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  1. Why play differently? We created some really good chances. Any of those go in and it’s a different game and if we set up differently we may not create any at all. Its Real Madrid, a free hit in this group tbh
  2. Is that what it is, I couldn’t tell you. Not one to dwell on that sort of stuff, bottom line is we had our chances and didn’t take them and lost to a much better team.
  3. And to get there we had to be better than a team who reached a European final so it is a step in the right direction, And it’s Real Madrid ofc they have more gears to go through
  4. They were some team, the way they can play through a press and straight into attack was wonderful. It’s the sort of football you can only aspire to be able to play at that level. They are the benchmark
  5. We haven’t made in the group stages in 4 or 5 years. So yeah it’s a step back in the right direction and at points particularly in the 1st half we done pretty well. Like i said it’s only Real Madrid
  6. No complaints it’s up to us to raise our level, get better tactically, improve our squad and do better next time.
  7. Calm down lads they are only the best team in the world, they will destroy much better teams than us Good first half, tired in the 2nd unsurprisingly and we look rattled after then 2nd going in so quickly after the 1st. However we did have chances to go ahead so some positives to take further into the group. Just how good is Modric though genius of a player.
  8. Possibly the best and most sensible post you have ever made
  9. What do you actually want to happen here? What’s the outcome or response you are hoping to get?
  10. That was a much longer post than it needed to be but if the end result is that you f**k off then it’s a win.
  11. But yet devoid of any compassion for people based solely on what team they support. So no i don’t think it’s harsh at all
  12. I’ll just say it mate as it needs said. You can have an opinion on sectarianism, unacceptable fan behaviour and that is absolutely fine to debate it and call it out however to suggest you wouldn’t have empathy towards a child hit in the face with a coin because their parent chooses to support Celtic or Rangers just makes you a c**t. Absolute weapon of a poster
  13. Law of averages means he has to get something right at some point surely?
  14. If you think the way this team plays is the same way Rodgers set our team up at home or in Europe then you haven’t been paying attention
  15. I hope he does exactly what we did yesterday. If we try play a different game we get absolutely battered, if we play at the tempo we did yesterday and on the front foot we have a chance of getting something.
  16. doubt will here anything before Ange does his presser tomorrow
  17. Nothing wrong with imo, fans get carried away because it means something to them. So long as players and stewards aren’t hurt or subject to abuse then i see no harm done. Lots of things suck passion out of the game let fans celebrate
  18. You are allowed to give Celtic a wee bit of credit. I appreciate it may feel difficult but i promise it won’t do you any long lasting harm
  19. We just battered a team that were a bawhair away from winning the Europa League 4 months ago or isn’t that a good enough level? But like I said in my post Tuesday will show us exactly where we are
  20. Abada plays like an old fashioned inside right. He breaks his neck to get into the position where most of his goals come from and he can finish. With Abada, Jota and O’Riley we are sitting on a goldmine. As much as it pains me to even think about any of them leaving it is sadly an inevitability at this stage however even if we do our recruitment just now is spot on so. I mentioned earlier this team is better than the Rodgers team, it’s not even close imo. We aren’t at our peak, Ange himself his teams tend to peak in the 2nd half of a season so Christ knows what that will look like. Again it’s a time we just have to enjoy it as it can change quickly, Tuesday will tell us exactly where we are.
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