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  1. Almost as bad a photoshop job as the Nick Walsh Rangers trackie effort you were taking the piss out of. But still wid
  2. Perfectly acceptable observation when interpreting the rules. Both reds imo
  3. If the Porteous tackle is a red card then so is the Lundstram one. The problem isn’t so much the tackle being a red card but more so the inconsistency of applying the rules which in this case benefitted Rangers on two occasions in the same game. Poor poor refereeing
  4. With the exception of Hearts that’s been our worst performance of the season and we took 3 points, put this awful away record to bed and restored a little bit of confidence. I’ll take it
  5. Time is running out on us being able to wrestle the title back yes but that was always a very real possibility that this would take more than 1 season. I said at the very start i would reserve judgment until end of the season, i need to stand by that however i was at peace with the possibility of us not doing it this year despite the potential consequences of us missing out on the guaranteed CL spot. Imagine if Man U had binned SAF after his shit start or City binning Pep after finishing 4th and winning f**k all in his 1st season despite spending hundreds of millions. Sometimes it just takes time
  6. I bet you probably didn’t see St Johnstone doing a cup double last season either but it happened. As i said it’s only 6 points and we have had to come through a period of significant injury to key players. There was never a guarantee we would win the league this year not one and it was always a very real possibility we would fall short however the guy has been in the job 12 weeks even the best managers in the world with all the resources in the world often don’t get it right in the 1st season
  7. Ask me again at the end of October this was always going to be the make or break month for our season with us being away to Aberdeen, Hibs and Motherwell. If we can take the full 15 then yes we have a chance.
  8. He still has to be given some time in my opinion. He’s walked into an absolute shit show from top to bottom and it’s quite clear he isn’t getting all the support and help he needs and add to that a significant amount of injuries in key positions only make the task harder. The board have backed him so they have to stick with him and would you trust them to get the next appointment right anyway? Genuinely couldn’t give a f**k about Europe this year, the league is everything and the position isn’t unrecoverable but it has to click soon or it quickly will be.
  9. Yeah 6 points behind with 31 games to play is without a doubt unrecoverable Daftie
  10. That’s not true, many Celtic fans have been questioning why despite year after year having strong youth teams they never seem to be given the chance to progress. You can probably count on one hand those who make the grade and it should be questioned as to why that is
  11. He does have a point despite how he came across. We are loosing too many games just now, aye Leverkusen are class but we also made it too easy for them with silly mistakes and blowing really good chances.
  12. It’s not Europe he will be ultimately judged on as the truth is we have been poor at this level for quite some time. Not saying that is right but it’s the way it is.
  13. Sorry what? Where have I said he is tactically brilliant? We had an apparently tactical brilliant coach who had a significantly better team than this one and yet we still shipped a shite load of goals in Europe.
  14. They are a mile better than us but we already knew that before the game even kicked off however still doesn’t change the fact we have squandered some chances in this game and gifted Leverkusen 2
  15. Hradecky has made 2 or 3 outstanding saves and Abada should have scored the rebound from the Jota shot whereas every mistake we have made has been punished. They are clinical we aren’t
  16. Both goals of our doing, we were playing pretty well up to that point. The pass for the 2nd goal was superb, they are a class act
  17. Jinky67

    FIFA 22

    if you look at Skriniar in Serie A he pretty much matches Varane in stats but is 300k less. Some value in Serie A tbh, Kessie is a beast, Chiesa is great and to see Mertens at 5k at the start of any Fifa is wild. Just made it into Div 5 and qualified for the playoffs. I'm predicting this to be painful
  18. fucking sitter that, could be costly That was Shane Duffy-esque from big Bassey
  19. Great to see Derek McInnes and Ally McCoist being welcomed at Celtic Park without any concerns for their safety. Hope they enjoy the game
  20. There hasn't been a winner of our league outwith Rangers and Celtic in 36 years. With pundits saying Celtic don't have a squad capable of challenging Rangers then what is it you think they are saying?
  21. Mate there were people saying this was done the moment Ange was appointed, you won't have to stray far from this forum to find those sort of comments
  22. There have been a few pundits essentially saying Celtic arent strong enough to mount a sustained challenge. Craig Levein and Kris Commons are 2 that spring to mind that have made comments recently
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