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  1. If you could be bothered getting the ferry to Islay then Machrie looks brilliant. I’m planning that exact trip for some point during summer.
  2. Was looking at activated charcoal capsules, but will look into these too.
  3. No idea the most appropriate thread for this so I’ll go with a generic one. Does anybody suffer from bloating? I feel like I’m fairly bloated a lot of the time, and wondered if anyone has taken supplements to reduce bloating and if they had any effect?
  4. Starts a topic on P&B desperate to find out where he can find one scene involving child molestation and another involving kidnap and “a bit of rape”. I hope someone from the authorities searches his laptop as soon as possible.
  5. How long has he actually been in Germany? I find it utterly bizarre when people do this, and have noticed him doing it a lot. I find it hard to believe that you can go from living in Scotland until say 30, then spend a few years abroad and suddenly lose knowledge of English grammar. Reeks of being desperate for people to know he lives in Germany for some weird reason.
  6. Think it’s generally good manners to keep noise down 11pm-9am as a minimum. The guy saying it’s not comparable having noise in the morning as at night is talking nonsense though. If someone stays up later and wakes up later, then they’ve as much right to quiet as someone who gets up at 6am but goes to bed at 9pm.
  7. All of mine to be refunded as well. A kick in the teeth, although if the stories about everyone in the ground being well spaced out, even people from the same household, then that softens the blow quite a bit as it sounds absolutely fucking dreadful. I hope for the people who’ve kept their tickets that it doesn’t end up like that.
  8. Yeah I can handle a bit of rain, but a cold, driving wind genuinely makes it very unenjoyable. In a weeks time I’m playing the Ailsa and then Birkdale a few days later. Been looking forward to it for fucking ages and spent a fair whack on it, but if the the weather stays like this I’ll genuinely be verge of tears.
  9. Quite handy for the boy tbf. Can keep his vaccine card in it at the club, then store his victim’s head in once he’s home.
  10. Stuff like this shows why a life in this sort of crime isn’t worth it. Old grudge from years ago can get you shot in the face on your front doorstep. Even once you’re (supposedly at least) out of it for a long time, you’re constantly looking over your shoulder.
  11. https://twitter.com/v_aravind/status/1390664438366277634?s=21 Mental response from this guy. We will have to live with restrictions forever regardless of vaccinations.
  12. Yeah what the f**k is going on with the hospital numbers here? I hope someone explains this as it can’t be right.
  13. f**k being a police officer at the moment having to actually go and deal with this sort of garbage. Plant some evidence on these grasses and arrest them please.
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