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  1. Interesting, wasn’t aware of that. Thanks.
  2. I haven’t seen anything at all that would suggest that other companies would not be taking on new customers? On what basis is that statement coming from?
  3. I’d rather just save the extra £40 a month or whatever and then use it when required. Rather it be in my bank making interest for me than in the energy company’s, and likely I’ll switch provider at the end of the fixed rate anyway.
  4. I’m on a fixed rate gas and electric plan from Sep 21 to Sep 23. The increase by that point from what I currently pay is going to be absolutely wild stuff.
  5. Thank f**k for that, the planet has a chance now. You’ve probably made a couple of landfill staff unemployed though.
  6. This was genuinely the most ill thought out idea of the entire pandemic. Fire doors (e.g. every single classroom door) have to have a threshold gap of under 10mm. Cutting the bottom off of these doors would’ve invalidated every single one of them, and would’ve cost hundreds of millions to replace if it was done across the country. Utterly hilarious stuff.
  7. No idea about the backstory to this (if there even is one). Hopefully he can come back from whatever it is.
  8. No, that was the situation at the time and was absolutely correct. Subsequently though the UK and Scottish Governments have done well in holding firm and not going backwards like some other nations, that is fairly clear.
  9. Lambs are clearly cuter than many other meats that people here refuse to eat.
  10. See this is much better than your original post. This time we don’t have to go searching anywhere for the heads gone.
  11. I haven’t fucked anything. Your original post didn’t mention any band name, or poster, and was clearly in desperation for someone to ask what you were on about. Then when someone did you still didn’t give any more information. It was as blatant a cry for attention as you’ll see.
  12. Whether it’s relevant or not, it couldn’t be any less interesting that’s for sure.
  13. I don’t know what band you’re referring to never mind the bass player. It’s classic attention seeking posting putting something that people have to then ask you to clarify what you’re on about, then even more so when someone does and you then don’t tell them. You’ve done it more than once before.
  14. This is prime attention seeking posting. A classic of the moomintroll genre.
  15. Appears something else unsavoury was posted today and quickly deleted. I’ve no idea what it was though.
  16. Luke Donald looking like next Ryder Cup captain.
  17. If anyone in the ayrshire area fancies a confidence boost I would highly recommend Fullarton on the municipal Troon Links. Shot my best ever round by a mile at the weekend, with a 6 over par 72. Doubled the first and the last, went through the middles 16 in 2 over. Previous best round was 13 over.
  18. This was bizarre. Like he permanently has a bubble in his throat. Dull as dishwater. Exactly what I would predict. Jamie was hilarious. Literally anyone who has played a bit of 5 aside could have done a set of keepy uppies and dribbled round some cones. Not sure the talent scouts will be queuing up for his signature. WUT
  19. Foursomes is the best form of golf, absolutely brilliant fun. Unsure if you were playing with someone you don’t know Lichtie as that would be a bit shite, but if you’ve got a good partner then the strategy involved in shot choice etc as a pair just makes it so much fun.
  20. Yeah I’d been looking forward to playing it for ages. Real kick in the stones when you’ve paid £90 for a round and you’re completely soaked through with 13 holes left to play & can’t even keep ahold of the club properly. Had to just play without a glove as it was wrecked.
  21. Played in an annual Ryder Cup style event* (Glasgow Vs Edinburgh) with mates over the weekend. 72 holes in two days with nights out on Friday and Saturday, about 8 hours sleep in total. Great fun but my hand/forearm is absolutely destroyed, legs aching like crazy, the fatigue is unreal. The final round singles was at Kilspindie in some of the wildest conditions I’ve played in. Completely saturated by hole 5. Real shame as I think it would be a really fun course in normal weather. When the club is slipping out of your hands and a drive is going 80 yards it’s hard to judge the course properly. *A glorious Edinburgh victory 5.5 to 4.5.
  22. Lochlea released their first core malt today. Looking forward to trying it.
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