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  1. Six Nations ticket prices are really getting wild now.
  2. Looking at photos like that where the stand is completely packed is so depressing. How good it would be if we still attracted that sort of level of support.
  3. @Gaz definitely posted about this the last time the subject came up. I remember questioning it at the time but can’t remember exactly what his response was tbh.
  4. Six Nations tickets on sale on Tuesday, but still no announcement I can see on how many tickets a Supporters Club member can buy. Presumably be 2 for Ireland and Wales and 4 for Italy.
  5. None of these Boro youths are making a case for a squad inclusion. Expecting a different 11 to come out second half.
  6. Switzerland are just the most boring team ever. Always seem to qualify and can’t remember a single entertaining game.
  7. Discovered that Hisense TVs are apparently not compatible with STV/ITV app for watching live so unable to watch the games. Absolutely fucking tinpot.
  8. “It’s because I miss my kids so much that I’m utterly fucking useless”. f**k off, you absolute born loser.
  9. Charlene is an utter shitebag. Pathetic.
  10. Boro fans describing him as a ‘wonderkid’ and desperate to get him signed to a long term deal as soon as possible. Get him capped Steve.
  11. Another excellent performance today, and looks to be first choice centre mid now. Looks a very tidy player.
  12. Ah, just checked and it was because they don’t fly on the dates I was looking at. Gives the option though, cheers!
  13. 2023 rather than 22 but got a wedding to attend in between Nantes and Rennes. Annoyingly no direct routes to either airport anymore, so might be Paris then train, or some other convoluted method of getting there.
  14. Had a great game today, man of the match. Didn’t put a foot wrong and didn’t look out of place.
  15. Looks a decent player but makes a few mistakes each game, but that’s exactly what you’d expect from a young player first breaking through into first team football. I expect he’ll probably have spells in and out of the Boro team during the season. Looks a good prospect though and great to see him so desperate to play for Scotland.
  16. May have missed this at some point, but did the club just tell you they weren’t interested in your service anymore and that was it? If not, what was the reasoning for it stopping?
  17. Football League thread for this pish.
  18. I’m a bit confused by the email as it says this is part of a 5 match package. Are the 5 matches all friendlies or is it being included with NL or Euro qualifiers?
  19. Yes sorry what I meant was that the clothes definitely dry quicker with it on. Tested it with and without and it made a difference, particularly in terms of not having that damp clothes smell.
  20. Bought a dehumidifier and it definitely makes a difference. One load of washing and the tray fills up a couple of times.
  21. That is absolutely stinking. Unacceptably bad kick.
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