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  1. I’m now even more convinced it’s not a yellow. A handball deliberate or not is only a yellow if it stops a promising attack. It’s too far away from the goal, there are a significant number of defenders behind the ball and it’s in a wide area. Yeah the ball is going forward but that in itself isn’t enough. If that happens more centrally and 10-15 yards further forward you may have a case but nah not for me
  2. neither were deliberate handballs imo so why would the outcome differ?
  3. In isolation then possibly yes but that isn’t the point which you have failed to acknowledge The point is he failed to book a player for the exact same thing earlier that half so how can he then book Bitton? Would that not evidence inconsistency with a referees decision making because if 1 player is on a yellow it doesn’t automatically make it more of an offence does it? But none of you care or remember the O’Riley one because he wasn’t on a yellow so there is no advantage gained. You either want the refs to be consistent or you don’t
  4. So you complain about whataboutery to then go on and indulge in whataboutery
  5. You didn’t take note because he wasn’t on a yellow already if he was you would be wanting him off like you are Bitton. But if he didn’t book O’Riley how can he then possibly give Bitton a 2nd yellow for pretty much the same thing?
  6. Not talking about the penalty. A handball was given against O’Riley early in the second half in the middle of the park. Foul given but no booking but no one is batting an eyelid because he wasn’t on a yellow card. Same offence both no bookings so you could say the ref was consistent in his decision making You can argue it’s the wrong decision but then you would have inconsistency in how refs apply the rules and treating the same offence with a different outcome
  7. I don’t think there is anything clear about it tbh, could easily have been his chest or his arm from that view so you may have got away with one there but also can’t blame the ref as his view is blocked by 2 players so he can’t give anything
  8. Wouldn’t that be 98 times out of 100 considering both players weren’t booked for the exact same offence?
  9. Because the referee clearly decided it wasn’t a deliberate handball.
  10. Of course you wouldn’t you are the sort who is quite happy to use the most sordid of subjects as forum ammo and revel in it.
  11. I’ll take winning every game by a bawhair from here till May However it should have been over by half time
  12. Another game where performance levels dropped massively in the 2nd half. Bitton needs to be taken off he is a stick on for red
  13. Is there a book running on what time the Rangers penalty is given yet? Put me down for the 81st minute
  14. As good a 1st half we have produced away all season especially considering who is out. Hopefully we don’t see the same drop off in performance in the 2nd half like has happened in a few games where we have looked comfortable, would like to see us go for the throat
  15. It’s funny because you completely ignore the absolute shite defending that allowed the ball to be put into him in the first place. Balances out the Abada one incorrectly chopped off on day 1
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