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  1. My fault, not Scotrail’s, but bought a return Edinburgh to Glasgow this morning on one of the terminals without realising it was off peak. The cost of upgrading to peak is pretty scandalous though, cost the same to upgrade a single leg as the original return price.
  2. My local corner shop has now started stocking. Lined up against the window with no restriction on how many you can buy. I’ve got 8 already but will be going back tonight to add some more. Glorious.
  3. I can hear the horrendous accent just watching that.
  4. You seem like a smart guy Chris, so I’m utterly bemused that you’re even entertaining this for a second. He’s absolutely taking you for a mug here and I’d be incredibly wary of giving him the feedback like he’s asked.
  5. *there Lies, and now shocking grammar as well. Sad to see.
  6. To be honest, I don’t know why I care actually. Don’t buy it, more for me!
  7. I do, and disagree. It certainly is incredibly close if it’s not 100% match.
  8. The demand has obviously increased recently for Glendronach in general, and price has followed. When I got the 21 a couple of years back it was about £115-120 I think with it now looking like £130-135, and last year I got the 18 for £80 and it’s now £98 online.
  9. The Glendronach 21 is top of the list. Good shout sir. Had it about a year ago and managed to savour it for a respectable time. Bought the (also great) 18 and am coming up on the last few drams of it. Hopefully someone replenishes it for Christmas.
  10. Add me to the ‘worried the tories slowly sell off the NHS’ list.
  11. Glendronach 21 & Deanston 10 Bordeaux Cask.
  12. Sorry but you are the one telling porkies. Identical.
  13. I think your taste buds have changed, it’s the old stuff.
  14. Haven’t read back through the thread, but durian fruit is one.
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