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  1. For the last few seasons we have been told by the Rangers fans on here that to a man Rangers players are better than ours yet you have spent so much less. Now that doesn’t seem to be the case when the wheels have fallen off.
  2. 2021 accounts would be for the season Rangers won the league 20/21 which won’t factor in a few things? Rangers players wage increases for winning the league, i imagine many of the bigger earners have that clause and that Celtic have gotten rid of many big earners such as Edouard, Ajer, Biton, Rogic, Christie, Julien who were all on a tidy wedge. So aye I wouldn’t be that surprised if there is a swing so I guess we will see December 23
  3. Morelos earns more than both Kyogo and GG combined apparently, Is that an indicator of him being the better player currently? Could probably say the same about Kent, I think he cost more and gets paid more than any Celtic winger outwith Forrest but let’s be honest he isn’t close to their level or numbers. Transfer fee is impacted by things such as length of contract outstanding also so there are a shitload of moving parts here that make it impossible to apply a single piece of logic but the fact is like us 2 seasons ago are paying a shit load of wages to players who aren’t justifying it
  4. No nothing Celtic minded and from a simple google search of a site that pulls data across many sports. We have took a lot of big earners off our wage bill in that time such as Scott Brown, Edouard etc etc which the above Swiss Ramble snapshot being 2-3 seasons out of date doesn’t capture. What they were suggesting was without bonuses Rangers spent circa 24 million a year on basic player salaries and Celtic 20 million. Bonuses will obviously change that depending on their relative successes may see the numbers tilt more in favour of Celtic being the more successful last season? However I imagine Rangers may paid out some lucrative Euro bonuses too I don’t know how accurate it is tbf however it’s the 1st one that comes up so I imagine it’s hit quite regularly. I suppose you can look for yourself to determine that but I did say reported I’m not passing it off as absolute fact and just suggesting if that is the case Rangers model isn’t working
  5. Mad to think they reportedly spend more on wages than us too by up to something around 17% - 20% depending on the source
  6. Makes more sense now and further begs the question on the Rangers board just where the f**k is the money going?
  7. You need to explain this one to me as our net spend (which in football means cost of transfers minus transfer fees recouped) since 19/20 believe it or not is around 4/5 million so really hard to have a net spend of 40 million higher than Rangers when our net spend is 10 times less than the differential you are suggesting 19/20 + 6/7 million profit - Tierney season 20/21 + 1/2 million profit 21/22 + 10/11 Million profit 22/23 - 21/22 million loss I assume you mean gross spend however that’s a bit of a false measure since it doesn’t really tell the story of how well a club do business or are are you suggesting Rangers net transfer spend is around minus £35 million?
  8. Scottish Prem a step down from the J-League? Best no let @Mr. Alli heat you say that, no better than Scottish Championship level he said when we recruited from there
  9. Looks like bear hibernation season has started. Haste ye back lads
  10. They were mocking Celtic and Bodo just a season ago with the old wifi password patter. It would be incredibly ironic however and actually a really good appointment as he is a good coach but they won’t. Kevin Muscat all the way
  11. Kevin Muscat just won the J-League with Anges old team so this for me is an absolute stick on if they can afford to lose GVB
  12. Funny old forum this. Rangers having an absolute shitemare of a week and the two who are doing the best to avoid talking about it have their sights firmly on Celtic. One of them then pretends he is a fan and the other pretends he isn’t.
  13. And I added context to why our current overall position isn’t dire, a point you deliberately and unsurprisingly missed. You also said the manager would be gone by Xmas last season and was akin to nowt more than a binman so needless to say things aren’t as dire as your previous predictions. Your other team however….
  14. I’d say you have more pressing worries that deserve your attention
  15. Hardly dire for us though eh? Top of the league 7 points clear, lots of Champions League dolla to reinvest for a crack again next year. A bit of an odd flex from you tbh all things considered
  16. We were told the same on here when we were going tonto when we scored in the last minute vs St Johnstone. However I don’t think your description is accurate as most people were going batshit.
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