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  1. Jinky67

    FIFA 22

    Tons of hype around him, just can’t fit him in my team
  2. Jinky67

    FIFA 22

    Finished Rank 2 with 2 games to spare. Had a fucking shocking start at 1-5 so done well to recover. Rewards were shite though
  3. And what do i have to gain from talking bollocks? We bent your team over with no fuss whatsoever so the number of players on the park would have made no difference to the outcome. It was still a fucking shocker but then that just sums up Motherwell from yesterday. We move on
  4. You should have felt right at home then considering that’s pretty much the norm around Forgewood/Muirhouse/North Motherwell etc.
  5. Then you saw the tackle on Turnbull in real time without the benefit of a replay so it may have looked ok at the time from your vantage point. Watching it on stream however where it was replayed a number of times you can see it’s a bad tackle and not too dissimilar from the Porteous one a couple of weeks back. He should have walked and at the very least been given a yellow which meant he would have walked later.
  6. I take it you didn’t listen to Alexanders post match comments then?
  7. Henrik Larsson - the man was just phenomenal so no explanation necessary Kenny Dalglish - Greatest Scottish player to play the game? A genius of a footballer Jimmy Johnstone - who doesn’t want to be entertained?
  8. By reading the above then and you thinking Kyogo made a foul in the lead up to the first goal despite making contact with the ball you then agree Mugabi should have seen a red for the tackle on Turnbull?
  9. If the ref had done his job properly you wouldn’t have had 11 on the park by this point so in all fairness the ref has done you a favour by ensuring you aren’t a key player down for your next game.
  10. St Johnstone. Like Motherwell it’s been about 5 years since they last beat us. Been a few draws though
  11. Same place we have been for the last 5 years mate
  12. This the back line that stopped the high flying well from registering a single shot on target?
  13. You could probably use one though, can’t imagine you have many with patter this shite.
  14. Couldn’t paint a red neck on you mate so i’m sure you will be ok. The Mugabi tackle on Turnbull is a shocker as was the decision not to give Motherwell a penalty
  15. Might want to look again. Your bravado was amusing though, now you’re just mid table pish again
  16. Sure i read something about him doing some light training however could be wrong. Hopefully see Julien get some game time before the end of the month
  17. No injuries from the International break and all of our previously injured players now back in training there is some reason for optimism. Need these 3 points so only a win will do, 3-1 Celtic
  18. No we just know what it’s like to achieve something great which we can relate to
  19. You are right, the 2 richest clubs in Scotland being schooled by St Johnstone and Calum Davidson in the art of winning trophies is quite funny
  20. They did however could you remind me how many trophies he won since being appointed in the shower?
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