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  1. The minions clearly hate Rangers too.
  2. Five straight wins with no goals conceded. One defeat in our last 15 games. Utterly rotten.
  3. I withdraw the question as my boy just texted me to say you were being sarcastic. [emoji4]
  4. I was in a couple of pubs in Dumfries yesterday. The first one was the Caven Arms which seemed to be more of a restaurant than a pub. Everything seemed to be meticulously organised. You have to book, can't just wander in without permission, sanitizer available as soon as you're in the door and all staff wearing visors. They lead you to your table straight away so no hanging around and were also very attentive so no need to leave the table unless you were going to the spotlessly clean lavvies. There was a pro independence event in the town and the manager/guy in charge was absolutely raging when a 2 or 3 saltire covered cars drove by tooting their horns that went outside to mumble and glare at them which was good for a laugh. They have a great list of cask ales at £3.10 a pint and Stella at £2.95 for the lager drinkers. Next pub was the hole in the wa'. Deary me! They had separate entrance and exit doors which no one paid a blind bit of notice too and absolutely no social distancing inside. There was a screened service area at the bar which couldn't be accessed because of people sitting/standing at the bar so the staff just served you wherever. A wee jakey guy sitting at the bar was in the toilet the same time as me didn't even wash his hands let alone use the sanitizer then returned to his stool to put his grubby mits all over the bar. Another undid his belt, button and fly on the journey from his seat to the toilet door. If he had walked a little slower I'm sure would have had his knob out. On the plus side there was a bit of Queen of the South memorabilia on the walls to remind you you were in Dumfries.
  5. When last season ended abruptly the club offered a refund for the unplayed games. I'm sure they would do likewise in the event that spectators were not permitted.
  6. Stuart Bannigan. He's not a tramp he's the captain of a U-boat.
  7. I don't think I've ever heard an Airdrie fan suggest it's the same club that went bust. I presume emotionally they look upon it as the same club they've always followed but never seem to go full Sevco.
  8. That's pretty smart. Especially with the black shorts and socks.
  9. Morton's last season in the top flight some 33 years ago.
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