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  1. Zing.

    FIFA 21

    I assumed you could come up against anyone in friendlies but I must’ve been wrong because I was the same as you, it was a massive struggle. Got it done eventually but I’m not sure it was worth the effort.
  2. Zing.

    FIFA 21

    Been trying to complete some objectives in online friendlies and been getting absolutely pumped in nearly every game. No idea what I’m doing compared to rivals but it feels totally different. I can accept I’d maybe play a few higher division players but this has been mental.
  3. Newell was the pick of the bunch for us. Imagine Hecky trying to play him as a winger, fucking diddy.
  4. Great result. Killie didn’t look like scoring.
  5. Zing.

    FIFA 21

    I made it to Divison 2 for the first time ever in Rivals and have been routinely pumped 6-1/7-1 every time before dropping back to Divison 3 where I can compete again. Hwang Hee Chan is brilliant.
  6. Doidge has returned to his goal virgin self in recent games. Not even looked like scoring.
  7. Should be a couple ahead. Missed good chances early on and it could bite us on the arse, not played well last 5/10 minutes.
  8. Just watch him fly at Paul Hartley at 100mph to setup that first goal. He was a madman.
  9. I’ve not been overly impressed in the two games he’s played. Hopefully we don’t need to rely on him too much.
  10. Our fringe players are absolutely stinking. Better hope we don’t lose anyone else to injury/illness or we’ll drop down the league quickly. Gray/McGregor/Stevenson in a back three
  11. Paul Hanlon injured now too. Hopefully back for our next league game. Relying heavily on the old boys at the back to pull us through the league cup games.
  12. Given how shite we looked during the week with a weakened side Cove might be worth a wee punt at 12/1 today.
  13. Will be interesting to hear the basis for your argument on this one as there is absolutely nothing in his business past that would point to him being at all unstable or unreliable.
  14. Really should’ve been a lot more comfortable in the end but we got there. Nisbet is a great signing.
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