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  1. Same place we have been for the last 5 years mate
  2. This the back line that stopped the high flying well from registering a single shot on target?
  3. You could probably use one though, can’t imagine you have many with patter this shite.
  4. Couldn’t paint a red neck on you mate so i’m sure you will be ok. The Mugabi tackle on Turnbull is a shocker as was the decision not to give Motherwell a penalty
  5. Might want to look again. Your bravado was amusing though, now you’re just mid table pish again
  6. Sure i read something about him doing some light training however could be wrong. Hopefully see Julien get some game time before the end of the month
  7. No injuries from the International break and all of our previously injured players now back in training there is some reason for optimism. Need these 3 points so only a win will do, 3-1 Celtic
  8. No we just know what it’s like to achieve something great which we can relate to
  9. You are right, the 2 richest clubs in Scotland being schooled by St Johnstone and Calum Davidson in the art of winning trophies is quite funny
  10. They did however could you remind me how many trophies he won since being appointed in the shower?
  11. Almost as bad a photoshop job as the Nick Walsh Rangers trackie effort you were taking the piss out of. But still wid
  12. Perfectly acceptable observation when interpreting the rules. Both reds imo
  13. If the Porteous tackle is a red card then so is the Lundstram one. The problem isn’t so much the tackle being a red card but more so the inconsistency of applying the rules which in this case benefitted Rangers on two occasions in the same game. Poor poor refereeing
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