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  1. Not for us to decide what happens next if the SPFL decide to end the season now im certain Celtic will be awarded the league and be champions, if it goes 38 games I’m certain Celtic will be champions having more points.
  2. Regardless of context I believe Celtic will win the league wether that be 30 games or 38.
  3. Maybe I was ignoring you? But my argument isn’t that Celtic have won but that Celtic should be awarded the league title and I don’t really see a good enough reason not to.
  4. Nope just a flippant comment based on the fact I don’t think (hope) they make top 6.
  5. You missed the point on my feelings and your opinion. And an ignoramus would have ignored you, I quite enjoy the argument if and when you decide to bring one
  6. Just an opinion. One that may bite me on the arse but an opinion nonetheless
  7. Lucky for me then I don’t really give much of a f**k about your opinion then, so I’ll crack on with my argument 🤙
  8. I don’t actually disagree with the money being split to be fair. I think as a gesture it would be the correct thing to do
  9. Yes It’s completely inconceivable that we would drop any more points against Livingston since we have played them on 3 occasions and they won’t make the top 6.
  10. Rangers have also lost to Celtic this season and dropped points to Aberdeen, Hearts, Hamilton and St Johnstone so it’s just as plausible if not more so Rangers would also drop points so a bit of a moot point really.
  11. If that’s the case I’ll concede the point and stand corrected but how can prize money be paid when the final rankings aren’t known? The maximum that could be paid to any team by April is £1.12 million since that’s the reward for finishing 12th? Which means 11 other clubs would be indeed missing out on much needed revenue surely
  12. Well I can because in the balance of probability Rangers based on form won’t win 27 points out of 27 and Celtic based on current form won’t take 13 from a possible 24. The integrity of the league must be upheld, this the new we don’t do walking away or the Rangers are coming. Get that on a t-shirt pronto before it becomes much needed toilet paper. But since you mention integrity again does the results of the previous 30 matches hold less value than the next 8 fixtures where results are undetermined? The fact is the SPFL can end the season now if they wish as its otherwise determined by the board. That doesn’t undermine sporting integrity in the slightest as the notion of 38 games must being played is superseded by the above point. If UEFA get involved then that precedent has all ready been set. I’d quite happily put any sum of money on this being simply a formality and look forward to the explosion, threats of legal action and our Govan neighbours going tonto like it’s 2012. Worst case scenario is that the remaining games get played, Celtic will in all probability win the league. A point pretty much conceded by all sane Rangers men as quoted by your fellow bear just some posts ago
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