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  1. As girlie as it is, it’s definitely the saintees. I have a couple of good mates who do a fair bit of sponsorship at St Johnstone, and even they call their team the saintees.
  2. Really big result. Nothing else matters at this stage
  3. Sorry, still not having it. A team outside of Celtic and Sevco winning the title here would be a bigger achievement than Leicester winning in England. Several of the top teams in England can beat each other so if 1 team has a great run then they have a good chance. Virtually nobody can beat Celtic and Sevco up here due to the vast financial gulf. Most English premiership stadium are full bringing an intimidating atmosphere and more chance for the hone team. In Scotland, half the time Celtic or Sevco are away they have way more fans at the game than the home team. That’s before we start on the gulf in finances which is multiple times more.
  4. I call bullshit. Celtics wage bill bigger than the other 10. No such gap in England.
  5. Agree with this. Leicester also would have had a fair run with referees.
  6. You can mainly thank the champions league for that, the elite protection league.
  7. At the moment it’s like a waiting game to see who will win a game first, Brechin or Cowden. Big boost for whoever it is.
  8. Almost correct, thankfully Stenny got an equaliser.
  9. He plays right side of defence for the Scotland u21s and gets a chance to run down the outside at times.
  10. I’m not referring to leagues ending or if play offs should happen, but don’t agree with your comment about getting finances. Tier 5 is 2 divisions, another roughly 30 teams? How much money do you think there was? And if tier 5 get it, why wouldn’t tier 6 etc. The correct cut off for that money was made, league teams and not non-league teams , harsh as it may seem.
  11. Next game QP, and Brechin home to Stenny. Can see where this is going. Big moment of the season
  12. Tom English, the Piers Morgan of Scottish Sport. He’s a nobody who loves the sound of his own voice, and has somehow talked his way into a position where the nation has to listen to his supposed expertise on practically every sport he feels like commenting on.
  13. Haha wondered what you were going on about. 🤣
  14. All very well you agreeing with Colts playing against adults, but that’s only part of the issue. Why should it be exclusive to Celtic and The Rangers? They have a ridiculously big advantage on every other team in Scotland already, why should that he increased? The proposal for the 2 colt teams is a terrible idea as it is.
  15. Brown was sticking up for his team mate at the time, big deal. That’s what every fan wants and teams need, mates that stick together especially the captain. Funny how so many go to the fitba and give it the big man shouts etc. then come on social media greeting like wee lassies about things. It’s old news, and not worth remembering, move on surely? ps Shay Logan been a great player. Wish him all the best.
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