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  1. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Deas for me, then Mcgurn. Quite clear cut in my opinion. Wouldnt bet against Cox (Davy the dodgem) getting it though, he has scored a few goals which is enough for some people.
  2. Ok, not the greatest wording. ’recently he would still have been shite no matter who was playing alongside him’.
  3. I’m a big fan of Greg and desperate to see him prosper. The Hibs game was a while back now and he was also decent home to Sevco in the 4-2 loss. It’s so obvious the lack of pace without GMS hinders a creative player like Greg as you say. However, the last few weeks he has walked about at snails pace and the touch and turns aren’t working. He could have been playing in the Barcelona first team and he would still be lethargic.
  4. Can Rangers end Celtic's domination?

    They will rob their grannies to try and stop 10 in a row.
  5. Well if you don’t make it this year you don’t deserve it. Aberdeen right off form and too many injuries. You’re currently 3rd and have Aberdeen at home. Definitely the current favourites for 3rd.
  6. I have been to 5 games in last couple of months and Greg doesn’t look up for it or fit. With GMS out there’s almost zero pace in attack which makes it easy to defend against.
  7. Bit strange some fans saying not bothered if we don’t get in Europe. Success breeds success. Higher league position equals more money and perceived as a more successful club, players have to be attracted. Getting in Europe could bring more funds, better players need paid. Always strive for the best possible, and accept nothing less. Sport is extremely competitive.
  8. While you are spot on, there’s another factor which ensures Celtics dominance. The self preservation society known as the champions league, keeps the big bucks at the top clubs and keeps them ahead of the rest each season.
  9. It’s way, way sweeter when you win and you’re heavily outnumbered.
  10. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    You would keep 13 out of 19 and 2 are undecided so only 4 definite punts. Also 1 of the punts is Sheerin who is signed for next season, so only 3 punts. Is Bollan confirmed for next season? i suspect we have to go with a reduced budget next season aswell, although at times the squad this season was slightly bigger than necessary.
  11. Was thinking exactly the same. The fans are owed a semi final performance to make up for last years howler.
  12. Trapdoorwatch 2018-19

    Obviously it was, but now people are filling in the gaps. Can’t believe you had to spell that out.
  13. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Sorry mate didn’t see that.