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  1. Has he? Quite possible to be fair he must be getting on a bit now. He has the perfect opportunity with the Champions League coming up to show what he can do so hopefully he does well and gets an opportunity in the future but this years World Cup would be too soon imo
  2. I’m pretty sure there will be a rousing rendition of Willie Maley so your hopes are most likely to be dashed
  3. Yes because points look much better in the trophy cabinet than the actual trophies themselves
  4. I don’t think he would have expected to have made that squad no matter where he played considering he is uncapped at that level and they have already tons of options such as Leao, Diogo Jota, Quaresma, Martins etc etc.
  5. Got my first season ticket in 93/94 ironically the season we almost went under and it cost £80. I’ve had one every season since and it’s never been a difficult decision, the only difficulty these days is getting my hands on more
  6. At least they buy a season ticket. I’d be much more inclined to agree with you if that wasn’t the case and they just turned up for semis, cup finals and derbies. I would have been much more annoyed if my club say sold around 12500 season tickets every season yet can easily sell out half of Hampden.
  7. 95/96 was the season we came back to Celtic Park after a season at Hampden so attendances were always going to go up as fans were naturally curious as to how the stadium looked and if Fergus would keep his promise to invest in players once the stadium was back open and yes we won the Scottish Cup but we were rank fucking rotten in the league. But imagine fans coming to a game with the excitement that they may win something?
  8. Attendances went up dramatically after Fergus redeveloped in the 90’s ironically in a time when we were absolute dugshite so kinda goes against the glory hunting logic.
  9. Excellent result in the end. Great to see big Jenz get the goal, Jota again the man making the difference
  10. That was class, if this is what United are capable of it’s going to be a c**t of a place to go this season, Levitt looks like an absolute baller. Great to see a big crowd there too
  11. Don’t need to be an expert mate just basic literacy to be able to type into google and then read the results
  12. Read the IFAB laws for 22/23 and there is nothing that suggests it isn’t a pen. Seen a lot of people post last seasons laws referencing a deflection off a team mate however there is no such reference this season. That’s not me saying it’s not harsh but by the letter of the law it’s a pen
  13. No more or less harsh than the Kent one given against Red Star. Firmly in the seen them given category for me
  14. You say horrific penalty call however current IFAB laws 22/33 suggest it’s the right call.
  15. Yep we are a supportive bunch always looking to pick up those who are struggling. Well played you for recognising that
  16. You lot wanted VAR and were quite happy to accept all the VAR decisions that went your way last season so need to accept the ones that don’t go your way
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