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  1. Aye they definitely don’t count though
  2. Just remembered, saw clubfoot this season for Broomhill at Cowden. He was ok in general play still, and I’m sure he scored a header? It was Gary Fraser who caught the eye in that game though. Never getting a game in the Cowden championship side mind you. Half the reason he looked good was because of the opposition!
  3. Possibly yeah. My dislike for him is maybe clouding my judgement
  4. Some extremely alarming comments about the manager. Sounds like he could do with a couple of good results as much as the team could.
  5. Both well past their prime, that’s why they’re playing non league football. Mchugh could only dream of being at Stewart and Hemmings level anyway, prime or not.
  6. Almost all. Would like to know who the players are that would walk into a championship team.
  7. Surely they wouldn’t charge season ticket holders twice? They didn’t previously when streams were permitted.
  8. Enough of that positivity, old shiny teeth hasn’t got a clue and isn’t to be trusted.
  9. All irrelevant now. The clubs have all agreed the sky deal anyway.
  10. So fans protest about crap kick off times, but also complain that all the games aren’t on tv?
  11. Quite like Scales to be honest. Stewart is a unit who isn’t the cleverest on the ball. What’s most important is they work as a pair, time will tell. The donkey comment was in jest, don’t pay attention that much to opponents unless they really stand out.
  12. Good statement from Cormack and no need to have 3 guesses where the stumbling block is coming from. I really hope the club wins some trophies and has some European runs under Dave C, he gets a lot of slagging but he has some great ideas and has the right attitude.
  13. No probs, if you like Mckenna fair enough. Portoeus is still a donkey though!
  14. You may think he’s no very good. He absolutely strolled it against Ukraine. He won promotion to the richest league in Europe where he now plays. He’s an international and he’s way ahead of Porteous in all aspects. Doesn’t say much for your judgement.
  15. Does anyone know what happened to Kyle Miller, after all those years (10?) at Cowden?
  16. ‘Aberdeen have a team money can’t buy. They have a soul and a family tradition. ‘ Alfredo di Stefano. No bigotry here AM.
  17. The diets really boasting and gloating about winning the Scottish Championship? Deary me
  18. You may be right. Personally, I don’t like him. He was standing up the back of the terrace 2/3 years ago , presumably to scout on loan players in the game. He was sniggering away like a wee gimp to his mates at a few of the Cowden fans going tonto at the ref/opposition. A swift warning and a few stares later he kept himself to himself. Ironic as he was a car crash at Cowden and thinks he can come to central and laugh at the locals. Definite cheap options at the DABS as they have severely overspent. I hope he’s sacked by the spring.
  19. Liam Fox was absolutely chased out of Cowdenbeath for being an imposter of a manager. Good luck with that one
  20. I presume he means they were wrongly relegated? Scandalous decision etc. etc.
  21. Goodwins comments are spot on. It is a form of cheating, he’s won a penalty and got a man sent off with the way he has manipulated his marker to con the ref when he goes down. Its about the only thing Goodwin got right all day though. 2 players suspended for the next game now and 2 injured. No real form yet is a bigger concern. Del will be planning his 1-0 victory as we speak.
  22. 4 points? Also you can’t complain about throwing away points when you are comprehensively outplayed, as we were in both those games.
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