo seems to live here. As apparently do you.
  18. Bit of a strange one for her to essentially say she wasn’t drunk, she’s just a total arsehole when sober.
  19. For anyone who has Netflix I’d highly recommend the Untold: Breaking Point documentary on Mardy Fish. Really good watch.
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