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  1. Transfer gossip is a bit of a stretch more like who do we lose free and get f**k all to spend on transfers gossip.
  2. It’s the ref being criticised not Celtic, we don’t have any control over those. Maybe you could give some tips?
  3. If the shoe is on the other foot then that’s exactly the accusation lobbied and the majority of you would pile on. It can’t be one rule for us and a different one for you. Ultimately the ref had a howler yesterday which would have been worse if not for VAR but only he can explain why he decided to give that 2nd yellow. The majority of Celtic fans are also a bit bemused by it. The CCV I can only assume it was because he was preventing a possible goal scoring chance whereas the Starfelt one the player was running away from goal to the ball but I’m making a rather large assumption here. I’m surprised to see someone complain about the first yellow however it seemed a bit of a naughty one but I only saw that one in real time
  4. There are lots of decisions that don’t go our way or are overturned like today and we also get some in our favour like today.
  5. So in summary when decisions go in your favour the other fans are unhappy and claim bias or cheating. Not exactly a way of thinking exclusive to our fans judging by this thread,
  6. Have i somehow suggested we should have? Apart from the very harsh 2nd yellow given I’m really unsure to what other decision went in our favour which wasn’t right to give?
  7. Good 3 points in the end. Oh took his goal well. The less said about McLean the better he is fucking hopeless.
  8. Not reading much into that tbf, City can do that to just about anyone when they click and the Feyernoord one is just a freak result like the Liverpool/Man U game the other week.
  9. If the worst case scenario is the status quo remains then I’m probably much more at peace with that than you. Sorry.
  10. If the structure of such a Pan-European set-up afforded us opportunity to bridge a gap to the big boys then I’m open to it. I trust success would come I’ve said before I’d even consider a path into the English Championship
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