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  1. 🤣🤣 making a right tit of yourself here dude. Nobody at Aberdeen is complaining about the decision. Rightly the fans are pissed off with the players but nothing else. Away back to the wee lassie club with the diet ****.
  2. It should, as no travel in and out if Aberdeen for next 7 days, but it won’t probably as football has its own rules.
  3. Thought I heard him after the game saying the goal came about because Kennedy didn’t close down properly or show the player outside or something along those lines.
  4. Looks and sounds like it’s going to take a while until the best starting 11 is ‘stumbled’ upon. Been some praise for Hernandez but I felt he gave the ball away far too often. Crosses are weak and several hopeful high balls up the line or just inside, basically just playing it safe. I still have no idea at all what Bryson brings to the game.
  5. I agree with you but a lot can change between now and October. Vaccine or 2nd wave, take your pick?
  6. Doesn’t mean much for your chances of playing just because Hampden can manage a small crowd. You need 9 other clubs to be able to manage it as well or who you going to play against?
  7. Where do you start with that? Almost like statues when in possession, no pass and move at all. Supposedly strong in midfield with loads of options, the midfield was completely out played and manoeuvred by the ****. Anderson on his own up front is an embarrassing tactic ( that every c**t guessed beforehand except Mcinness who went with it anyway). In many other types of employment the management wouldnt get away with such oversight and incompetence. Horrible performance. He’s had 5 months to think about it and tweak the team to fit the ‘new club ethos’ of attractive footballer etc. He hasn’t changed in the slightest. Time for a change for me. First time I have ever felt like this but Mcinness isn’t the man for success.
  8. Yeah Rangers were up to a different speed all round. Shouldn’t be able to happen.
  9. That first half was abysmal. Not one positive except only 1 goal behind.
  10. That post says a lot about your intelligence anyway.
  11. The Shire have as much chance of winning the LL as the Haws.
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