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  1. I’ll take winning every game by a bawhair from here till May However it should have been over by half time
  2. Another game where performance levels dropped massively in the 2nd half. Bitton needs to be taken off he is a stick on for red
  3. Is there a book running on what time the Rangers penalty is given yet? Put me down for the 81st minute
  4. As good a 1st half we have produced away all season especially considering who is out. Hopefully we don’t see the same drop off in performance in the 2nd half like has happened in a few games where we have looked comfortable, would like to see us go for the throat
  5. Surprised he has any shame, couldn’t paint a red neck on the p***k
  6. It’s funny because you completely ignore the absolute shite defending that allowed the ball to be put into him in the first place. Balances out the Abada one incorrectly chopped off on day 1
  7. You are of course absolutely correct, the moment you start targeting areas that you know fine well will cause casualties of innocent people going about their daily lives you are indulging in mass murder not freedom fighting. As someone who is ex forces i was in Omagh after the bombing and that was haunting for a relatively green bootneck not that long out of school and we see the same tactics now employed by ISIS and other similar organisations and you can't condone or justify these actions, they aren't romantic, they do nothing to further a cause they only strengthen the resolve of those impacted. I am no fan of the songbook never have been and never will be for obvious reasons but i also understand the differences between the organisation that took up arms in the early 1910's to the organisation particularly in the 60's and beyond. The killing of innocents or those based on their faith alone can't be condened...ever. The irony is now that we have a plethora of people born after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement singing about things they just do not understand. It's a thing of the past and it should be left there, we have plenty of great Celtic songs past and present that i'm sure would fill 90 minutes We have seen recently there are cunty elements to a few supports in the league however our cunty element really should step away from this in my opinion.
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