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  1. Steve Kean will be the manager by the time the cup tie comes around. Something to look forward to.
  2. Close to being our best paid player if rumours are to be believed. I’m fucking delighted he’s not signing it if that’s true. Nowhere near worth that kind of money.
  3. He’s clearly never had any intention of signing a contract. I’d drop him now and sell for whatever we can get as early as possible. He’s not irreplaceable.
  4. Martin Boyle out for the rest of the season. Ian Gordon tasked with signing someone to replace him. We’re going down.
  5. Lee Johnson doing some job. Not helped by having a pish set of players to pick from right enough. We are genuine relegation candidates based on this today.
  6. Eight players from last seasons shite squad started last night. A damming indictment of our recruitment given the huge numbers we signed in the summer. Boys like Henderson sitting on a 3 (maybe 4?) year deal is comical stuff. Nothing will improve until we sort out the football department and take control of it away from Ben Kensell and Ian Gordon. The latter has absolutely no place at a football club of this size. He’s a fucking wine salesman ffs.
  7. We’ve actually won two games against eleven men so get that right up you, Paulo.
  8. We’ve been a mess since that Celtc pumping. LJ looks clueless, squad is a mess and we’ve got Ian Gordon standing by with more top notch signings ready to go for January. It’s all feeling a bit relegationy.
  9. It’s a stick on that Steve Kean becomes our manager before the end of the season.
  10. Can’t believe I got sucked in by that wee four game winning run. We are relegation fodder. That league cup shambles was all we needed to see to prove it.
  11. Don’t worry Lee says we’ll batter a team soon. It’s been coming for weeks apparently.
  12. Loads of the ball but not looking like scoring. Standard.
  13. ^ Pretty much sums Hibs up at the moment. Who knows what we’ll get tonight.
  14. Eh, no. Not sure where you get that idea.
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