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  1. Aye, right enough, Higginbottom, Austin, Cardle, Tidser, Barjonas, Reilly etc. are just your average mid table league 2 jobbers. Might make the play offs.
  2. Hopefully after august the 9th this thread is redundant. Load of bollocks anyway that there are restrictions on attending outside sport events in numbers like the 3 leagues outside the premiership attract.
  3. Not sure about the group stages, but no change in points awarded in the qualifying rounds. Aberdeen and Hibs won, so a point each, and Celtic drew for half a point. 2.5 points won, divided by the five teams in Europe gives us 0.5 points this week. Was that not the 2nd round on Thursday? So 1.5 points per win?
  4. Assuming nothing daft happens in the 2nd leg, which date of the 2 is the date of the home leg in the next round? August the 5th or 12th?
  5. With the players they have signed, there’s something not right if they don’t win it.
  6. Your big hopes to avoid failure rely on just Souttar and Boyce? Bottom 6 it is.
  7. Kelty will absolutely do a Cove. The money has been invested to do just that. Squad far too strong. Cowden have strengthened a bit and should be improved, although injuries as always can be a big factor on how successful a season is.
  8. Enjoyed last night far more than I though we would. Not just the team, who were brilliant once they got going, but also the crowd gave good backing and made a bit of noise considering how sparse it was and that a lot were wearing masks. Great night, love a European game under the lights.
  9. Spot on. Callum Davidson had a very dodgy beginning to his managerial career, look how that turned out.
  10. Obviously the club is going the extra mile to ensure safe events and ensure the council agree to as many fans as possible. Good on them for trying their best.
  11. We are going to give it a try on Thursday. The test is the easy part IMO, not sure if they will be strict about sitting with a mask on for the whole game outside. I don’t agree with this part especially if you have shown a negative test. If this is strictly adhered to and it’s crap I won’t be back until this is relaxed.
  12. Buchanan looked good upfront, clever player and looks a great signing. First time I have seen Hutton and he didn’t influence the game at all. Bobby Barr ok first half then faded. The goalie had a decent enough game. Of the old players, thought Todd had a very uncomfortable afternoon, the rest were ok. Robbie Buchanan had some good link play at times and had a decent game. Almost all of Brechin chances came from the left side of Cowden defence. Probably did enough in the 90 to win the game.
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