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  1. With travel easing up and Covid looking much better do we think more flights to European cities will start back up? Looking for flights for a stag in June and at the moment the only options are Krakow and Amsterdam, but even then the times aren’t great. Don’t want to leave it too much longer though.
  2. It isn’t really. Ayr have a song that has a line referring to Killie fans as ‘black b*****ds’, and whilst it’s nothing to do with race, it’s clearly still offensive to anyone outside of that very small section of the public who know the backstory and therefore is offensive sounding to most who would hear it and needs called out and binned. Just because the basis isn’t intentionally racist, doesn’t mean it isn’t offensive.
  3. These posts one after another. Slippery hinting that he’s running a kidnapping gang and is actually to blame for half of the stories in this thread?
  4. @SlipperyP having a normal one on the missing people thread harassing a guy for putting up that his pals uncle has been missing for a long time. Bizarre stuff as usual.
  5. https://amp.theguardian.com/society/2021/oct/14/dont-be-that-guy-activists-praise-campaign-tackling-sexual-violence Remember this campaign? FYI it’s you, it’s aimed at you.
  6. I absolutely hate that the approval of a terrified public, which the government themselves created and have maintained since with their messaging, is constantly used as apparent proof that restrictions are justified. It’s absolute nonsense.
  7. The University I deal with through my job have said that it is mostly pushback from teaching staff and Unions which will mean that even if all guidance/restrictions are lifted by government they currently plan to keep their own in place for a significant period afterwards.
  8. Might be a stupid question, but I’ve never been in one. Can you only get brewdog beers in their bars or are there other options?
  9. Good point. Time to spray that driver like… well like I always do.
  10. As part of the Scottish Golf winter offer I’m playing Prestwick next week. Just found out it’s on mats…
  11. It’s not even really that though, that’s under 15s who have died within 28 days of a positive test. No idea how many have actually died due to Covid.
  12. Could only read a few before head started to go.
  13. These sort of posts will lead to me being put in here. Where is this?
  14. Yeah I’ve found this too and it’s infuriating. Even for incredibly dull games like Middlesbrough vs Reading, you look for highlights and there are losers playing the game on fifa. Who is watching this stuff?
  15. I am not optimistic in the slightest that masks will be removed this year. It costs the SG nothing and means they can look like they’re still trying to ‘keep people safe’ when others have given up on them.
  16. Woolhouse going for SNP jugulars is absolutely sensational stuff. However, using the situation to try to sell a book and make a name for herself is exactly what Sridhar has been getting absolutely torn apart for.
  17. Anyone know if Prestwick has a range for warming up?
  18. For a scratch open, do you have to be off scratch to enter, or is it just that it doesn’t take handicaps into account?
  19. You’re directing your anger at the wrong people then. The Scottish Government have put these rules in, not the club. The club are just maximising income as best they can.
  20. Why should there be a differentiation? And what do you mean by this? Unvaccinated should have restrictions placed on them that the vaccinated don’t?
  21. Outside of Covid I can’t see many arguments for preferring Westminster rule. Unfortunately though in terms of Covid Westminster over the last 6 months or so have been allowing people to live their lives much more freely than we have been allowed to, with little deviation in the public health outcome. Covid is the biggest issue in my life and until Scotland prove they can govern without shitting the bed and removing freedoms at the drop of a hat then Westminster rule is genuinely preferable.
  22. Played Crail Balcomie today. Really wide fairways and a lot of short par 4s, it really is a bombers paradise. Conditions were great, and barely any wind so managed to tear it up. Nice course, I would recommend.
  23. Until they split out died of Covid and died with Covid properly, then the death number they give us is fairly useless. Naturally when loads of people have it, regardless of how mild, it will mean higher number of (incidental) deaths.
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