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  1. Where did I call him names apart from reference his style of play? is that not what happens with all players?
  2. Incorrectly quoted, bad crack that. I’m a black belt in lip reading and he’s definitely saying something to do with ‘mattress’.
  3. Cox gets off lightly I’m my opinion from the home fans. He is 1 of the most frustrating players I have seen for a while. Pops up with a goal at times though which makes him popular along with his work ethic. He loses the ball far far too often and his recent red card is inexcusable. Ticking time bomb at some games I have seen and that makes him no use to anyone. It would be good to see him settle down and concentrate just on doing the simple things well in a game and of course work hard as he does off the ball, but without the aggro. I call him Davy the dodgem as sometimes he just bounces and crashes into folk. It’s like it is important to him to be able to bash opponents out the way.
  4. Pity it wasn’t the pie I had at Hamilton the other week. Was so hard I almost broke a tooth and had to take the pie back to the kiosk.
  5. Correct so have no sympathy if he doesn’t get a decision, although I couldn’t have any sympathy for him about anything anyway. Horrible wee turd.
  6. Was at the game. Beaton appeared to favour Sevco first half but was surprisingly more balanced 2nd half. Honestly thought Sevco were rattled 2nd half, especially the defenders. Also Kent was a big problem first half but dropped much deeper 2nd half which was perfect, not going to cause damage back there.
  7. Honestly thought he was poor last night, and that was the type of game that would give clubs an indicator of his level.
  8. I haven’t seen it on tv. So is it all edged to have happened in the box but ref gave it outside the box?
  9. If Morelos should have had a penalty, it has to partly be his own doing. He collapses every time somebody goes near him so it must be difficult for a ref to know when it’s an actual foul. Few observations about last night. Taylor was solid, and Logan was better too. Leigh and Vyner combined does not work in midfield. They sit in front of the back 4 and mark fresh air. Gallagher is a man down on the left, use his only strength to press in the middle. Cosgrove proved again why the 4 million talk is laughable. He would get eaten alive in the English Championship. The best bit though, I have never seen James Wilson work so hard and actually put in tackles. Massive turnaround in attitude. If he keeps that up his ability will come through and we may end up with a decent player yet. Delighted to put a dent in the Sevco season. You’re not Rangers anymore.
  10. Edinburgh city crowds are woeful and don’t think Annan get a lot either but I may be wrong.
  11. Decent if you to say fair result. Was very unexpected but enjoyed it once we decided to press. The first third of the game was embarrassing and begs the question why?
  12. Noticed Kelty had a home crowd of around 300 a week or so ago, possibly for a midweek game. Seems they don’t have the support size of Cove, probably more like Cowdens which makes it tough in League 2 to survive.
  13. So far this season what you are saying is true. Not helped that Ojo been out long term, he might have helped.
  14. They were out playing us in the 2nd half and looked like they would have gone on to win the game if it wasn’t for the sendings off.
  15. Not sure why negativity? Draw with 9 men bottom of the league then scrape a win against the next bottom while playing shite in general. Nae idea either.
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