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  1. The weather is making the Dunhill great entertainment. Think it’ll get called shortly unfortunately, the likes of Horschel and Molinari talking about it being unplayable.
  2. Heard its cumnock and pollok on TV fri and Monday This is confirmed for anyone not aware.
  3. https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/news/national/scotland-today/22799975.women-footballers-forced-change-pitch-clyde-fc-signed-named-rapist-david-goodwillie/ Don’t know if this has been mentioned on the thread already but it was not particularly well-kept secret that this case was related to Clyde and now the details are coming out. Another pretty unedifying set of stories on the way it looks like.
  4. I will say watching this, the Europeans need to find a super team to beat the Cantlay/Schauffele combo because they look unbeatable together. Speith/Thomas handy as always as well.
  5. What is the point in the Presidents Cup?
  6. The US kits for the WC are another interesting concept from Nike
  7. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/queens-passing-spark-spfl-shutdown-27945498 Record sounding pretty confident that it’s a shutdown this weekend.
  8. There’s part of me that thinks this is all just another worked shoot that they love to do to hype up the drama but the backstage fights, biting etc might take it up a notch I accept. It will be interesting to see how Punk not being around would affect their ratings. It’s obviously a big loss but I don’t actually think it would be too damaging.
  9. How do they actually do this then? The chat is it’s still Rock for Reigns at Mania but Cody is winning the Rumble and taking the belts? Both can’t happen so not sure how they can play it. I’m now worried they’re gonna rush a feud for Cody to ensure they get the belts on him and it’ll be a crap payoff. I think my reticence is because I was - and still am - far from the biggest fan of Cody. I see a lot of people on socials talking about how the fans would turn on Drew within a month and that justifies the call but Cody has just as much potential to turn the fans off as quickly. It seems a hell of a lot to put on a guy who hasn’t hit those top of the card main event heights too much in his career. Would still be better than doing a title match with Rock, which I still haven’t totally ruled out as their plan either.
  10. Does anyone else find Liv a bit…meh? That match was OK but it kind of passed me by
  11. And if we didn’t realise how much trouble we’re in this season, we do now.
  12. We’ve got the current top three coming after this so could be doing with putting the losing skid in the rear view mirror before we hit that stretch. I agree that Allan should be up there with Cunningham, they linked up well in the Peterhead game before Allan got his red card. Wonder if Thicot will get a start given the reports last week - wasn’t there myself - if he does, I’d imagine it’ll be for Sula although P Grant seemed to be the one struggling by all accounts.
  13. Between this and the stuff about him not needing any more money from golf, Smith looking like an absolute snake now
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