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  1. Sunday sesh I assume Al. Have a good one mucker. If you knew my family situation, you would understand a sunday sesh is a distant memory.
  2. No probs, that’s could help in your quest for 6th.
  3. 6 points from 3rd, 1 game more played. Interesting. Would be a good time to go on a wee run.
  4. Amazing to see 4 goals, been a while. Bates is fair coming on to a game, amazing what a bit of patience does. Great substitution getting Emmanuel-Thomas off and Jenks on. Jenks is really growing on me, he obviously has talent. Hope he stays for a while and starts to get in the first 11 more often. Very enjoyable game in what was at times horrendous conditions.
  5. 2nd half we were well out of things until Emmanuel - Thomas was substituted. For every nice flick there is a lazy f**k up, and off the ball he is a man short. The definition of a luxury player, but when the going gets tough his touches aren’t enough to justify a place on the pitch. Would play him against the crap like Livi, who were dreadful.
  6. In going to assume you were in a coma the week Gerrard buggered off at the first chance?
  7. When the f**k were you going on about 54? Oh that’s right, it’s all about kidding yourselves on that you believe you’re supporting the same team and they didn’t actually go into liquidation. You let your club die. 55 stands for the 55k fans who went every 2nd week and yet still couldn’t save the club. Or maybe 55 stands for the amount of times you have to say ‘ it really is the same Rangers’ before you brainwash your mind and you genuinely think it’s true? 1 (yip 1 major trophy for all that new debt racked up, what an achievement)
  8. Kelty, or more specifically their general manager, have said that they want to become self sustainable (to avoid a Gretna scenario). it’s easy to do that, as long as they accept it’s not a level at which they are operating at just now. They don’t have the fan base for that, unless another benefactor appears.
  9. Not bitter here pal. Used to do work for Keltys money man, decent guy. Wasnt a glass ceiling either, junior clubs chose to be junior. People go on about the junior ‘giants’ joining the leagues as if it’s some kind of saviour for Scottish football. ‘It will push up the quality of football in this country’. Pish. It’s the same players, just signed for a different team.
  10. Possibly the first time in my life, but have to agree with Neilly here. The only thing remarkable about all of this is the amount of money that’s been thrown at a part time football team. Anyone on here could manage Kelty to the title with the squad they have, in fact the players could do it themselves without a manager.
  11. I’m not sure your message is clear, maybe need to state it again?
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