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  1. See the Tartan Army thread about tickets for the Georgia game.
  2. Why? Was it shite or cancelled? EDIT: Forget it, just seen the gigs thread.
  3. Four tickets. And congratulations indeed Debbie.
  4. It couldn't be anything to do with you sitting in your kiltat the Rock for the best part of two hours in the freezing cold on Saturday?
  5. People who overtake you when you are already doing the speed limit. Especially on single carriageway roads.
  6. He definitely is not on loan from us! He went on loan to Hartlepool from Sunderland earlier this season, but the transfer from DFC was permanent.
  7. Mr Mister, Broken Wings. What a song.
  8. Eric Clapton - Change The World. This would also be added to the thread about 'Good songs that never made it in the chart' if I could find it.
  9. I only realised today that the timetables were changing! Thank Gawd this is the last week, or else I'd have to pay £4.90 to get into Uni on time on a Tuesday instead of £3.55. The trains have completely lost it since First took over the franchise.
  10. 48 hours and counting...woohoo!!!
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