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  1. RIP, we were on the receiving end of his brilliance many times. 58 is no age at all
  2. The Souza fella if we can get him seems to fit that mould.
  3. For a Scottish football fan? Why not? Football history and trivia is quite interesting however if your knowledge is limited to your own club then cool. If no one gave a shit no one would be asking questions Dandies seem to like asking questions
  4. Celtic have announced today they have sold out so that’s around 53,000
  5. July 1st and the business that matters is pretty much done or being done For me another decent centre back and possibly another midfielder and that would conclude a strong window
  6. The thought of him and Bernabei down that left hand side
  7. Our first game was against Rangers so commemorates our first game. I thought that was common knowledge, I guess not
  8. Yeah i love these sort of kits, minimalist and classy
  9. Yeah as it was paying hommage to one of the kits from the early 1900's, 1905 or something like that. The third kit had the logo in the same position and that one was hommage to the first kit we wore against Rangers in 1888, cracking kit too may in my opinion. the yellow boots ruin the picture and look however
  10. Poor @G51 you would think he would be more concerned with the fact his team don't seem to have a current policy in place to sign anyone no matter the nationality. In other news in seems the deal to send the treble winning and league cup winning goalscorer Christopher Julien to Schalke has broken down.
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