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  1. Should you really be laughing at anyone this weekend?
  2. You may think it’s cliched but it also happens to be very true in this case. This isn’t the first time where finishing has been really poor and you just can’t keep squandering chances the way we do, it will cost us especially in Europe, tbf it already has in the Shakthar game. The Jura free kick and Hatate hit off the post are just unlucky and on another day they go in but the Kyogo, McGregor and Abada misses in particular are poor especially considering none of these sitters actually hit the target.
  3. And yet nowhere near the most embarrassing thing to happen in the league this weekend
  4. But yet there isn’t a single keeper in the league I’d be happy to replace him with, the only one I’d have considered is the one we bought and is currently his understudy.
  5. I doubt it came to mind without some help from google however yes mate keepers make mistakes from time to time but the fact remains Harts contribution to us has been hugely positive more often than not.There is a valid argument to suggest Jura was just as culpable for that mistake. But crack on with the pile on i’m sure it serves necessary distraction from that embarrassing shitshow you put on yesterday.
  6. I don’t watch Hearts regularly so can only share my experiences of Gordon and he made a number of mistakes and notable ones, the fact I can still remember them 5+ years later should tell you the abundance of them. But keepers make mistakes even the very very best of them but Hart has made some outstanding saves for us and has gained us many more points then he has lost us.
  7. Aye cause big Craig Gordon never has a howler The one against RB Salzburg is one of the worst I’ve ever seen, then you have Fenerbache….in fact yeah I’ll just stop there or this could be a long post
  8. It was avoidable in the sense that Hatate shouldn’t be playing that pass however he did and left McGregor with only 1 option
  9. I wasn’t looking for excuses as to why tbh so you really could have stopped after the first sentence
  10. Surely to f**k he doesn’t actually think Motherwell deserved anything from the game?
  11. I don’t think Motherwell could have had too many complaints if we scored 3 or 4 more tbh
  12. Really should have been much more comfortable than it was. Rattled the woodwork a few times and squandered a few sitters, most Motherwell chances came from our own mistakes rather than their good play. 3 points….job done
  13. Seems to, he should know better however he is an idiot so comes as little surprise.
  14. Genuinely don’t have a single problem with it and I’ll continue not to have a problem with it so long as fans don’t complain about being financially disadvantaged because by deliberately reducing our allocation you are accepting you don’t need the revenue we help generate.
  15. Or just sell more to your own supporters by reducing the ticket prices or If you are going to cut away allocations and take the hit on revenue then surely it’s even better giving away free tickets to schools, local football teams etc to try grow the fan base, maybe you do this already?
  16. He should be able to but football doesn’t always work like that hence why we love it. Upsets happen for many reasons but they do happen often irrespective of squad sizes or spend. Our first loss in the league for a year, that isn’t half bad so the amount of knicker wetting going on about it is rather funny. So it’s a day where St Mirren got everything right on a day we weren’t on it, fair fucks to them but we move on and let’s see how we respond against Motherwell however I imagine it will be a positive one but we have no god given right to win any game just by turning up
  17. The 2nd especially, to lose a goal from what was essentially a long throw into the box was really poor. Did look like a small push on Welsh but he should be much much stronger than that so it’s really poor from him also goes to show just how important CCV is to us. The disappointing thing from our point of view is we didn’t really threaten even when we changed things up and I can’t really remember a really good chance that we had so have to credit St Mirren for that.
  18. Give your head a wobble. Between this and the other pish you have posted your time here is likely to be a short one….thank f**k
  19. I don’t even get why you would even try leverage such a thing when all that was happening was some pretty mild and friendly banter.
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