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  1. 28 minutes ago, bennett said:


    Selling a few thousand extra tickets to old firm fans won't make much a difference to the financial gulf between the other teams and the old firm.



    16 minutes ago, pozbaird said:

    What’s your, and your bosom 2012 edition buddies home attendances when you play St Mirren, Livvy, Killie etc? What’s St Mirren’s home attendances when WE play Livvy, Killie, Ross County etc? What’s your merchandising revenue? How many overseas PPV fans in the likes of Canada or Australia do you and your brothers in arms attract? What’s your Champions League income going to be?

    Losing the minimal amount we did by papping you out of one stand is going to make about as much difference to our finances as someone pishing in the Atlantic Ocean is going to make a difference to that ocean’s pollution level.

    I was being facetious lads 👍

  2. 2 hours ago, Captain Saintsible said:

    St Mirren and their fans don’t have any problems with reducing your allocation.

    We’re all totally happy with the arrangement 

    The only folk that have a problem with it are you are your fellow Old Firm fans

    GIRFUY 😃

    Genuinely don’t have a single problem with it and I’ll continue not to have a problem with it so long as fans don’t complain about being financially disadvantaged because by deliberately reducing our allocation you are accepting you don’t need the revenue we help generate.

  3. 4 hours ago, Dons_1988 said:

    Diddy clubs won’t win the league until they give the OF as many tickets as possible. 

    This is fact and I won’t hear a word against it. 

    Or just sell more to your own supporters by reducing the ticket prices or If you are going to cut away allocations and take the hit on revenue then surely it’s even better giving away free tickets to schools, local football teams etc to try grow the fan base, maybe you do this already? 

  4. 6 hours ago, Mr. Alli said:

    He really should be able to, considering he's spent about £40m on this squad.

    He should be able to but football doesn’t always work like that hence why we love it. Upsets happen for many reasons but they do happen often irrespective of squad sizes or spend. Our first loss in the league for a year, that isn’t half bad so the amount of knicker wetting going on about it is rather funny.

    So it’s a day where St Mirren got everything right on a day we weren’t on it, fair fucks to them but we move on and let’s see how we respond against Motherwell however I imagine it will be a positive one but we have no god given right to win any game just by turning up


  5. 22 minutes ago, DA Baracus said:

    Just seen the highlights on Sportscene.

    Some defending by Celtic. Two pretty much unmarked headers at the back post for both goals.

    The 2nd especially, to lose a goal from what was essentially a long throw into the box was really poor. Did look like a small push on Welsh but he should be much much stronger than that so it’s really poor from him also goes to show just how important CCV is to us.

    The disappointing thing from our point of view is we didn’t really threaten even when we changed things up and I can’t really remember a really good chance that we had so have to credit St Mirren for that. 


  6. 9 minutes ago, woolf said:

    You’re a wee scoundrel jinky,I know dignity isn’t quite your thing as your a bigot.I’m pretty chuffed your team got battered today.I spent the afternoon with some of your fellow bigots in Palma Nova,most of the crowd were blasé about the match until the disrespect started.All of whom got the obligatory kicking,was a throw back to my younger days and I’m now in the dog house with my missus 😔


  7. A reality check now and then is no bad thing and it definitely gives a clear indicator of what our best 11 is.

    Well played St Mirren though who showed just how you can play and win against the bigger teams they got their tactics spot on, played to their strengths and most importantly were brave to capitalise on us having an off day.

    Going to be a long few weeks

  8. 4 minutes ago, Grangemouth Bairn said:

    Without Jota, Hatate and O’Riley you really lack creativity. But credit to St Mirren. Both tactically and in effort and application they’ve been very good.

    Problem is midfield, not moving the ball fast enough. Mooy and Turnbull slow the game down too much, neither press as well as Hatate or O’Riley either. Swapping in 1 is fine but not both

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