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  1. The BBC said it was the first time we had beaten Hibs in the League Cup since 1971.
  2. I've checked the rolls and there has been no civil cases involving Falkirk FC. Edit: You can do a historical check by simply searching for Falkirk FC or Clarke Epos but nothing comes up.
  3. The court has a daily business register (called rolls) which is publicly posted each day and remains available for 5 days.
  4. Absolutely no positives at all. Where is the midfield?
  5. Yeah, your right. Don't know why I had suggested otherwise tbh. Really only the houses at the old horse field. I don't know what Spam Valley is, never heard that before. There wasn't a large FFC support in my year, mostly OF and the dons. There was a group but nothing spectacular.
  6. The real test is how he pronounces Aluminium!!
  7. If he is looking for real recognition or to go into the history books as a great manager, he has to get a job in Europe. Falkirk in L1 is a great way to start this. We (on paper) should be walking this league and our history suggests quarter finals, semis or if the draw is kind, cup finalists. Get us prompted into the SPL and a good season or two. Get to a bigger club within Scotland then into the EPL or championship level. This is my take on things.
  8. Absolutely 100% correct. The play-offs are more than achievable and I agree that Cove are on course to walk this league. As a Falkirk fan, I will continue to believe that Cove will crumble and throw it all away.
  9. Lol, a troll since 2009 and only comments on FFC and watches nearly every game. I would think that past history of us losing good managers to under achieving teams in the SPL is a concern. At this moment we have one of the most promising managers within Scotland, an underachieving Aberdeen and an American link. Regarding my opinions on us winning the league... is it possible? Yes. Is it likely? Probably not. Did we beat Ajax? Too fucking right we did!!
  10. Dunno... free entry to the games! My point is that MR will do a fantastic job for us and I truly hope that he will get us up this year or most likely next season. We have a history of losing our best managers to SPL teams who should be doing better. Aberdeen are one such team at this exact moment. Obviously if he was a FFC fan, I would expect him to go as far as he can with us (realistically SPL) before moving on. We have been on the crest of a wave before when the rug was pulled!!
  11. Ha ha... for what? Believing that my team can still win the league??? I believed we could beat Celtic over 2 games and get to a cup final or actually beat rangers from 2 goals down in the Championship or Ritchie would get 2 at Ibrox. It's a push but still mathematically possible.
  12. Every game I believe (certainly at this level) we can win, have done for years. Been a fan for 36 years, seen bad times and worse times. Did anyone think we would end up in L1 or throw it all away last year? Expect the unexpected!
  13. Pretty sure he was an Aberdeen fan, his brother was and they hung around with at least 2 Aberdeen fans. (Larbert esp South Broomage was a smaller place in those days). Add in the American link with Aberdeen, can you see the risk? Might be wrong but, there wasn't a huge FFC following at Larbert High.
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