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  1. I think based on the evidence we have available it is a bad idea to dismiss it as not being a major contributor as the Scottish Government have done so far - even officially stating schools are “safe” only a few weeks ago. Theres clearly a range of areas in which the virus can spread, but I think schools are one of the areas contributing to a significant amount of the spread, whilst having a proportionately low level of restrictions placed on them.
  2. Keep that head firmly buried in the sand. Absolutely unbelievable refusal to accept the blatantly obvious.
  3. Nah not really. We basically got a list of alternative dates from the venue then contacted the various suppliers, the band etc. to make sure they were available on the new date and that was pretty much it. We moved it to December 2021 and I'd hope we don't need to move it again but wouldn't bet on it at this point. Cheers. How late did you leave it before biting the bullet and postponing?
  4. So @Todd_is_God has joined @8MileBU in the ‘creeps who take pictures of stranger’s feet’ club. Could be worse tbf, could have joined @Eednud in the ‘creeps taking pictures of stranger’s arses’ club from the What Are You Drinking? thread.
  5. I’m due to get married June and am fairly certain will have to try and move it. Was it a huge hassle getting everything moved?
  6. Wouldn't think so. A portion of your fees goes towards SGU dues, don't think the SGU would be providing official handicaps for non-members I thought it was wrong but they seemed fairly certain you could. Can’t remember which poster or page it was on but can’t be bothered going back.
  7. I’ve got a Glendronach 18 on the shelf currently (always have a Glendronach of some description on the shelf, king of whisky), and finished a Glenfarclas 21 quite recently, which while nice it didn’t live up to expectations of a 21 for me. Will have a look at the compass box one as not seen that before.
  8. Someone on here mentioned getting a handicap under this new system without being a club member. Is that true?
  9. I’m in that Screwfix constantly. Now that I know where you work I’m going to appear regularly at 4.55pm just to browse the timber for 20 mins, and never to actually purchase anything.
  10. I’ve been gifted a £100 bottle to choose. Considering possibly Balvenie Doublewood 17, Glengoyne 18 or something completely different. Any recommendations?
  11. I’m told nail bars were shut on the sly during that period.
  12. Well sir, you aren’t taking this forum seriously enough then I’m afraid. Ouch, a dagger straight between the shoulder blades.
  13. Ouch. Absolutely put in his place after a hilarious “any harder ones” and has had to slink off the thread until it moves on a couple of pages. Hate to see it.
  14. The moral of the story is that your family were attempting to f**k over a grieving family and a hero of an estate agent swooped in at the last hour to save the day. Love to see it.
  15. You really are a pathetic hypocrite aren’t you, trying to act the enraged restriction-abiding citizen, considering your embarrassing stance on restrictions at the peak of this. Enjoy Wales.
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