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  1. ha ha ha, not sure it was a question. just trying to be smart, as he probably hasn't seen dunbar this season.
  2. strangely quiet too, they were giving it big when doing well. Humedog???
  3. shipping lots of goals Pete, how's the fat guy doing? I've no doubt it's not his fault!!!
  4. try not to gag on that jerry! You're still not playing.
  5. oh gosh, a few posts on dunbar! I guess you're now looking for a dunbar thread. pap!!!
  6. Ross, if you didn't post on here no one would know that you're a total arsehole!
  7. You come over as a total clown. I don't know if you're trying to emulate your Fauldhouse mate, Kinky Afro ( an amusing poster, and quite knowledgeable). You are not funny!! Retort if you please, but you won't hear anymore from me on the subject.
  8. 1.38 is that Marvin from the scheme in Kilmarnock??
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