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  1. Excellent post. I think from talking to a few that the support had all week to get used to the idea of relegation as there was no way realistically a comeback from 3 down was possible. Maybe that explains the quiet ending? Bonnyrigg are steady and competent, and I agree there are a few who look a little larger than your average semi pro. Sure they will do ok in League 2, but definitely won’t tear it up as previously seen.
  2. You may now be excused for omitting Cowden
  3. Well done to Bonnyrigg. Sure you got a fair bit of help from the referees, but you won your league by a fair distance which should mean promotion anyway.
  4. Spot on. Livi fans laughing at anyone have very short memories.
  5. You should try Precious events in Cowden high st. All the fancy coffees, homemade scran , cakes etc. way better than run of the mill chain establishments
  6. You make too many assumptions. I never said Bonnyrigg did vote for B teams if you read it. Also I am taking my 82 year old faither to the game. I choose to pay at the gate as I’m not a cheap skate to save a pound. f**k the rose
  7. Considering the short memory he has displayed this week, he’s maybe forgotten there’s a game today. Anyway f**k the rose and everyone else who pulled their drawers down for the bigot B teams.
  8. Very fair comments. He’s been a bit disrespectful to the paying fans, basically saying that this season doesn’t matter at all how hopeless we are. Releasing players left right and centre. He may get a few of the signings right but he definitely won’t get the majority in as great signings in the volume he’s going to have to sign now. Not quite sure what to make of him yet but he’s gambled already for sure.
  9. Nobody has a good striker this season. Bruce Anderson is up there for top goalscorer
  10. Ok mate, keep living in your wee fantasy world.
  11. Why would he not be a better manager after the experience of this year? There isn’t that much between the Saintees and the rest up to 4th. It’s fine margins. You are arguably the 2nd smallest club in the league now Accies are gone, obviously Livi are now the smallest. You lost Kerr and it’s affected McCart, it’s not easy to sign a replacement of that level. You also lost the heartbeat of the midfield in McCann, again nearly impossible to replace. Rooney hasn’t been anywhere near as prominent this year either which is a big blow as he was everywhere in your cup runs. Factor in that the league is tougher now all the biggest teams are in it and there’s always a fair chance you will be in a relegation fight regardless of who the manager is. Aberdeen are only 1 place above and they have a far far bigger budget and fan base. Livi or whoever could just as easily be down next season. If you survive then surely the manager gets a chance next season having had the opportunity to learn so much this season toughing it out after having the highs of your greatest ever season previously? ps you may think the football has been shite to watch, but so does most fans of every team out with the top 3.
  12. All but relegated is the phrase you were looking for. Just the T’s to cross and I’s to dot.
  13. He’s told half the squad to do one! Will be the weakest AFC squad in a long time.
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