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  1. 12 minutes ago, LIVIFOREVER said:

    The European nights i'll give you, but domestically it must be boring as f**k watching Celtic stroll to quadruple trebles and 9 in a row with no competition even getting close to you. Admit it, without Rangers/The Rangers you'd be bored shitless all season, like you were when they died and The Rangers played in the lower leagues.

    Course you'd celebrate watching Celtic lift League trophies, but they were easy wins and you know it. Pretty embarrassing for Scottish football really, having one team dominating it winning quadruple trebles. Just imagine what it would feel like if winning a domestic trophy felt like winning a European one, because that's what it feels like for us diddies when we win a cup, in Livi's case we may never get that feeling again, whereas Celtic fans will almost certainly be guaranteed winning at least one trophy every season, yawn.....

    You know how I felt and feel now do you? 🤣

    It’s as simple as this, if I was bored when Rangers weren’t in the league I wouldn’t have renewed my season tickets but I have for 29 seasons in a row



  2. 1 hour ago, ATLIS said:

    Honestly, it's not really that obvious. Realistically how far can Celtic go? Making the knockouts once? Even then that's just going one round further in a cup. 

    I wonder if Celtic fans would have more fun in a European Super League or something where they get to constantly 'improve' and have something to strive for whereas in the domestic league they've essentially completed it. 

    The goals between lower Premiership teams/Championship teams etc are surely more exciting than Celtic maybe making it an extra round in a cup.

    Over the last 10 years I've seen Livi's goals be to survive at Championship level, fail, aim to win League 1, aim to stay in the Championship again and somehow get promoted, aim to survive in the Premiership, somehow get top 6 some seasons and now we're chasing Europe. 

    Maybe I don't get it as I'm not a Celtic fan but it just seems a little boring for there to be so little surprises over a season

    The manager made that very clear about what the plan was in many an interview and realistically how far can Celtic go? Into knockouts of the Champions League or at the very least looking to drop into the Europa and win it which has to be a realistic scenario given Rangers made that final just a season ago.

    I’ve been going to games regularly since 93/94 and in that time I’ve been to a European final, watched us beat Man U, Barcelona, Juventus and others. Saw 9 in a row and a quadruple treble and this season got to see us play in the Bernabeu. If that bores you then fair enough however I’ve had a great time and a f**k ton of memories to take to the grave 

  3. 17 hours ago, ATLIS said:

    Games, yes. Overall experience, in doubt? It's fun to watch good players go win, but to what end? What's the long term goal, or are Celtic stuck where they are having hit their ceiling?

    Again I would have thought that obvious. The long term goal is to keep improving enough that we improve our performances and be more successful in Europe

  4. 1 minute ago, ATLIS said:

    I don't imagine at the games is too boring, you're watching a dominant team. I'm more so meaning over the course of it all, I don't get how someone finds it fun. There's no mystery about the season, the highlight of the season is seeing who you get in the CL groups and then waiting to see if you mess it up enough to give Rangers a chance in the league

    So if you are happy to concede that the games aren’t boring then surely that makes them fun? We aren’t exactly playing Dyche ball and we do have a relative abundance of attacking and talented players who are entertaining to watch

  5. 9 minutes ago, ATLIS said:

    Yeah, but does it not just get boring? You go into the season knowing you'll probably going to win it anyway? There's not a lot of surprise. I'm not so much meaning embarrassed about it but Celtic fans often talk about why other teams don't try compete when there's a glaring advantage from day 1 of each season. Of course teams are going to sit in, and mainly just write the game off and be happy to get past it. 

    Apart from games once in a blue moon where Celtic are caught cold they just tend to win without much worry, is it really that fun or are Celtic fans just there in general.

    Like I already said if it was boring we wouldn’t be paying the money we do to go and support the team. Would you pay in excess of £600 for a season ticket just to be generally be there and be bored? 

  6. 7 minutes ago, ATLIS said:

    Celtic fans are awfully touchy about budgets though, never noticed it before. Does it get boring watching the richest club win nearly every trophy on offer? Not even a sniff of excitement about a good contest?

    We as fans spend a lot of money on the club, the manager spends it and we expect that to win us things. If it bored us then we wouldn’t do it would we?

    So why would we be touchy or embarrassed about how we spend our money? It’s everyone else that obsesses about it 

  7. 8 hours ago, The Wrong Car said:

    I've literally sent you a quote when Ange does talk about finances. How is he going to improve the football department without finances? Presumably the starting XI last year vs Leipzig will start the first Champions League game next year, given he won't need to use any finances to buy new players

    As I said, he's done a great job and I don't agree that he's a "lucky coach' in the sense that Celtic have brought in the money to spend, but I don't understand why some Celtic fans feel the need to portray his achievements as some kind of hard-luck, overcome by sheer effort, story. 

    I thought it was only Rangers fans who thought the club and the business were separate!

    It’s not a hard luck story however what he did inherit was a shit show with a lot of players disengaged and an eye on the exit door. He emptied them all keeping just McGregor and Taylor and still won a double, yes money helps him buy the players but to do so whilst keeping a low net spend and actually finding the right player to fit his style and embed that so quickly is testament to him as a coach and if you think that requires no effort then everyone would be able to do it.

    The Manager describes the situation well in that he doesn’t mind us being the biggest club with the biggest budget because that money comes from the fans who many of have little and decide to spend a significant portion of it on the club. His job is to not put it in the bank but to reinvest it in the thing they love. 

  8. 2 hours ago, LIVIFOREVER said:

    Yeah lowest budget in the league and he's got us sitting 4th, can see how Martindale is using excuses right enough. If Postecoglou was as good as Martindale he'd need to have Celtic getting to the semi's in the CL.

    Then it begs the questions as to if he is so good why is Martindale still at Livi and not taking a club into the semis of the CL?

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