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  1. You’re being naive in the extreme if you genuinely believe the above. It is absolutely not what “pretty much every employer” is doing.
  2. So your company are paying the 20% out of their pocket? Please remember that once you go back and start complaining relentlessly about them being the worst employers on planet Earth.
  3. How fake news is so easily spread through social media encapsulated perfectly.
  4. Yeah, try not to panic too much (hard I know seeing your money dwindling down) and stay the course. It will likely take a long time, but it’ll bounce back eventually.
  5. One of the comments there says West sacked people 2 days before the JRS was announced. Don't know if they brought them back in though. Was it you that posted that comment? As it was called out as a bizarre and brazen lie seconds afterwards but you appear to have ignored that response.
  6. Never understand why known aliases of previously banned posters are allowed to come back and troll constantly. Just get him to f**k.
  7. If that nutter is BarraJag then it makes a lot of sense. One of the finest regular heads gone merchants the site has ever seen.
  8. With regards to furlough, if a company has decided they’re going to furlough staff but has also said they’ll be cutting all staff wages by say 50% before that, is that legitimate? Surely the staff who’ve signed contracts would have to agree to the wage cut?
  9. Utterly glorious. Not that it will stop the c***s c**t Pozbaird from endangering others’ lives so that he can choose a bottle of red wine with his partner, but enjoyable to see nonetheless.
  10. I see Gordon Jackson has had an absolute Weston Super. Filmed talking on the Edinburgh-Glasgow train about Salmond being a bully and a sex pest, and also talking about two of the accusers.
  11. If you are genuinely on day 6 of having this, do you not have anyone who can drop off the essentials to you to allow you to keep self-isolating? Otherwise it’s likely you will infect the rest of your village by going out and getting stuff yourself.
  12. I know it’s not a wild, bold prediction. But I do wonder how, if at all, we can possibly control this to avoid having us come out of isolation only to need to go back into it straight away with a huge spike in cases.
  13. If everything does calm down and we get back to numbers that would allow some normality to resume, I’m deeply worried about the first weekend that they open the pubs again. Going by the behaviour of a large chunk of the population in the U.K., I expect utter carnage on the night with record numbers out. I also then expect that a second wave of the virus would surely hit, as there’s no chance half of the jakies out there gasping for a pint would calmly sit at home whilst their pals go out regardless of if they’re showing symptoms or not.
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