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  1. Going to have to disagree a little, I understand the progress made in Europe but Rangers only won 3 of their first 7 league games under Gerrard so 11 points from the 21 available isn’t exactly getting results straight away and let’s be honest it will be league performances Ange will be judged on first and foremost.
  2. Yeah some of the media are starting to backtrack a little. I saw Stephen McGowan also apologise to fans for calling them entitled when they started protesting last season and now suggesting they maybe weren’t angry enough.
  3. The annual James McCarthy rumours surfacing and seem to be gathering some momentum now he’s he’s available on a free, I’d normally be against this one but Soro isn’t the answer in that position and McCarthy seems to be never off the treatment table but with the way things are going Gary Cahill also just left Palace on a free 🤔
  4. What they are best at wasn't very good either tbf 😂 No i don't blame him for trying to play the way he wants as the long term benefit should hopefully see better results, the players who are in his plans will be used to the system and those coming in to fit should be able to get up to speed quicker. He needs help, he needs to be able to bring in what he needs in terms of players and staff and have that backing from the board and fans. As much as it pains me to say Gerrard kind of done the same thing and took him 2 seasons to build the squad to fit his system and because Rangers fans backed him they are seeing the benefit, we need to kind of do the same f**k me that stung
  5. Indeed and in 1 season St Johnstone won more major trophies than Rangers have in the last 10 🤷‍♂️
  6. The old Celts for Change days some of my earliest memories of going to the fitba, to stand in a protest and give pelters to the Kelly’s. Did say last year it was starting to feel reminiscent of those days seems i may have been right.
  7. Ntcham is off. Unclear if sold or been released but he was at the OM game yesterday and just put a statement in his IG.
  8. I haven’t seen many fans lay it on Ange thankfully because he’s been given a very very tough job to do, the board on the other hand are absolutely culpable with regards to not bringing in a manager fast enough, not having a structure in place regarding recruitment that can help him and the pace at which we are bringing in players for key positions all of which were positions we knew needed sorted last November. There can be no excuses as far as they are concerned. You can see what he’s trying to do with regards to shape of the team and style of play but to embed that it is going to take time and of course the players to execute it. I do like the guy and willing him to do well however going into Thursdays qualifier in the back of 2 defeats doesn’t bode well
  9. Agree with most of what you say, the decision to play both Starfelt and Bitton was probably 2 fold, firstly as the 2 young lads played 120 minutes midweek and secondly going to Hearts it’s usually pretty physical. I think we were also unlucky to have Abadas goal chopped off and Hearts were a tad lucky to keep Halliday on the park, on 2nd viewing that was a bit of a shocker. We are still a number of players short, we need 2 new fullbacks who can play the way Ange wants, a keeper also has to be a priority. Then look to a centre forward as Edouard is pissing me right off with his half arsed attitude
  10. If ever there was an example the difference a good keeper makes the last 5 minutes of that game was it. The last time we lost an opening day fixture was in Wim Jansens tenure, we lost the first 2. Maybe it’s an omen 🤨🤦‍♂️
  11. Not much to say about that knew it was going to be a rough start to the season however judging by this so far that might have been optimistic.
  12. Relatively happy with this with the exception of Bitton but looking forward to seeing Starfelt. Christie in the bench so playing with 2 out and out wingers for the first time in some time which is another positive.
  13. This is one of these moments where I’m truly hoping it’s sarcasm yet I’m still a little unsure 😐
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