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  1. Honestly no. Scales, Montgomery or Bolingoli wouldn’t have won that game today. Having a striker fit and capable of leading the line, running in behind and being able to convert chances from 3 yards would have.
  2. With the number of players we have rotated possibly however i’d like to think no he wouldn’t but there were quite a few games last year where we created absolutely nothing. We are creating chances we just completely squander them However in fairness to Lennon the one thing Ange and he have in common is the backroom team and it’s looking as if the decision to keep on Kennedy, Strachan etc may be a costly one. Time will tell
  3. The seeds for this were sown long ago or do you think Celtic looked good last season? And tbf Lennon did sign Ajeti That miss ffs
  4. To hit the woodwork 3 times is bad luck, we got lucky with the penalty, the Ajeti miss is unacceptable. Worrying run of results, another injury and the squad is already thread bare. Still early days but not looking great
  5. No if i wanted to say that, that’s exactly what i would say
  6. Where is the whatboutery? A reason has been offered you just don't like the answers given
  7. And maybe there isn't a good enough reason for you and that's understandable but it doesn't mean you just start making reasons up
  8. No fans were allowed into CP before Rangers pulled allocation so yeah your logic fails here
  9. What if the season ticket holders don’t want to move? They paid for their seat so they are entitled to sit in it. There is an answer to the problem by looking at what ST holders havent purchased a ticket for the game and moving them from the red zone to those seats not taken up by ST holders to open up the usual away section. However that’s me making an assumption with knowing if their are any other issues doing that but I’m sure it’s a little more complex than just some minor admin as most Celtic fans would. And as mentioned UEFA don’t make clubs have away fans or we would have had an allocation in Betis.
  10. Home league games ST ticket holders have to be relocated due to the red zone and it becomes impossible to allocate a section to away fans as those from the main stand have to be allocated to that section. Yes there are empty spaces but that’s due to ST holders not turning up for one reason or another. The cup game is different as it’s on the Home Cup Ticket Scheme so they should be able to tell how many tickets have been sold to those usually relocated from the red zone into seats where ST holders have opted out and then don’t put tickets on general sale for the usual section we allocate for away fans. As for the game itself we have to bounce back with a comprehensive win, hopefully see Giakoumakis make his debut
  11. We will definitely need to break from the usual plan this season if we are to change our fortunes. This is where i expect us to recruit more from Japan and to then try get more commercial revenue from those markets. We now have a Japanese twitter since Kyogo signed and whilst that alone wont make a massive difference every penny helps
  12. I'm aware of that however we are starting this financial year with a 13-15 million pound profit from transfers and around an additional 22-25 million uplift in match day revenue over the course of the year. With the signings of Kyogo and to an extent bringing in Ange may see a decent boost in commercial revenue from Asian markets. We also didn't take out any soft loans that we need to pay back either so actually this could have been a hell of a lot worse
  13. Potentially however Covid has reduced most clubs turnover by an easy 20% so i dont think Celtic are in this boat alone. What we will also see a boost from is that additional £22 million + revenue drop in match day and commercial revenue come back into the coffers that is assuming we retain the ability to have fans in stadiums. To come out of Covid with £16mil plus in the bank and significant loan facilities if required is alright. I'm pretty curious to see Rangers numbers though. They posted a £16 million loss of for the year ending 2020 and that was after a cracking Europa League run. Considering no match day revenue for a full season on top of that and no player sales of any substantial value it's looking like Rangers need the Champions League to get close to breaking even. The rumours were there was a £20 odd million deficit that needed to be plugged by end of this season are we expecting something like a 20-25 million loss?
  14. Only sell on fees would be for Edouard and Hendry i believe. If we take a mid value reported of 15 mil for Edouard (heard everything from 13-20 million based on whose reporting and add-ons) the sell on fee to PSG is around £2.4 million so you are still looking at enough net profit from transfers to mitigate most of not all of the current loss. Our transfer business this season in terms of bringing in higher fees than expected for Ajer and Edouard have certainly made things look healthier than they could have been
  15. There is still an overall net profit on transfers to the tune of 13-15 million depending on who is reporting the figures which essentially mitigates the loss. With fans back match day revenue and commercial revenue should start to increase significantly and allow us to continue investing in the squad come January
  16. Why? A significant loss was expected. Match day and commercial revenue dropped by around 22 million due to Covid and no fans I’m surprised it wasn’t more and considering we are about 12-15 million in profit from transfers this season it doesn’t look that bad
  17. No Thursday night European away game and at home Easy 6-0
  18. No away win in the league for over 7 months so aye tricky i think covers it
  19. We have a really tough October away to Aberdeen, Hibs and i think Motherwell. Rangers get their tricky period in December with a few big away games finishing away to us. We need to keep pace till then mind you
  20. I was alluding to you already concluding what our final Europa League position will be and us loosing a heap more games domestically. Care to put a number on heaps for us?
  21. We haven’t been good playing away for almost a year now. Not a win away in the league since the 14th of Feb which is embarrassing, we can’t dress that up any other way. A large part of that comes down to us being very 1 dimensional in our attacking play away from home even more so if we go behind. I thinks thats also the reason we have brought in Giakoumakis who when fit hopefully offers us a very different striker than what we have had in recent years, really physical and seems to be a decent aerial threat. As poor as we were though I thought Livi were really good. Some finish for the goal and the keeper made good saves at big moments. I imagine it will give Livi the confidence to kick on and I can’t complain about the result at all
  22. What’s the suggestion here that I’m being pedantic, nonspecific, riled or all 3? You might need to help a brother out here
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