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  1. This has to be a joke? A bus to go about half a mile?
  2. Can’t believe this. Surely there’s got to be some nuclear level seethe incoming from the players who stuck around.
  3. Please tell me you went for the cheese course? Best cheese course I’ve ever eaten.
  4. Collapsed off the ball. Already plenty of anti-vax loons online blaming the Covid vaccine.
  5. Rather than starting a new topic thought I’d post in here. Is end of October a bad time to go to Singapore & Bali? Looks like it might be cloudy/rainy a lot of the time.
  6. A frost delay, in mid May. Jeezy peeps.
  7. How does that even happen? Where was the gap in the queue that they got into?
  8. Missed a trick not going with “Boaby extension ”.
  9. Agreed on the wine pairings. I love the idea of trying different wines with each course, but every time I’ve done it I’d rather have had a good bottle of something that would’ve cost a third of the price of the pairing.
  10. Been a few times. It used to be unbelievable value at something like £75 a head, but think it’s now over £100. Still worth it but means I haven’t been in a while. You’ve made me want to get booked in again soon though…
  11. Ox & Finch was always great when I lived in Glasgow, went back recently and it’s still decent but wasn’t as good as I remembered. Definitely do Aizle, absolutely phenomenal every time I’ve been and has exceeded all the Michelin starred restaurants I’ve been to in Edinburgh. Best fine dining restaurant in the city for me.
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