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  1. I know I give you this feedback quite regularly but you don’t half don’t shite and try way too hard Real Madrid will beat many teams by much more than this, they will beat many teams in the 1st half alone and will play many games where they concede few chances never mind concede chances where it was easier to score than not. Your entire existence on this forum seems to be centred around a dislike for Celtic, it’s mildly amusing
  2. No matter your opinion we were in that game for 60 mins with a chance of taking something. This game was over in 20. Not really comparable performances irrespective of score
  3. Expect a bit of rotation however at home we should be too strong 3-0
  4. Do they write them a post match script also or do some mission impossible style tomfoolery?
  5. Was the Ajax manager or players admitting that the first 20 or so minutes of the game they were just trying to survive?
  6. Klopp getting the chop in the morning!
  7. Gio under pressure here? 5 points behind in the league in the 1st week in September and back to back 4-0’s
  8. And so insightful, makes you wonder why their teams don’t take so many more points off us by changing their normal approach
  9. Our normal game saw us almost take the lead several times. We had the better chances in the first half and Maeda missed an absolute sitter. Changing our game may have saw us create f**k all and get battered anyway which is what used to happen with Brendan Rodgers. So nah I’m glad we had a go, nothing ventured and all that
  10. Like it or not football is a pyramid system at every level and unless you change the system at Uefa level and implement all of these suggestions such as revenue sharing, salary caps, limits on foreigners then it’s just blue sky thinking. We aren’t going to be getting a cut of Real Madrids revenues, we aren’t going to be given a handout by PSG, Man City aren’t going to reduce their salaries to make it fairer for us so the option presented with us is a singular one and that is use the resources at our disposal and try get better. Thats the reality and it’s the one I’ll face into with optimism. You won’t hear me say it’s pointless or meaningless or that we should just start playing our reserves
  11. We are showing ambition hence the investment in our squad this season but Rome wasn’t built in a day
  12. You say they like I have any control or say in where we play Difference is I’m not going to bitch and moan about finances because there are parts of our performance last night which were good and if we were more clinical then getting a result may have been a possibility. Glass half full mate
  13. The amount of diddies posting about finances and business plans would suggest it’s probably the reverse that’s true and using a defeat to Real as some sort of gotcha is a genuine minter Only thing that went wrong yesterday is we didn’t take our chances to give us something defend and ran out of steam against a truly world class side. That’s the level and we aren’t at that level just now but we will keep trying
  14. I’ll say it again, it is Real Madrid who are currently the best team in Europe, were you expecting us in reality to lay much of a glove on them and not be outclassed? Since we were last in this competition they have won it twice You either have a really high opinion of us or a low opinion of Real, i can’t quite figure out which
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