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  1. At least we aren't Hamilton.... And no, we don't want Brian Rice back!!
  2. I thought the team looked more balanced and more comfortable defending. We also played quite high as well, forcing dumbarton to sit in a fair bit more. Maybe the team and tactics to use against Cove? Meggison and McAllister aren't quick so less likely to get onto a ball over the top but Goodwillie showed that decent strikers only need a few chances to score. I'd like to think that we'll go attacking against Cove rather than show them any respect.
  3. Guess who'll be man marked when we play Cove. Morrison is looking good.
  4. Quite enjoying the game, seem to be fairly solid. Perhaps it's the opposition but don't look too bad.
  5. From looking outside, you had a great team (maybe not great individuals but certainly played as a team). Top of the table pushing for promotion before IM left, I can't really remember Ayr doing so well.
  6. Why would Mark Kerr be any different from our current rookie managers? He inherited a great squad pushing for promotion, they'll be lucky to finish in the top half of the championship.
  7. Appointing Mark Kerr is no better than Miller or McCracken, Ayr haven't been great since IM left for Partick. I though RM's biggest problem was that he never stayed with a starting 11 nor a starting formation, I really thought after the 3-0 win against Forfar he had solved it. We were playing dire stuff, the back 4 were appalling but I thought it was harsh on Buchanan to get the boot. He at least tried! We need a new defence quickly but if this costs us our management duo their jobs then it's their own fault, it is glaringly obvious. Dixon is mince (Can't cross a ball), Durnan is a complete liability along with every other CB option we have and in regards to Mercer, I've not seen a lot but he looks adequate for L1.
  8. I'm guessing because the feed starts at 2.30pm.
  9. Bought my ticket for the Partick game yesterday. Feel it's a must win game already so early into the season but this usually means we'll lose. Going to be bold and say 3-1.
  10. Not watching the game but it's stuff like that that may cost us the league.
  11. Mark Campbell was after the stadium, I spoke to him at length at the first (I think) 'meet and greet' session and it was obvious that he was naïve to think he could get the stadium for nothing from Falkirk Council. He said FC owed FFC £7M and he would write that off if they handed over their stake, stating it was 'a very good deal' in his own words. Falkirk Council would never sell and probably never will sell their stake in the stadium. I don't know if there is a clause in the original deal (like PFI), that Falkirk will eventually own the stadium albeit at an over inflated price but I would doubt that very much. I believe that this type of arrangement protects the stadium in times where FFC might go into administration and nobody gets a stadium or the land where it sits, on the cheap. Phil Rawlins would appear to be after a stake in the club for a miniscule amount of money (26% I seem to have read on here or elsewhere, can't remember) and looking at the money being banded around with MC, it looks like 26% would cost you around £75k. They are putting in 6 figure sum, which probably is money for a player(s) and some new capital reserve. I'm guessing they are looking to sell when FFC get into the SPL and get a three or 4 fold increase (or indeed more) on their original investment. This isn't unrealistic to get us back into the top league as a few years of decent on the field management should get us there. This seems a very similar model to what he did at both Stoke and Orlando. After listening to the podcast, they never gave much away about the reasons for choosing Falkirk over the other 2 unknown Scottish clubs (interesting to see who they would be) but I think there is caution to be had where the main reason is 'We went to Scotland on holiday' is stated numerous times. Granted there is more information on PR available on the net and the only negative is his personal life in which I have no interest in at all. I would point out that 5 or 6 investors were involved in the Orlando team and they each put in substantial amounts of money but it did not clearly state how much PR put in.
  12. Not looking that bad, better than last season. Bit slow moving the ball forward sometimes.
  13. I'm going to be a bit more optimistic about the game, a Falkirk win and the first in 13 years. Sure our central back 2 (whatever the combination) will be rank rotten but going forward, we look faster and more fluid. We might concede but 3-1 or 3-0 to us.
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