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  1. Zing.

    FM 2020

    Have some of the initial issues with this been ironed out now? Is it also running relatively quickly on PC/Laptop? I remember there were a few comments with the beta that it was excruciatingly slow.
  2. Scott Allan - Sweet reverse shroo balls. Martin Boyle - He makes such a difference to our team. So quick and gets in behind constantly. Only winger of any quality we’ve got. Melker Hallberg - Been really impressed by him. Not a natural defensive midfielder but filling in well and often holds things together by himself while Scott Allan/Mallan are away making sure they don’t need to tackle. Kamberi maybe a bit unlucky to miss out but he’s only just started turning up again now. So dreadfully inconsistent.
  3. Franck Sauzee has been confirmed as an ambassador for the Hanlon Stevenson foundation and will be over next year to assist with fundraising
  4. Gave this hammer throwing Dons side the pumping we were due them after Pittodrie earlier in the season. Scooter Allan was toying with them in the second half.
  5. Just you worry about trying to secure Daniel Stendelbottom for millions before making an effort to claw back that 7 point gap.
  6. Hibs to take the lead and not win the game. Pretty standard nowadays.
  7. Maxwell is shite. Our defending is shite. Football is shite.
  8. The return of the Lochend Flairmeisters. Beautiful.
  9. It’s quite clear how weak our squad is defensively. We had no options on the bench yesterday that we could bring on to toughen up the midfield and make us more solid. Dont see us winning many more this month.
  10. Trying to dish out “back in your box” patter after a score draw
  11. Our defending is something special this season. Absolutely chucking goals in. Disappointing to draw in those circumstances but the glaring holes in the squad Hecky has left are obvious. January can’t come quick enough. Going to be some scrap for 5th place between us and Killie.
  12. Zing.

    FIFA 20

    I’m having an absolute shocker in the weekend league. Stuck on 9 wins for ages.
  13. Kilmarnock fans are an odd bunch and seem to be treating this thread as some very serious business.
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