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  1. Aberdeen fans will do it properly, the away end will be very noisy and well lubricated. Optimism will be falsely raised due to said lubrucation, as in reality the away form has been horrendous this year.
  2. Spartans were never chasing the game though as they were never behind. Not creating much from open play only leaves fast breaks and set pieces. With the size of this league, the season is virtually over as can’t go up or down. Losing at home to mid table team. I feel that’s the time for taking more chances. Higher level teams take everyone back but then the fashion now is they like to play about at the back and try and entice the opposition up the park to create space to play around or through them to create. This style of play has probably never happened at Central Park. Anyway it does look like the team is a bit better than earlier in the season.
  3. It is a common tactic, especially if you have a lead to hold on to. Losing a mid table battle in the lowland league though, not sure that’s the time for it. Cowden weren’t really breaking them down in open play so a fast attack from the opponents being up the park for a corner is as good a ploy as any to try and nick the goal which they maybe deserved last night.
  4. Agree with a previous poster, the goalie had a really good game and kept Cowden in it a few times.
  5. Don’t really pay attention to opposition players. Was referring to the Cowden number 5. I only know the names of about half the Cowden team. They have signed about 25 players this season and barely heard of any before they signed so it’s not easy to keep up with who is who!
  6. Agree with onecowden, very little between the teams. Cowden struck the woodwork although Spartans had a few opportunities and the keeper had 2/3 good saves. Big 5 caught the eye abit , he uses the ball really well with his left foot. Don’t understand that every single player is withdrawn in to the 18 yard box for all corners and free kicks, specially when losing and time running out. A mid table battle between 2 teams who’s league seasons are almost over already in such a big league.
  7. What a lot of words to say a lot of garbage. The play offs work really well in the SPFL. The 4 leagues are small so there’s the repetition issue of playing each other 4 times a season. The play offs mean almost everyone at both ends has something to play for until the end so it’s very successful in maintaining interest. Don’t waste your breath talking about making the leagues bigger, as Sky Tv and the bigots control that scenario. Changing the pyramid from LL / HL and downwards is an issue for the non leagues to sort. Wouldn’t hold much hope of that, the LL can’t even run it’s own division well.
  8. He was 1 of the best players last season as well to be fair. I know that wasn’t much of an achievement but still , he was.
  9. Coulson was fantastic to watch, a player who looks so comfortable and confident when receiving the ball, and can make things happen. Not enough of this type of player going around these days sadly. Duk in the same mould but still a bit raw in comparison, great to see though. Those 2 give me some hope and also really look forward to watching them. Clarkson could be in the same mould, but he is influential less often at the moment although still possesses that extra quality that most in Scotland don’t have in their repertoire. Surprised just how crap Killie were but really enjoyed the game today.
  10. All the best to Craig, Alex and of course Nelly in your roles. Thankless task at times, hope you all get some success from it.
  11. The golden period that Cowden had for a decade or so was built on having a large core of the team who had all come up from the youth development. Can argue with age they signed etc but roughly the likes of Adamson, Brett, O Brien, Milne, Robertson, Miller, Callaghan, Johnston, and I’m sure others. For me this is the only way Cowden will have any success. It’s kind of proven by the fact it’s the only successful period in my lifetime. Disappointing then that other local (now senior) semi pro clubs like the Haws, Kelty, Inverkeithing and so on all have under 20s etc. For me Cowden will never be able to sign their way to success. Have heard the excuse for this previously that it’s too expensive, well how do all the other clubs finance it? Ideas were mentioned. This seems a fairly obvious 1 to me.
  12. Would imagine he will end up with the boots on at Dalbeattie
  13. I’m sure Iv heard before that there’s a scenario where nobody gets relegated. Most likely 1 does, but also a chance that 2 do.
  14. I think the assistant manager has a bit of input in player recruitment as well, as he has been involved in lower leagues previously so knows abit more about some of the players than Ross will.
  15. Aye they definitely don’t count though
  16. Just remembered, saw clubfoot this season for Broomhill at Cowden. He was ok in general play still, and I’m sure he scored a header? It was Gary Fraser who caught the eye in that game though. Never getting a game in the Cowden championship side mind you. Half the reason he looked good was because of the opposition!
  17. Possibly yeah. My dislike for him is maybe clouding my judgement
  18. Some extremely alarming comments about the manager. Sounds like he could do with a couple of good results as much as the team could.
  19. Both well past their prime, that’s why they’re playing non league football. Mchugh could only dream of being at Stewart and Hemmings level anyway, prime or not.
  20. Almost all. Would like to know who the players are that would walk into a championship team.
  21. Surely they wouldn’t charge season ticket holders twice? They didn’t previously when streams were permitted.
  22. Enough of that positivity, old shiny teeth hasn’t got a clue and isn’t to be trusted.
  23. All irrelevant now. The clubs have all agreed the sky deal anyway.
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