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  1. Would defo keep: Crawford Nicoll Linn Whatley Johnstone Little McBride Hunter
  2. Not calling for his head. He has done a good job. Best start to a season in the clubs history so, he rightfully should get credit. However, we no doubt, have a good team, but at the moment lacking in confidence and self belief. This needs to be restored now! We have a few experienced players that can help but in the main its his job. Do this and the playoffs are reality.
  3. Absolutely correct I witnessed the same thing. How to encourage and motivate the players and team, I don't thing so. Seen it a couple of times now. Not the best management style and certainly wont get the best out of individuals or the team. The team spirit is good, we've seen that, none of them want to let team mates down, they'll feel bad enough without getting threatened with the dugout during a game. Must do better Mr Moore!!
  4. Albion rovers came with a game plan. They defended well and for long periods of the game soaked up Arbroath pressure. We had a few opportunities to score but nothing clear cut. Lots of critics on here tonight but thought there was no lack of effort from Arbroath. AR first goal deflected or something buta bit fortunate. 2nd was against run of play imo. Down but not out,,,,yet
  5. Nice to see a change in attitude during the game. Although they don't always get the headlines, thought Johnstone Nicol Whately McBride Little had good games. Need these guys fit and involved to sustain a challenge.
  6. I've noticed this before aswell. Usually Todd L that gives the subbed play a wee pat on the back as they leave the park.
  7. Good result today. The will to win more evident. Team looked better balanced and could have been more. (although against a poor Clyde team today) Foot of the gas towards the end.
  8. Could have be 2 up at half time. Just couldn't hit the target. First goal came against run of play. Then we continued to press but again couldn't get the ba in the net. Credit to Annan they dug in and defended in numbers to see the game out. 2nd goal was a counter attack. Good finish. Lost count of the number of crosses that we sent straight to the keeper or over hit. Doesn't look like we could buy a win at the moment! Really need a full strength squad available for the manager...No Little Nicol McBride or Carreiro
  9. Despite Murray not being at his best in last couple of games think he should still start. Need his energy up front. Need to get Nicol, Bridey and Johnstone back to strengthen defence/midfield.
  10. Looks like these Nicol, McBride, Johnstone plus Crawford were kindly asked to remove themselves from their seats and join the Arbroath support after celebrating the equaliser too much. Must have upset some of the respectful Clyde supporters. God only knows how Clyde clung clang on for the point......good defending or bad finishing....or maybe a mixture of both.
  11. Good prospect, did well against us for Nairn County
  12. Good video coverage of the game and interviews. Good effort. Clyde, albion rovers and east fife, all producing good quality video for their fans.
  13. The wind can spoil our games and tbh has been absolutely horrendous on occasions, but this season not been that bad. Yes, we've bought a bit time to allow us to get over 3 or 4 injuries that has affected our defence. Imo, for the sake of the game, the right decision was made.
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