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  1. I didn’t say he was shite bud, said average. Not sure which bit of what I said isn’t true?
  2. I’m not so sure. Doesn’t score goals, make goals or prevent goals. Not box to box, no sign of a long range radar pass. Some would call that a passenger. I would call him a short term ball retainer, as eventually it will end up back at the keeper who will launch it. Not interested in what he supposedly did at Hibs, whatever that was, it’s what happens at Aberdeen that counts.
  3. How’s that? Mcgeouch is a bang average midfielder, more of a 5 a side player, who is decent when in the lead and you just want to keep the ball a bit without trying to hurt the opposition.
  4. Well that doesn’t make sense as you have included Rangers
  5. They weren’t that great, in my head meant ‘team with a big reputation who should be beating us easily on paper, but on the night didn’t look any better than us’. I thought we showed them too much respect. It was there first real game of the season and therefore the best opportunity to get at them and exploit that.
  6. Going to disagree bud. Playing well surely at least means creating good chances, which we didn’t really. Big disappointment and missed opportunity with maybe a little too negative tactics, as they weren’t that great and aren’t up to speed yet.
  7. Will the lower leagues still be able to play starting in October? Is there any point in them playing if nobody sees the games? Can the clubs afford to run with nobody watching?
  8. Whether 3 million is a good deal or not, losing McKenna is a big blow if trying to achieve success and trophies. Him and Hoban gave us a chance at the back. Taylor, Considine and Devlin are not at that level. I would like to see Logan on the right of the back 3 unless we sign a promising defender on loan.
  9. Could always ask Ryan Gauld what their reserves are like, he must play against them regularly.
  10. I think Logan would do well in the back 3. Decent enough defender/ man marker and can step out from the back and play a decent pass. For right wing back Hernandez or McLennan both candidates if Kennedy out, but never Mcginn. Too old and nowhere near the running power for that position.
  11. Yeah was just thinking today won’t be at games before March which would be a year. Just a totally shit situation.
  12. Surely a young loan defender from England with no fee involved, just pay part of his wages, is on the cards when McKenna goes? Puts a fair reliance on Hoban now, needs an injury free season. Ferguson was schooled yesterday, and is the reason why nobody has really come in for him yet. A fair bit improvement to go yet if he is to get to the top.
  13. Yeah not surprised at that. There are many midweek games to come as well so always imagined he would need to be managed.
  14. What’s up with Hoban for Sunday? Rested due to number of games so close together?
  15. Bryson will be a certainty for this in the future. Forgot he was even at Aberdeen while he was there!
  16. Still think Cosgrove may be sold. Edmundson coming back and Watkins in as well, surplus of strikers
  17. It’s a worry for this season, never mind next season. If no crowds continues after the new year, it must be a certainty some clubs are in trouble, 1 of which is Aberdeen.
  18. Ideal scenario for me would be to get Cosgrove fit and sold for 3million to plug the financial gap. Or if being greedy he stays but as a super sub if required if we could afford to keep everyone. Never a type of player for the link up play and movement. Granted he has improved over the last couple of seasons but a step backwards starting him again.
  19. Something seriously wrong if that team doesn’t skoosh the league. is there anyone in it that has been there more than 2 seasons? Be good if Kelty came up though for a fife derby. Create a bit more interest as L2 isn’t great for Cowden at the moment.
  20. Can see Brophy and Kabamba being a good pairing
  21. McKenna looked cumbersome at the goal. If that move happened by Aberdeen against sevco, they would have fouled at the halfway line to stop the attack. He wasn’t near Morellos when he needed to be able to at least foul.
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