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  1. Jamie Murphy was slow as f**k and injury prone at Hibs. His performance in the league cup final against Celtc was laughable. Wouldn’t want to rely on him every week but he can still produce the odd moment of magic when fit.
  2. 3-1 up against Burton with twenty minutes left. Some good performances in there. Kenneh looks a bit rusty to me but came onto a game again as it went on in the first half. Youan and Melkersen look very lively up front. Doidge still a good bit off it.
  3. Looks nice from a distance. Pattern on it is wildly unnecessary.
  4. Thought he looked ok. Got caught in possession a couple of times but also made a few decent challenges and passes.
  5. Few of the new boys looked decent. Youan is rapid. Hartlepool were absolutely rotten. They must’ve left their own half about 5 times in that 90 minutes.
  6. He’s a really poor footballer and also a complete minter of a bloke going by his social media output.
  7. I liked what he had to say, minus the affiliation patter which made me cringe horrendously, and he can hit a set piece which we’ve not had in the team for a long time. Seemed to still have a lot to offer at Sunderland before his injury. Hopefully he can get back to that level.
  8. Scotsman saying Doidge has been told he can leave. Dundee United surely a stick on.
  9. It really is. Both teams have had managers they’ve hated way more than Lee Johnson. It’s a completely over the top, ridiculous shout.
  10. Doidge potentially going to Dundee United? If he gets back to his best he’s certain to score goals. What we saw of him last season was abysmal though and he looked miles off it when he returned from injury/covid.
  11. I don’t think that’s right. Seeing it reported he’s having a medical at Motherwell.
  12. Clarke wanted by Stoke City so that’ll clear up why we signed another right back.
  13. Not sure anyone is moaning, just pointing out that it is a horrid effort. Next signing appears to be a 20 year old centre half that couldn’t get a game for League One Falkirk. Assume he goes straight in the B team.
  14. I agree. Trying too hard to make it tie in with their marketing pish.
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