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  1. Not within the boundaries of Scottish football. Unlike Hamilton.
  2. two best posts in the thread. "achieved next to nothing". Oh lol.
  3. Great manager. Is there anything I'm ever not right about?
  4. McKee

    The Sopranos

    The criticism I have of The Sopranos is that(so far) every series seems to follow the same main storyline. Tensions between Tony and one of his mafia members rise resulting in him being murdered in the finale. It already seems obvious half way through season four who will be clipped at the end of the series: also, whatever happened to
  5. What was wrong with the first post? Would you care to back up your claim with some evidence?
  6. That was definitely a worthwhile post. Thanks for that.
  7. I wish I could be as cutting and droll as you. This has literally never happened, has it?
  8. I wish I could be as alternative and indy as you.
  9. Why do you have a picture of yourself as your avatar?
  10. Very weird seeing Andy Murray with a buzz cut.
  11. How long does it usually take Unis to get back to you once you've accepted their offer? Been coming up two weeks now and haven't heard a peep.
  12. McKee

    The Sopranos

    Started watching this a few weeks ago. I'm at the start of season 4. The scene with Ralph and Janice in bed with the vibrator was revolting. The sound effects made it tenfold worse.
  13. It was humorous the first time. It was still slightly humorous the fifth time. By the 14th time, you've killed it stone dead. Let the thread rest now ffs.
  14. McKee

    Breaking Bad

    Agreed. Ending of season four did seem like the logical conclusion. Suppose they could go somewhere with the Lily of the Valley angle.
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