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  1. I could look this but I can’t be bothered - have we conceded the most goals in the SPFL this season? We surely must have the leakiest defence in the country.
  2. Looking like rabbits in the headlights with this start, BAN are a Test playing nation in similar conditions tho
  3. Can anyone fill me in on what happened with Lennon and clapping back at the fans? I’ve just listened to the post match there and he’s on about it. I’d left at 5-0 (should’ve gone before then tbh), but I feel as if things like that reflect the malaise around the club and it’s only down from here. Remember we were told that the recruitment was down to Lennon and that the aspiration was to be competing for the play-offs at the other end. That seems laughable, but if that’s the aspiration, then Lennon’s jacket is very much on the proverbial shoogly peg.
  4. Looks as if the hopes for a loan signing or two are falling on deaf ears
  5. Do we have any chat about incomings ahead of the loan window tomorrow?
  6. Does anyone know what’s up with Gomis? I would normally look to the match preview for such information but no dice with that
  7. We’ll see what ‘Paddy’ decides to do. I think I’ve got a fair idea
  8. Get Poulter sat down to Sunday
  9. How long are they going to f**k about for here? UEFA draw levels
  10. The lad who beat up LA Knight at the start is winning the belt here
  11. Ty-God Taylor bitches. I'm gonna celebrate the shit out of that first half, that might be it for the season
  12. They’ve taken away the line judges and the line calls are automated so I presume there’s no need for challenges?
  13. Why don’t we just settle all of this chat about DGW’s 100th goal and he just scores another one today?
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