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  1. Have I taken a wrong turn into the follow follow thread? 🤔
  2. I'll be expected to put my vote for Turnbull however i saw a stat recently that apparently he is within the top 3 players for chances created in Europe this season. Not half bad for a boy who didnt get a game until November but also shows up just how shit we have been in front of goal also. Would have no complaints if Doig won either
  3. Cheers mate appreciate that, this a great forum and generally try to contribute as positively as i can. No point shying away from what's obvious to everyone regarding Celtic. We are in a bit of a sorry state of our own doing and Rangers have properly pulled our pants down this season. For 9 years we lapped up the praise and dished out pelters to Rangers, we now need to big enough to take our medicine. Despite this shitemare of a season with PL off and if we get Howe over the line i'm pretty optimistic about our chances of bouncing back
  4. Call it as i see it. Getting beat 4-1 having played the game with 10 men for 3/4 of the game isn't a surprise. Majority of these players haven't been arsed all season so expecting them to then up their levels when a man down is never happen so getting massively bent out shape about it seems pointless. The writing was on the wall for this season back in October and those in charge sat on their hands and done nothing. McGregors decision making after being booked was mental, he let himself and the supporters down and evidenced imo why he should not be Celtics captain once Brown goes and from that starting 11 yesterday the only 2 that deserve a go at next season would be Turnbull and Forrest.
  5. He only has to stop it if it denies a clear goal scoring opportunity or for violent conduct or serious foul play. Otherwise he can allow play to continue and issue the yellow card at the next break of play. It was McGregors second yellow so hes then sent off. Thats the laws as far as im aware and McGregor fucked it not the ref by making a stupid as f**k tackle. Lets not dress it up as anything other than that, we were shit however there was nothing at stake so we move on
  6. No matter if the 1st was a yellow or not the decision to make the 2nd tackle knowing he was already booked was lunacy.
  7. Turnbull can stay the other 2 can f**k right off imo. Edouard can’t be arsed half the time and Ajer is a shitebag
  8. Pretty much everyone in that stadium representing Celtic should be emptied.
  9. Now having to play so narrow this is now a training exercise
  10. For the same reason he won’t be Celtic manager next season
  11. Red card changed the game, cant argue with the yellow cards McGregor is an idiot with the 2nd one, gave the ref a decision to make 2nd goal we should also do much better and McGregor would have saved that. Could be anything in the 2nd half
  12. Have to get one in while I can, this will be a long afternoon 🤣
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