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  1. Just watched the highlights as wasn't at the game. Maybe not the best angle but its hard to see any definite contact. Not sure you could call it a stonewaller from that but maybe more obvious from the Portland Road angle.
  2. ANy highlights out yet? Thought our keeper might have been lucky not to give away a penalty in a melee in our box second half.
  3. Be interesting to see if Dykes can continue to turn it on against the likes of Hamilton and St Mirren on a wet Tuesday night in winter. In my experience over the past couple of seasons - possibly not. Having said that ddese4rved win and he played well. Be nice to see some consistency from refs wrt players kicking the ball away though. I reckon Livvy could have had 4 or 5 bookings for this in the last 5 minutes alone.
  4. Actually having seen the replay I’ve gone the other way. On the day from behind the goal I thought Holt could have got closer to the striker and maybe the keeper would be disappointed not saving it. From the stand though it looks a strong connection and really didn’t give anyone much of a chance.
  5. Early candidate for post of the season[emoji23]
  6. Aye we thought Holt switched off for the goal. Wouldn’t blame the keeper but suspect he’d probably be disappointed not to save it as he was very close to it. Whether Queens could or should have been 3 up, we were definitely on top prior to the goal and had missed several decent chances. About 20 minutes in I said to my mate that this was exactly the sort of game we usually end up losing 1-0.... I wouldn’t be too tough on Faisal for shooting when through on keeper. Having spent much of the last 12 months watching the rest of our team pass up obvious shooting opportunities in favour of trying to pass to Dobbie, it’s refreshing to see someone else prepared to have a go. He missed a couple but expect him to pay his way in goals in due course.
  7. Soooooo.....I thought the keeper showed he’s not scared to have a go at crosses but looked a bit nervous. That’s still a notch or two higher on the goalie scale than Martin and suggests some potential at least. Also felt we played some nice one touch football in patches particularly early on and created a decent number of half chances in the game. Sure Dobs would have nabbed one or two. Semple looked a bit heavy to me but he seems mobile enough. The big guy up front Hamilton already feeling more effective than Dykes for me.
  8. Some game though. 3-3 and off to pens. Think that means we’re out either way though? Thought our first might have been offside. Def pen for theirs. Couldn’t see why their 4th was ruled out. Foul by the looks but thought defender and goalie hit each other
  9. Garry Harkins spotted in the Q at the turnstile. Which ends he heading for you reckon?[emoji23]
  10. To be fair though Dobbie went through a fairly prolonged spell of unDobbieness last season where the main issue was we didn't have any obvious replacement. I'd hope AJ in those circumstances has the balls to drop him to the bench and play Murray.
  11. Thought he showed a fair bit of potential when with us but far from the finished article. Hope he's progressed a bit on his holidays up north. I'd have liked to see Doyle stay mind you for a bit of his enthusiasm and commitment.
  12. No that's harsh. On his day he could be one of our most positive players when he goes on a run, but I think he wasn't maybe encouraged to do this often (Naysmith tactics) or maybe hes a confidence player and wasn't always feeling up to it. Definite ability on the ball but as others hinted maybe not always to much end product.
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