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  1. Well that at least explains it. You felt even a bad cameraman had to get lucky some of the time. Shame nobody from the club was watching as that could have been picked up in the first 5 minutes and fixed
  2. The above arguments about the pros and cons of being full time over part time seem to assume it’d only be us dropping down to part time. Isn’t it possible that a few more championship clubs could be forced into this move?
  3. Really? I’m not saying Palmy isn’t good but I know two guys who won’t go to Cappielow because they’re over 6 feet and can’t fit in the seats. You have to rule it out on that basis. The one time we got on the terrace in the rain and it was taps aff can’t make up for a shit stand
  4. I was buying a car in East Kilbride about 10 years ago. Bob Harris was buying a car with his mate at the next table. Was just after nordsjaelland. My wife recognised him which I was quite impressed by. Not from his goal though. She said “Isn’t that the guy who cried on the telly?”
  5. My main concern is that we are all getting so good at hand washing that no one gets Coronavirus and this delay phase goes on for several years!
  6. Missed the ICT game but on the basis of the two previous away games it doesn’t feel like we’ve chucked it and I can see us putting together an edge of the seat 1-0 victory here.
  7. Yep this. Had to watch it several times. Ross gets his foot in front of the defenders challenge to turn it from a risky tackle into a penalty. Difficult to be too harsh on the defender though as he had to do something or it was getting cut across the goal for a tap in.
  8. Would have been hilarious if we’d nicked that at the end after the pen incident. Would have been undeserved but have to say a very decent away crowd under the current circumstances and didn’t see any evidence of non tryers tonight. Keeper played well. Dobbie looked tired and off the pace and probably should have been replaced earlier. Oliver didn’t really last the 90 either .
  9. Breaking News: All large sporting gatherings have been cancelled due to Coronavirus. See you at Firhill.
  10. It’s natural to want change at the top when things aren’t going well but that’s not really an option unless you have an alternative waiting in the wings. I don’t know the chairman at all but you really couldn’t get any bigger Queens men than Craig and Mark. If anything it feels like we are a bit short on numbers in the boardroom.
  11. In the media yes, but on this thread the ref is getting a lot of stick. Deserves a bit of stick but you’re right it’s the panel system that’s flawed
  12. I looked up the video out of interest because they were making such a big fuss of it on off the ball. Think you are being way too harsh on the Referee here. On the behind the goal camera it’s not obvious there’s any contact and he looks like he goes down quite enthusiastically. From the opposite angle there’s clearly some contact . From the refs angle he probably sees the enthusiastic fall and makes an assumption if he hasn’t seen the contact. Sounds like the SFA has come to its senses though and is looking at it again.
  13. I don't think that makes sense on several counts. What has he done to not show commitment? Sure hes done some things that lots of us disagree with but that's not a lack of commitment, a lack of clarity maybe or even of common sense, but not commitment. Not sure he came crawling back either. We were surely down last season if we hadn't sacked Naysmith. The only thing I disagreed with at the time was the manner, not the action. It felt like Johnstone got the mojo back into a lost squad for the play offs. He's had a pretty slim squad to pick from this season although I think its fair to say we are underperforming all the same. Losing the keeper was unfortunate but a big blow and if I say I' not worried about being relegated its more because in a sense I'm slightly looking forward to something different next season.
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