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  1. I wasn’t there Benny I was in the Kerrydale after the game then back to the local for a party.
  2. Great day and night yesterday. Aberdeen clearly couldn’t be arsed however it was good to see us play something that resembled our normal and now to look forward to the cup final. On a side note pleasing to see Spurs not make Europe which makes that job seem at least a tad less attractive however the manager does seem to value legacy so still positive he’s the man in charge next season but I guess we will know better after the final. Well done to the Ghirls too
  3. Last 3 games we have lost 2 and a drew 1 which is a couple of poor results and I’m not quite seeing what you suggest will happen. Sounds like wishful thinking
  4. He will leave at some point that is inevitable however he doesn’t strike me as a man that would work well with Daniel Levy. It effectively needs someone to be Levy’s puppet which is why so many are turning it down I also don’t think the Spurs faithful would be too pleased bringing in a manager from the Scottish Leagues considering their current predicament. I’m not too worried tbf
  5. You can’t wait for him to go can you? He lives completely rent free in that empty vessel of a skull of yours
  6. Yeah just a double won at a relative canter and a treble possible. He should clearly be doing better
  7. I get the fact we are protecting players for the final however we have been utter pish since Motherwell. In danger of going into this final with confidence shot to shit
  8. Stating that we didn’t start this season or last season as favourites is accurate and the singular reference to Rangers is giving context as to why. 1 sentence is hardly going on about it
  9. Interesting take this mate. We won the league with 5 games to spare and a 13 point gap which is significantly earlier than last season. The results after the job is done is hardly indicative of anything really. But if you are proud of your team then fair enough but that also suggests a significant slip of the standards you are now willing to accept
  10. Yeah there are far too many of these completely out of sync scorecards in big fights these days. It makes the full think look amateurish.
  11. Just watched this and I don’t agree with that decision at all. Very very harsh on Loma imo
  12. You couldn’t have picked a more apt name as you are an absolute weapon.
  13. It’s the peak of First Communion season and there were a lot of them yesterday, I wasn’t there either nor have I seen any of the game. The first home league game I’ve missed this season as my son was fighting in the 02 in Edinburgh so I don’t know if the attendance was down or not but it was that is probably why.
  14. Unfortunately I can’t comment on the termination of Mr Souness
  15. You have nailed it tbf, I work in Livi with quite a lot of Rangers fans, normally I would dread going in after a derby loss even during covid when we were at home it was murder. Tomorrow not so much as the Espanyolification of them this season is pretty much complete.
  16. It’s rather ironic that you are going down the heids are gone route when it’s you that has taken a post that was clearly me taking the piss way too literally. But like I said keep doing you brother
  17. No you don’t know and that isn’t the reason why I support my team. As someone else pointed out you seem to want to tell us what we should be thinking and feeling, it’s all but third reichy for my liking but you keep doing you mate
  18. Too soon to say I don’t really care about your workings out?
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