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  1. You'd get out of bed if your Mum shouted upstairs to tell you she'd made you a roll and bacon though.
  2. As I'm not going to Falkirk this afternoon I thought I'd start early...
  3. Anyway...back to the game. I for one will be hiding under the bed till it's all over only to emerge like the pure big man should Thistle win.
  4. C'mon now. Nothing says "a grand day out at the seaside" more than a grilled, cheese-based, vegetarian, meat substitute.
  5. That's all very well but where can you find halloumi in Methil?
  6. Yes. Modern jazz is pretty much anything after 1950 but is probably as popular in Falkirk as salad.
  7. [quote post="12792332" timestamp="1552495704" name="Bairnardo" userid="68117 Walter the Softy LOL. Quinoa wankers. I was quite offended by that crack until I took into consideration the fact that I'm currently doing the Telegraph crossword while wearing a cardigan and listening to some modern jazz on Spotify and decided you may have a point. Feel free to comment further when you get back from Badger-baiting or whatever else Falkirk folk do on a Wednesday evening.
  8. I'll have you know that down University Avenue I'm regarded as a bit of a bad-ass mutha. They fear my rapier-like wit in Woodlands too.
  9. Then we can all head up the town for a schooner of Hoegarden and some roasted chick peas It doesn't always have to be a bottle of milk stout and half a raw turnip ya backward mud-hut dwelling Fifer wannabe.
  10. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Not that it's particularly relevant but didn't the Republic of Ireland field an ineligible player 101 times, receive no punishment then land themselves millions in compensation due to the ref missing a hand ball in one of their games? Aye...It's a funny old game.