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  1. That was 8-9 years ago so seems a bit unfair to hold that against him especially after how well he done at Bournemouth thereafter.
  2. I’ve read that article and like I said there is nothing in there that directly quotes DD or indeed PL nor does it reference exactly who the source is. The only thing I do know to be true is they committed to give the fans the outcome and there has been no communication between them and the fans other than to apologise for the Dubai shit show As for is he fixes it who can be sure? There is an ever increasing likelihood Gerrard would be poached before Howe though
  3. 1. The league is all but over so it would give him an opportunity to start shaping a squad in his own image without the Sword of Damocles hanging over him 2. If neither have involvement in the first team then moving to other roles should have no impact on Howe. 3. Desmond has been completely silent, I’ve not see a single direct quote this season from him and furthermore the Celtic SLO has already confirmed there was a commitment to get back to fans in the outcome of the review which hasn’t happened yet. it could also be utter pish, I guess time will tell
  4. Hopefully it has legs leg then. Howe wouldn’t be my 1st choice but my 1st choice wouldn’t touch us with a barge pole in all likelihood. However if it has to be Howe then I’d be quite happy with that if he does indeed bring his own coaching staff, it’s a necessity
  5. Rumour is ...... Dermot Desmonds son will be joining the board of directors imminently paving the way for PL to stand down at the end of the season Lennon will step after Wednesday night and Howe will be in. Kennedy will move to a football operations role and Strachan will be moved to the U23’s I don’t know how much truth is in this however I’m just hoping for some change at this stage, we all accept the league is gone however another 4/5 months of watching this can’t be happening
  6. There is a story which I think Andy Walker wrote about that highlights the difference in mentality and how far in my option we have allowed ourselves to slip. When Billy McNeil was still in charge of Celtic, the players were due to fly out to Spain for some r&r and some training after an Old Firm game. We lost, Billy cancelled the trip and gave the money to a local school instead.
  7. In part yes, Fergus wasn’t motivated by stopping Rangers win 10 in a row it wasn’t the priority, building the stadium and not spending beyond our means was. Don’t get me wrong we signed some cracking players Di Canio, Cadete, PvH, Larsson during his time but many left because he wouldn’t cave to salary demands. Sadly it took the collapse of Rangers in 2012 for his approach to be vindicated and for the penny to finally drop with the fans who didn’t like him. A very clever and shrewd man, had the opportunity to meet him once at a wedding inside the No7 suite at Celtic Park a few years back. He was pretty witty but carried an aura that he wasn’t to be fucked with, even after he retired
  8. To an extent however Fergus was very very clear about his intentions, what he was going to do and when he would leave and what he would be leaving us with. A club with no debt, strong foundations and a new stadium. Once that was done he was gone after delivering what he said he would in the time he said it would take to allow the club to flourish under better leadership we had known with the Kelly/White dynasty If motivated by only his own interests he would have stayed much much longer to profit from the successes that were to come. If nothing else he was at least transparent even if at the time many Celtic fans didn’t like it or indeed get it. The current incumbent and their decision making is extremely questionable, there is no transparency and there is no plan
  9. He has no shame, Celtic essentially is run by 1 person and 1 person alone. Dermot Desmond is completely absent so essentially Lawell can and will do what the f**k he wants because there is no one at Celtic willing to stand up and be counted. He moves from one PR disaster to the next destroying our reputation, our season and any good faith with the fans but also with the rest of Scottish football. When Fergus rescued Celtic I’m sure he never invisioned a scenario where Celtic once again would be run again by someone who really only cares for his own self interests.
  10. Not to mention this video was released on the same day the p***k furloughed the U18’s. That 300k spent on a Dubai trip that will cost us millions in the longer term would have been better spent and more appreciated keeping these boys playing football. He’s a vile human being, utterly reprehensible.
  11. Watched the statement and it’s disingenuous nonsense, this man is the epitome of victim mentality. To call the criticism unfair? f**k off Peter. Whats also obvious with the lack of questioning about the way forward is that COVID is the hill he has chosen to allow this season to die on and I’m glad most Celtic fans are reacting in a similar way to me and calling this out for the utter patronising pish that it is. We are completely detached from the club that we once were or the values we stood for.
  12. He would have done a better job than Wayne that’s for sure
  13. Feel like I’ve woken up in 93 such is the level of fuckwittery happening at Celtic. Half expected to see Wayne Biggins on the team sheet
  14. Considering the risks taken to go to Dubai you would think we might have done some work defending set pieces. Nah....pub
  15. Well done Celtic, just when I thought with the Dubai trip we couldn’t make ourselves look anymore fucking hapless you seem to find another level.
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