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  1. For a lot of people this is exactly how they felt and why they are clinging on to restrictions even now when it’s nothing like it was then. Even for me the first few weeks were enjoyable, my workload was significantly reduced and I was at home every day and it was a nice change. After those few weeks though I hated it because I missed friends and family. For people who don’t enjoy social interactions it would have been bliss.
  2. Not a big camping fan really. Don’t mind one night but wouldn’t do it for any longer.
  3. You'd think 20 cases from a four day festival was something to celebrate. Lots of young people out enjoying life with their friends and a measly 20 cases makes the headline! Daily capacity of 40,000 it says there. So “up to” 20 cases from 160,000. 0.0001%, and doesn’t even say if a single one of them is even symptomatic never mind at all ill.
  4. But that’s the whole point, it’s incredibly easy for the likes of me who only has to wear them into Tesco for 10 mins, and as such if it was only me affected then I wouldn’t have any issue whatsoever with masks, but I do have empathy towards those who are required to wear them at all times at work. I’ve had to do it a couple of times and it’s brutal. All that being said, I’m still on the ‘if we need masks to stay to get rid of distancing now, then I’ll take it’ side of this debate. On the second bit, this analogy that is repeatedly mentioned pisses me off too funnily enough, as it’s a completely nonsense one to raise. Surgical teams wear masks to avoid large droplets going near a patient when they’ve got large, open wounds. This situation is entirely different to stopping minute particles of a respiratory virus. It’s not even on the same planet in terms of scale and reason for wearing.
  5. I was interested to see if the latest story had changed your viewpoint and didn’t want to not tag you as I feel that’s cowardly, but fair enough point taken. Hold them to account how? It’s an interesting tale considering every mention of voting for another party, or writing to an MP/MSP on this thread is instantly pounced upon by many with “I’m sure they’ll miss your vote” type comments. Other than rioting in Westminster/Holyrood I’m not sure what you’re hoping for.
  6. But you haven’t answered the question. Remain for how long? Until case rates hit a certain number? Hospitalisations/deaths hit a certain number? Forever?
  7. Is that not exactly who people are complaining about with the posts on this? Certainly is for me. The government that you are speaking about are the ones making these rules.
  8. Or just mention Leviticus 19:28, which says, ”You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the Lord.” Sections of the bible are like buses.
  9. I just find British people loving the term expat quite funny, that’s all. Have a good one.
  10. Just wanted a 10 day holiday at Edinburgh Airport. FTFY.
  11. I really hope this isn’t just your personality, and will give you the benefit of the doubt that it’s just that this thread has clearly broken you and you could do with a step back for a bit. If not and this is just you as a person, then you’re really showing yourself up as a monumental c**t with this stuff.
  12. Absolutely absurd behaviour. What possible reason could someone have for being so opposed to an item that is designed solely to stop themselves from dying? Even if you don’t give a shit about other people’s safety, this is an item purely to save you. To go to the extent of having a spare seatbelt clip in to avoid wearing one is just ludicrous.
  13. I think that’s the main concern for me, the constant changes made. Until there’s a set policy that stays in place for longer than a week, I’d have no confidence that even if when I left the rules were acceptable, that they wouldn’t change it and I’d have to quarantine upon return or spend an extra wad of cash on testing that I hadn’t planned for.
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