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  1. To be fair he does admit himself that his attitude was all wrong when he was younger but he’s put in a load of work since then to get to where he is. I do think it’s a bit of a gamble but his record has been ridiculously good in the last two seasons.
  2. I don’t have a clue what other clubs are doing. While I agree it doesn’t look the best for the club it’s the way business works. Football clubs shouldn’t be held to a different standard to a regular business.
  3. Do you reckon we should continue to employ people that simply won’t be doing any work for about 6 months (maybe longer)? It’s fucking shite being made redundant and it’s not nice for the people involved but Hibs have clearly said all funds are going to the first team. Companies across the country will be getting rid of people and “restructuring” over the coming months. I’m sure they’ll continue investing their funds in the key areas of their business at the same time.
  4. Austin appears to have taken the crushing rejection from Nisbet and Wright particularly badly.
  5. 1-1 draw today in the Jon Obika trophy. Gullan with the goal, assist from “no end product” Drey Wright.
  6. What promises haven’t Hibs kept? Be very specific please Austin.
  7. Go on then Austin, explain it to us. Exactly what have Hibernian lied about?
  8. Wee Austin has obviously been taking in the shite being made up about Hibernian and Ron the con in recent weeks over on Kickback and by that lunatic on twitter. The deferred wages will be paid back at the end of 2020 and next summer, as was reported at the time they were agreed.
  9. If you don’t get absolutely fucking buzzing about signing some Cypriot psychopath, a winger with no end product and Kevin Nisbet then what’s the point? We’ll deal with the crushing disappointments when they hit us square in the face, but for now...
  10. I saw a journalist stirring it up on twitter earlier saying we are still trying to force players into cuts. As you say, who really knows. Doubt they’ll even announce anything about it officially.
  11. Gogic surely. I don’t think it looks brilliant signing these players when we haven’t agreed a proper deal regarding the current squad but we can’t hang about forever. The sale of Kamberi should offset anything paid for Nisbet.
  12. This is exactly what I think we’ll go with. As you say it makes sense with the squad we’ve built.
  13. Hearts tried to sign Nisbet and Wright ahead of us last night and failed miserably. Love. To. See. It.
  14. Gogic happening aswell apparently. Be happy with that if it happens.
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