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  1. Conor Scullion - another legend of the Glasgow Cup campaign - also has two games for Fauldhouse so given our recent transfer record, it’ll be him. Assuming no news is bad news on the likes of Cuddihy and Livingstone so we’ve got a lot of work to do when DL gets back from his soirée in Benidorm.
  2. A predictably boring squad, was always gonna go this way with McCullum still in the IPL. Crawley is going to get a billion chances before being dropped since Key is so close to him through their Kent ties. Pope is the English selectors Rubik’s cube - a very healthy CC average suggesting he’s too good for that level but poor at Test level, don’t think batting him out of position at 3 (compared to just keeping Root there) is a good plan. Even the bowling is boring, the big two will come in as always but then you’re down to an untested county seamer and Craig Overton. Seen suggestions that Parkinson isn’t viewed as consistent enough and not a good enough batter/fielder for them, but Leach just isn’t up to Test level. If you need any evidence of that, ask David Warner and Travis Head what they think of him.
  3. I’m not that bothered about the whole traditionalism thing, just curious
  4. On that note, are we keeping the same home kit for next season? I remember some comments about us returning to the black shorts, red socks, but don’t know if that’s just with the current shirt?
  5. We need a new mole, has anyone attended to Steven Thicot’s driveway recently?
  6. I’ll bet QoS, couldn’t really see it being Falkirk or Dunfermline and there’s no one else
  7. I love the manufactured drama after that
  8. Ukraine about to get about 500 points here
  9. Christ Almighty Serbia
  10. Where are we finishing then?
  11. Right send in Sinn Fein
  12. My fave thing is when the crowd calls out the twelve before it happens
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