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  1. Fair result, Wales have been rank. Lovely finish for the 2nd
  2. Mate you are trying to fight me on a point I didn’t make, I didn’t say Ange found him out did I? I said we never got a chance to find out but you are insistent that I’m somehow backing that claim up and determined that I join that particular line of discussion. It’s a complete moot point because of the short time they were competing against other The only reason I commented on the 4 point remark is because of our previous conversation on it when ironically context was much less important to you, that is what I’m poking fun at
  3. You sure about that? You were trying to fight me to get me to agree to a point someone else made and I wasn’t really referencing or really care about The only claim I made was that Gerrard was underperforming when he left Rangers which you actually did agree with I just found using the 4 point gap as some sort of leverage in that argument a bit of a fallacy. I get the current Rangers situation and uninspiring incoming Beale appointment leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth so I can forgive you for being a little all over the place. Ange the Binman
  4. The Baby Jock quips are a bit confusing, it’s almost as if you aren’t aware Ange Postecoglou is older than what Jock Stein was when he left in ‘78
  5. You made the point about the 4 points Gerrard was ahead when he left, I quoted you poking a little bit of fun at that because it masks that Gerrard wasn’t actually performing well last season hence the fun fact reply to just that singular point. You made the remark so how can me picking up on it be unrelated? Am I only allowed to reply to you if I’m prepared to address every single part of your post or have I just to acknowledge just the parts you want me to?
  6. Good to know I’m hitting my mark. On the topic of contribution it’s also good to see some of you coming out of hiding
  7. Neither of which I did. Me saying we never got the chance to see should have given you a clue as to my opinion on it. I’ll try be more obvious next time since plain English doesn’t work
  8. I quoted your post where you made several points. I picked up on one of them which was regarding the 4 point gap when Gerrard left so I don’t need to agree because it wasn’t the point I was interested in addressing so I did kind of ignore it in the first instance. My other reply was more of a courtesy but honestly I don’t really care if you think Gerrard was found out by Ange or not, we all know how the season ended You seem to need people to agree with you however
  9. Where did I defend it? The only allusion I have made towards that point is that we didn’t get the chance to see.
  10. We never really got the chance to see. The 1 game they played Celtic too had a depleted squad still full of some players who had chucked it and wanted out. Not really an indicator of how the season would pan out if he stayed. What is going under the radar though is Gerrard was underperforming last season despite him having a lead when he left
  11. Fun fact: When Gerrard left Rangers after 13 league games last season he was only 1 point better than GVB after the same number of games this season, who you have now binned. Being just 4 points ahead of a Celtic team making their worst start to a season in almost 30 years i don’t think is one for the CV.
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