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  1. I imagine 8 is a very conservative figure if dragging your knuckles along the floor is considered a monkeypox symptom.
  2. I almost blew my load when I saw that three ball.
  3. @JMDP don’t leave me hanging here!
  4. I mean it was one guy having a heads gone who suggested it, so don’t think even he believed what he was saying.
  5. Glad one of these has gone through. Hopefully see another…
  6. ^^^ Half cut on the loot whilst typing this post.
  7. No it's all flights still For Ryanair yes it’s just all flights. No idea why they seem to be differing from most airlines. Luckily I took it off once in the air and nobody bothered.
  8. Ryanair still requiring masks on flights. f**k off.
  9. He’ll catch much worse from eating those parmos.
  10. Each post you make in here these days just gets more embarrassing and hilarious. Imagine blocking the club Twitter account, utterly pointless
  11. Unfortunately don’t think the players offered them are likely to accept. No idea why some heads gone merchants (itzdrk) assumed they’d be offered to the likes of Baird and Houston.
  12. Seemingly some offers of 3 year deals to certain players. Definitely looking for continuity if true.
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