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  1. It’s a lockdoon min, naebidy gees a sh1t about the actual fitba!
  2. Sorry, woosh right over me. In my head Prescott looks like Les Dawson did but that’s the extent of my knowledge.
  3. Deluded. Late summer 2020 the virus was almost non existent in Scotland for a while, a fact now admitted by the government. No fans allowed. 2021 the numbers are worse, the virus is now much more infectious and they have already said coming out of lockdown will be done at a much slower rate.
  4. What you are saying makes sense, but the problem comes from manager comments about Sevco and Celtic having bigger budgets and hard to compete. If it’s based on budgets then Motherwell should be swotted away at ease. McInnes can’t have it both ways.
  5. There’s no requirement for any names, if anything it’s showing respect. Behind closed doors is where the names will be mentioned, and the relevant people will look into it and address it. A wee mention in the public eye will help if he feels he needs steps taken.
  6. As in when he got a run in at the sevco goalie in the first half recently? Personally I thought he embarrassed himself with that effort.
  7. You reckon he’s good with the ball in to feet? 🤨
  8. But, but, would have finished 3rd if last season was finished.
  9. Well done to County, took their chances well worked hard all game. Out of sorts all over the park today for the Dons. Del boy must be glad there were no fans today as a pissed up away support wouldn’t have held back!
  10. Watkins was good for a better style of link up play and movement, something we have to adopt to have any chance of progress. Currently light years behind sevco in this respect. Watkins wasn’t enough of a goal scorer unfortunately, and neither is Wright or Hedges. They were the front 3 of choice this season but far from the finished article. Cosgrove has very few good attributes on a football pitch, and not enough to be an Aberdeen player. You can add Main to that category as well. Played together, this is exaggerated. Limited abilities is being kind, considering they are attackers.
  11. I got slaughtered by a few regulars on here a few months ago for saying Cosgrove is a haddy. Blinded by his penalties and tap ins you were.
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