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  1. Absolutely get him back asap. No brainer and anyone who says otherwise has other agendas.
  2. Haha. You wouldn’t believe the Xmas present I got if I told you. There’s a head of recruitment now so hopefully a stronger team emerges after the break. Very frustrated not getting to the games on the holidays as was main events I was looking forward to. Things can only get better, inmore ways than 1!
  3. Haven’t players well in the last 3 now was my point. Hopefully the break will bring better times.
  4. I get what you are saying, and it’s not too late to come good. But!, scraped a win today against a relegation facing team with barely a team available. Previously lost to a very average Hibs performance, and prior to that got a bit lucky to scrape past St Johnstone who are in disarray. Definitely not in any kind of decent form.
  5. Another result papering over the cracks, same crap, different opponents.
  6. Think it was really just a cunning plan to lure Allan McGregor into showing what a numpty he is.
  7. I heard that the The Rangers director/representative voted for this change of the fixtures, just saying.
  8. I’m not privy to reasoning behind Boxing Day. I would have moved that fixture as well.
  9. Unlikely, as there isn’t another looming break to shift to try and help the clubs. There was a simple and obvious solution to try and keep crowds at games, and they rightly took it, although for me the Boxing Day games should have been moved as well. These discussions shouldn’t even be happening though. Sturgeon has got it wrong this time in my uneducated opinion. Time to get on with life.
  10. It’s also clearly about finances. For example, Aberdeens 2 biggest crowds of the season would have been the 26th and the 29th. If they are lucky they will recoup some of that loss when the re arranged fixture is played instead of the 29th.
  11. Any self respecting club should be following Steve Clarkes example at Kilmarnock. For that reason, I hope St Johnstone get relegated. Give the away fans 1 stand and try and use your home advantage. All the advantages are already massively stacked in favour of the 2 Glasgow mobs, without bending over and touching your toes when requested.
  12. Glass has to accept some blame, you’re correct. I felt JET had to go off, he’s far too pedestrian. He put Ojo into midfield though which was a mistake. He’s only effective out wide as he’s forced to run. In field, he’s just another player who slows the game down and coasts in a deep ish position. (See McGeouch, brown, Ferguson, Campbell). He had to put someone in ‘the hole’ as the link player. Without that, there’s far too much emphasis on Hedges and Watkins to make it all happen, and they aren’t cutting it at the moment. Even then, we could and probably should have easily drawn the game at least. Hibs weren’t up to much and that just makes it more frustrating.
  13. I read it as his other reason was ‘the health and safety of people was priority over fans attending games’. Presume I’m wrong then?
  14. There was nothing about Hibs that stood out tonight. Unfortunately that’s still enough to beat this Aberdeen team who are far too often no better than mediocre. Would get more penetration from that darts players manager, Ben De Kok.
  15. If you’re saying you agree with no fans at football, then there’s no point in us discussing it. Have a good night.
  16. There’s no way Sturgeon will back down and delay the ban on fans, she hates football.
  17. Bob Malcolm interview, is it for B&Q or Wickes?
  18. First lockdown - nobody knew what they were dealing with so fair enough 2nd partial lockdown last winter- buy time until people are vaccinated now- eveyone that’s going to get it has a vaccine and the most important ones have a booster, serious illness from it is low and treatments have improved. What is there to be gained by shutting things again? Theres nothing to buy time for this time, get on with life as it will always be with virus like this in it.
  19. All the best to Cowden today, a lot of importance to this game. Away for weekend or would have went.
  20. I have been to a lot of games at all levels in Scotland, and the championship in general is a long way from 3/4/5 in the premiership. There are occasionally though a decent young player or 2 worth a punt and the cost would usually be low. Overall not a great market with Nisbet being the best recent example.
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