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  1. A 10% return on investment over eight months? Where did you invest that did better than that? Baillie Gifford Scottish Mortgage.
  2. I'll better that: my arsehole sister in law is pregnant and like her first pregnancy she is continuing to smoke. Sub human scum. That is genuinely despicable.
  3. Also relies on the airline being in on it as well, as if not they would instantly say they were not their planes.
  4. The difference is that with a pre-contract, the player is still under employment with their existing club, so they wouldn’t have the right to down tools. In this, very different, scenario Fraser has finished his employment with Bournemouth and was asked to sign a temporary 4 week contract. He decided against doing so which is well within his right to do so as he felt he could get better paid, and longer term, employment elsewhere.
  5. No, as if they’ve signed a pre-contract then the risk of injury doesn’t apply in the same way as having no further employment lined up. Simple stuff.
  6. Rubbish, it’s his livelihood. Risking another 10 years of wages for an additional 4 weeks is utterly mental behaviour. Just because you see it from a fan’s perspective doesn’t change the fact for Fraser it’s his job.
  7. Genuinely, that would be moronic if looking at it logically rather than through “but it’s fitba, think about the fans!” tinted specs. Essentially you’re saying you would risk the next 10 years of large wages at another company, to stay on with your current employer for an extra 4 weeks, for no reason other than loyalty. A fool’s decision.
  8. Another hilarious thing about this is that in the instructions, they have put “3.” twice for no reason. Did you write this book yourself Throbber?
  9. Then when it’s blatantly clear that people are in, genuinely standing directly outside waiting so that you have to awkwardly walk out passed them as they immediately swoop in after you. If I was in their shoes I’d rather give it a few mins before cleaning the toilet rather than bask in the post-shite cubicle.
  10. One for @Rugster. Sitting having a shite at work and the cleaner tries the (blatantly locked) handle to get in. Then instead of fucking off for 5 mins, literally stands leaving against the door whilst I try to have a shite in peace. Just f**k off!
  11. How easy is it to get on the old course just now? Is it still a ballot? In other news, played Royal Burgess 3 weeks back and shot 103. Then had 2 lessons with Colin Brooks and played again Friday, shooting 89. Unbelievable difference after a bit of proper coaching.
  12. You’re coming across as an utterly pretentious (and quite probably incorrect) bore here. I’d just give up.
  13. Yes part of my work involves accommodation and from the University counterparts they’re expecting large numbers again. Probably not 100% full like usual, but certainly higher than the doomsday ‘nobody will go to University next year and they’ll all go bust’ expected figures from the start of the pandemic.
  14. Absolute shagger. Absolute beast. Also, the “it all goes the same way” argument is one of the most ridiculous points ever made. If that’s your way of thinking then when you’re having breakfast do you just pile sausage, bread, sauce, cereal, milk & coffee all into one big bowl to eat it?
  15. It’s the accommodation which would cause any potential outbreaks. Plenty of work going on to minimise it but also plenty of examples of types of buildings that will be used that really are conducive to an virus spreading tbh.
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