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  1. Someone looking for a bite. Eyemouth United are committed to the East of Scotland league/association.
  2. according to their website eyemouth ams have withdrawn from border ams league as they cannot find a manager. they are hoping to return next season
  3. last game was 14 november missed 4 home and 3 away plus alex jack cup final
  4. we are struggling to get our first win in league but we beat both ormiston and duns away from home to get to the final. we cannot be that garbage.
  5. From personal experience I can tell of at least four places that are worse: 1) Hibs Training Centre, Ormiston 2) Albyn Park, Broxburn 3) Easthouses Lily's ground 4) Civil Service's ground Windier than Johnny Fartparts after a night on the vindaloo those places! You may also ask why there are wind turbines at the back of K Park and none at Meadowbank! tam obviously never been to eyemouth on a good day
  6. Dougie johnstone played with Eyemouth and several other East of Scotland teams. Not sure if he was ever senior. Met him at the start of the season
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