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  1. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Marciano cost us in the exact same manner in the Derby when his kick went wayward towards Daryl Horgan, one header later and they are at us and the ball is in our net.
  2. Highlight of the League Season

    Definitely the win at Tynecastle. Not many highlights to choose from apart from that.
  3. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    As bites go, this is pretty good.
  4. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    He’s a dreadful manager and would be a massive downgrade on Clarke. Lennon did well with a fantastic midfield in the second half of last season (who could f**k it up with McGinn, McGeouch and Allan in the same midfield?). Some season for Killie. Definitely deserved 3rd place.
  5. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Aye, pretty much as expected. We played not bad in spells but too many average/poor players on display. Some assist from Murray then he turned into absolute shite for the rest of the game.
  6. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Being serious for a second I think we’ve chucked it and have absolutely no chance of a result today. Should be fun.
  7. The Hibernian Thread

    Can imagine he’s quite a high earner so it’s good to get rid of him. He’s just a bit past it and I’m sure we can get better for less.
  8. The Hibernian Thread

    McGeouch is a player they’ve “discussed”. It’s happening lads.
  9. The Hibernian Thread

    I don’t see Hecky signing McGeouch. We’ll be getting quite a few released English lower league players i’d imagine and quite a few loans. Interesting to see how it goes.
  10. The Hibernian Thread

    He should’ve stayed in hindsight but he had the chance at a big club on a much bigger wage down south. Would definitely have him back. Few rumours that him and Lennon didn’t get on that well so that might’ve influenced him. Pretty convinced Aberdeen will go back in for him and make a big move to make it happen now that Shinnie is away.
  11. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Don’t care m8. He’s won more Scottish cups than Aberdeen in the last decade. Lol. Also, having a pop at someone who consistently fouls is a good laugh when you’ve got Graeme Shinnie in your midfield
  12. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    If we get a pen and Bartley is on the pitch he 100% should be taking it.
  13. He was immense for us at times. Not been at his best this season but wish him well, looks like a good move for him. Cup winning legend and detests Hearts, can’t ask for much more.
  14. Summer transfers - 2019

    Marvin Bartley signs for Livi.