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  1. I was at the OG -EK game as well (a pal of mine works for one of the sponsors so got in for free) and agree the atmosphere was a bit sterile despite a decent crowd numbers wise, although that’s to be expected. I thought it felt like a bog standard game in the lower reaches of L2, the sort of games Clyde have hosted at Broadwood ourselves in the recent past. I was just surprised by some of the big names (by LL standards) and how poor they were. Miller looked the same as he did at Falkirk - despite playing two levels below - and McHugh was really poor as well and was outshone by Elliott next to him all night. The Arbroath poster earlier talked about Ferry’s principles with his style of play and my pal spoke about this as well (I don’t really follow OG so don’t know about Ferry’s chat) but it doesn’t work with these players and again Broadfoot was lumbering about up front by the end. I also found his antics on the touch line quite odd, he was pretty quiet and then burst into random periods of histrionics for quite minimal things. There wasn’t anyone on him as far as I could see but it almost felt like he was managing for a camera. OK fare all in but I agree that the challenge is sustaining that against Edinburgh Uni in December. They might get above average crowds by issuing loads of sponsors comps and free tickets but even at £9, getting a decent paying crowd to that at Broadwood will be tough.
  2. Wonder if we’re keeping an eye on the Livingstone situation? Was never the most convincing defensive LB but would still be an upgrade and hasn’t been picked up anywhere as far as I can see.
  3. Lennon’s post match spoke of tough decisions and having to hurt people’s feelings sometimes, so that sounds as if there was at least an element of Hendji being subbed on performance, although there might have been an injury mixed in with it.
  4. Don’t know if Luca getting that close and then losing to a pair he clearly thought weren’t gonna be popular isn’t the best result tbhqwy
  5. I think once she gets her deals organised, she’ll drop him like a stone. She’s the draw in the relationship.
  6. It seems to be a split between people voting for Gemma and the Fiat 500 idiots saying that they’ve ‘found love’ and that explains Luca being a man child. I do think they’ll finish as one of the top two.
  7. The game on Saturday is an ultimate Clyde trap game. All the optimism from the weekend against a team who have had a difficult start to the season, in our first home league game at Hamilton. Also McInally has always had Lennon’s number in their clashes together. I’m hopeful that the experience in the squad can keep the feet on the ground and realise we need the same level of performance - outside of the first twenty seconds of course!
  8. Yeah I thought it was pretty clear as well tbh, fell asleep to the guy’s run and clipped him. A top save tho, it didn’t actually look the worst penalty.
  9. “The referee has made some questionable decisions” - would that be having the temerity to book English players?
  10. Not sure entirely how it works across leagues, but he was sent off for a really bad tackle in our last game of last season at Dumbarton, so I’d imagine he would’ve faced a ban for that.
  11. Anyone still want JBH in goal after the last two games?
  12. Did we move Lyon to LB after the early sub?
  13. Not many surprises in the Clyde team, maybe that Allan doesn’t start but we’re built for the counter clearly
  14. Can someone ask the Tory leadership candidates the big question at their next debate please: Where is Steven Thicot’s work permit?
  15. Just signed MacDonald and now Mutch, two pretty good additions for this level. If not many STs being shifted, then there must be good external funding coming into the club. Panicking a little about our business compared to those
  16. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned in here already, but you’re in for Robbie Crawford as well apparently: https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/3536632/exclusive-dunfermline-keen-to-sign-former-motherwell-and-livingston-midfielder/
  17. I see the London game ticket sales are going as well as normal judging by the hundreds having a moan on the NFL UK Twitter
  18. Lots of shout about Gargano going back to WWE with that news. DIY vs Usos pls
  19. And there’s three of them gone, with the last one getting punted with Danica next. What was the point?
  20. I’m sure this post won’t come back to haunt us in a fortnight, no siree
  21. The next appointments on the creative side will determine what direction they go in. HHH’s return as EVP in the last few days can’t be a coincidence and hopefully that’s a positive sign for the future.
  22. Yeah they can, although they never usually do because they know it makes them look like shits when they come out.
  23. I think Adam’s plan is to show how easy it is to win the £50k after gaining all of the notoriety in the last series he was on. He’s absolutely walking it as well, although the final twist would be if the big handsome devil won with Paige and then stole the cash.
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