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  1. Kelty, or more specifically their general manager, have said that they want to become self sustainable (to avoid a Gretna scenario). it’s easy to do that, as long as they accept it’s not a level at which they are operating at just now. They don’t have the fan base for that, unless another benefactor appears.
  2. Not bitter here pal. Used to do work for Keltys money man, decent guy. Wasnt a glass ceiling either, junior clubs chose to be junior. People go on about the junior ‘giants’ joining the leagues as if it’s some kind of saviour for Scottish football. ‘It will push up the quality of football in this country’. Pish. It’s the same players, just signed for a different team.
  3. Possibly the first time in my life, but have to agree with Neilly here. The only thing remarkable about all of this is the amount of money that’s been thrown at a part time football team. Anyone on here could manage Kelty to the title with the squad they have, in fact the players could do it themselves without a manager.
  4. I’m not sure your message is clear, maybe need to state it again?
  5. I said I was impressed, not hard. Strange interpretation.
  6. A Rangers fan complaining about Referee decisions. Like Jeff Bezoz complaining he’s not making enough money.
  7. Ojo fair going up in my estimations here, didn’t think he had it in him. Hopefully he absolutely rattled the pissed up widtink, wire jaw the lot please.
  8. Gurr was full of energy and gets into decent positions further up the park. Sadly it’s a wasted pass out to him though as he has no idea whatsoever what to do with the ball in the attacking half. The difference between him and Ramsay is colossal.
  9. It’s all very well saying the injury list is huge, but they are all almost exclusively defensive players. At the same time, the defence has still been not too bad. It’s in attack that the real problem lies. All the attackers are fit. For all the injuries the team has, there were still players like McGinn, Jet and Samuels on the bench as unused subs. The amount of really good chances created is far too low, and yet again no goals scored. Apart from Jenks chance, didn’t really look like scoring. Can’t use injuries for an excuse for this, none of those players create apart from Ramsay.
  10. Why are 2 Stenny roasters all over the Cowden thread at every opportunity? Are they trying to create some kind of rivalry so that somebody even remembers they exist as a football club?
  11. Expecting a lot of sexy soccerball here. Dons 2-0 up after 30 and holding on at the end for a 2-1 victory.
  12. Let him have his big moment. Stenny have just win a couple of games, pretty much the highlight of his lifetime.
  13. Was in the away end at ibrox recently for the midweek game and every single away fan was asked to show their vaccine passport. Think it’s 900 tickets for away end but are the other 49000 home fans all checked? It’s a total sham anyway. I produced my paper copy as I had 1 to get to Tenerife, but nobody is checking who’s it is. It could have been my dads or anyone’s certificate. Tick box exercise that costs the clubs more money, lot of bollocks. Glad Aberdeen treat it with the respect it deserves.
  14. Except that’s not his point.He’s asking why Rangers could go bust, and therefore their creditors are bumped, then be allowed to re open as a new club and be able to run on huge losses year after year? If for example you or I declare ourselves bankrupt, we are able to write off debts, but it’s stricter in the future for us to obtain loans, credit, mortgages etc.
  15. It’s hardly going to get him any recognition as a manager, winning some trophies in a 2 horse race.
  16. Eh, they need the sectarianism, as do the other half.
  17. Anyone who understands the Sevco-referee relationship will do for them
  18. Always aiming for play offs, never titles.
  19. The goalie has thrown away a point with ridiculous decision making. What on earth is he thinking?
  20. As I tried to explain, the 2 grounds are only a couple of miles apart but it’s never been a derby. Keltys derby is Hill of Beath as both were in the same football association.
  21. The grounds are so close together, a lot of fans know each other. There’s also no historic rivalry as Kelty were amateur then junior so operating at different levels of the game. Wiuld have thought you would be pleasantly suprised but you seem disappointed? We’re you along hoping for a big scrap?
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