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  1. This is exactly what happened. It was like the team settled down after the subs took a while to find their feet and a way to play together. In control for the rest of the game and never in any danger.
  2. Could be Kennedy and McLennan as wing backs. Running power is vital for that role and they have it, as does Hayes. I like McLennan at RWB, might be his best position. Would put Hedges playing up with Watkins. Got a feeling Wright will get dropped and Mcgeouch will play with Ferguson and McCrorie to make the team more solid. ( I would say cautious)
  3. Is not just standard banter for big Bob?
  4. The club and the council both making very good points though. Its a joke that controlled numbers can’t spectate outdoors. Can bet, along with other clubs, the thought of no fans all season is making chairmen panic as it’s unsustainable.
  5. The team is better with Wright in it. He takes up good positions which defences don’t like and it seems to work with him, Hedges and Watkins. He does need to score more though.
  6. Afc chat is full of the young team trying to be macho. To be found in the cubicles at half time etc.
  7. Milne has gone. There’s a new boy in town and he is the dogs bollocks. Do keep up.
  8. Don’t listen to them, you support who you want, unless it’s Celtic or Sevco, then you’re a twat. 👍
  9. Are you referring to Auchinleck? Wouldn't think they will be the last either
  10. Is Harvey Swann getting a game yet? Team lost a lot of the football talent with Thomas and Allan away. At least the would provide some and a goal threat /creator.
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