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  1. Did they just remove it entirely or is there a new stand?
  2. There is a guy at my work who is like this, it’s incredibly fucking annoying. Just says “that’s fucked, need to buy a new one” for every single thing that, almost always, could be fixed with minimal effort.
  3. This is the dream scenario where independence happens and the SNP cease to exist instantly and we can hopefully get a proper government in, but I'm not as confident as you.
  4. This is exactly where I am. Pre-Covid I was so set on independence and would happily have had the SNP in charge of an independent Scotland. Now I’m still in favour of yes, but I’m frankly terrified of the idea of the current SG having more power than they currently do, as it’s been clear over the last 18 months that if they were capable of doing it we’d have had some of the most draconian measures in Europe. We’ve had to actually rely on the Tories to force their hand on a lot of things, which has made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. I now don’t want to vote for anyone, as they’re all both incompetent and not in alignment with my views. Independence supporters always come out with ‘once we’re independent you can vote for anyone so the SNP could get voted out’ but the reality is that their supporters are large enough in numbers that they would undoubtedly be in charge, which is actually turning me away from it altogether. Shite state of affairs.
  5. Danger is as clear a “Tory in left wing clothing” as you’ll get. Likes to pretend he hates the Tories, but actually votes for Brexit and supports Draconian Tory style restrictions.
  6. The SNP and some of their followers have become increasingly Tory in recent times. Fairly wild swing tbh.
  7. The correct answer to this was that when they weren’t ready to leave at the required time for you to get your train, you left and walked the 15 mins to get it.
  8. There is no chance the SG would genuinely attempt to keep rules in place that would just drive people to use English airports instead to avoid them for the reasons given above. If they did it would be utter madness. As he says himself it’ll be a case of them saying they don’t agree with it and would consider their own rules, but in the end ultimately accepting the rules set by England.
  9. £50 seems steep for that standard of course. A lot of higher rates courses around for that tbh.
  10. Idlewild better than Frightened Rabbit “I don’t really get that overly earnest jock-rock sound”
  11. Been listening to Wrest recently as they had “if you like frightened rabbit you’ll love wrest” in their tag line. They’re no frabbit but Human is a good tune.
  12. Tried Huel as well a while back, one shake was enough for me. Absolutely disgusting stuff.
  13. I was only trying to fight your corner as I would expect this would hit you hardest, being a pensioner who attends nightclubs…
  14. This thread yet again showing some pretty disgraceful I’m alright Jack attitudes like it’s done throughout. Poor stuff.
  15. Aye, that's a tough one to deal with. You or anyone you know got a decent social media following, could try and shame Airbnb on twitter or something. Going public often yields decent results. Yeah it’s just one of these awkward situations. It was a big group going and a lot of us knew the parent well so everyone is pretty upset about it, so in the grand scheme of things the money doesn’t matter, but just thought there would be some sort of policy to cover things like this.
  16. What about the companions travel insurance? No idea if he’s got any, and reluctant to ask him about in the days after the shocking death of a parent.
  17. Would travel insurance not cover it? Travel insurance I’ve got doesn’t cover if a travelling companion’s family member dies. Only my family or the people that were due to travel on the trip.
  18. Apparently a death is not covered under extenuating circumstances. f**k off Airbnb, 2 grand gone.
  19. One of my nostrils is producing lots of hardened mucus, with blood, really quickly. I’ll blow my nose and within a couple of hours be struggling to breathe again. Should I call the funeral directors?
  20. Had an Airbnb booked for a large group of us in a couple of weeks time. Sadly one of the group has had a death in the close family and the funeral will be during it so we aren’t able to go. The host has refused to move dates, so now in touch with Airbnb about extenuating circumstances. Has anyone dealt with a situation like this before? How likely is it we’d get a refund?
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