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  1. That's really smart. A traditional Morton top with no fannying about, plain white shorts and the hooped socks set it off perfectly. I hope to see plenty of kids in Greenock wearing them soon.
  2. I don't accept any of that. We were no worse than QOS and hardly worse, by a distance, than Alloa. And no club "deserves" to be relegated because they were bottom of the league within 2 points of the team above and with a game in hand at a random point in the season.
  3. It's been seven years now and you're still a bitter tear-stained mess.
  4. I don't think we should underestimate how important the loan signing of Stevie Anderson was last season. He probably did for our defence what Scott MacDonald did for our attack.
  5. Nice to see Thistle promoting great Scottish cuisine back in the 80s.
  6. Just bought one. £3.95 delivery but still a bargain.
  7. He didn't say anything of the kind. If you want Ian McCall to explain his comments then feel free to email the club. Alternatively you could read a book, do some hoovering or wash the motor.
  8. Great. Another St Mirren supporting weirdo with excruciatingly shite patter. You on a job share with that Paul Cicero nutter?
  9. Well said. A man who is tired of Gary Harkins is tired of life.
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