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  1. Most definitely. They came to kick us as often as possible and it kind of worked with us going down to ten, issue was they had absolutely no quality to make the most of it.
  2. This ref has had an absolute shocker.
  3. Exactly my thoughts when I saw he was potentially coming to us. Boyle goes and we pay to sign this boy now instead of January.
  4. Mallan seems to be away to the same Turkish side he was with last season. Hopefully a permanent deal. Fairly quiet on incomings just now. edit: Seems to be permanent. £150k+ is the fee.
  5. Tbf we were told the same about Gogic and he did ok. Couple of Accies fans I’ve read on Twitter/here seem to rate him higher than Gogic too.
  6. Aye he seems to have signed for an extra year in March so I’d guess our interest is relatively new.
  7. Few papers have us in for Odoffin at Hamilton. Can play defensive midfield, right back and centre half. Wouldn’t mind him coming in but he’ll cost a fee.
  8. Whatever we get for Doig will be a fair bit more than Hearts got from us when he joined. That’s a guarantee.
  9. We basically got that from him in the second half of last season. I’d be happy to see him go.
  10. Irvine was decent enough and has had an offer on the table from us for ages. Still hasn’t signed and doesn’t look like he will. I certainly wouldn’t be keen to break the bank to keep him.
  11. We’re bidding again. £220k and Drey Wright back to you on loan IMO.
  12. I also think the Birmingham deal was in all sorts of instalments etc which isn’t quite the same. Nisbet will definitely be away this window so hopefully we maximise what we can get and reinvest some of it.
  13. Given Birmingham offered £3.2m in January getting £4m now isn’t too unrealistic given he’s broken into the Scotland squad and also scored. I actually do agree though, he’s not worth that kind of money. Went missing for us way too often last season.
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