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  1. Completely shows Robertson up as the mediocre player he is imo. Do you know what mediocre actually means?
  2. HahaHahahahahahahahaha “I wanna, I wanna, I wan...f**k.”
  3. How handsome is bit Mjallby though. What a specimen.
  4. The championship is generally accepted to be a higher quality than the Scottish Premiership; should Christie etc. all miss out in favour of players from down south? McBurnie has offered nothing to suggest he’d offer anything close to what Naismith does.
  5. I can. You were wrong about Naismith about 4 minutes ago when you said “he’s done.” Best option available currently, and has a goal despite missing two good chances.
  6. After nearly costing us a goal by shiting out of a challenge. Aye, that’s him.
  7. Couldn’t have argued with a red there, shocking challenge and completely unnecessary.
  8. Another absolute rinsing from Moffat no doubt in store for us. I’d take a point right now.
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