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  1. Exactly! And the Lord's wrath upon those who suggest otherwise.
  2. I can't believe there are those casting doubt upon the honesty of Joe Cardle. Would a man so devout as to bless himself not once, not twice but three times after scoring before pointing heavenwards in tribute to the Lord be capable of such underhand behaviour? I think not as I can't imagine anyone being such a steaming hypocrite.
  3. I can't imagine why you'd want to do that. Like him or not he's our best striker by a mile. I agree wholeheartedly regarding the Palmerston pies though. Absolutely top grub.
  4. Remember this thread? Anyway, Raith Rovers at home in the semi finals of the Tory b*****d biscuit cup if anyone's interested. And yes I'll keep politics out of it from now on..
  5. If ICT don't give these apprentice boys a thorough pasting in front of a crowd numbering in the tens l will never forgive them.
  6. He has a head start with Hall, Kakay, Palmer and Cole all leaving in January.
  7. Beware Arbroath boys in the Woody predicting an easy Thistle victory. The Smokies had us absolutely humped for aggression, application and pure desire to win.
  8. When McCall left Thistle he was replaced with a player (McNamara) who immediately stopped playing and took us to the top of the league. When he got a bigger gig he was replaced by a player who immediately stopped playing and took us to top six in the Premiership. Just saying like.
  9. It seems to be the common belief that Kris is pretty much done as a player and no one has the remotest idea wether or not he is a decent coach so why are we wetting our pants with excitement at this rumour?
  10. On the high moral ground? We're already there ya peh-munchin' sub Fifer. Sorry but it's been getting far too friendly around here lately.
  11. Osbourne was possibly a better option on those rare occasions when he was fit but Paton? Are you sure? I've no issues with your second paragraph though.
  12. We're absolutely not. I hope the rest of your post is accurate though
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