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  1. Cumnock vs kello

    Pretty sure the answer here is , has he fvck and I seriously doubt many will just roll up and fork out again .
  2. Fixtures in the West -Sat 21st

    Cumnock V Renfrew kick off 2pm
  3. Cumnock v Auchinleck 4th Round Scottish Cup

    Park on thursday afternoon and it snowed last night .
  4. Games this weekend

    plenty snow still lying in Mauchline would expect more in Cumnock.
  5. Games put off today by Brian

    Dunno if this will still be the case come 2pm, absolutly chucking it down for the last hour or so .
  6. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    All welcome, by most at Townhead Park . can only suspect it may be your own fans problem. maybe start by getting shot of the banner with the skull on it , now thats not the most welcoming
  7. Ante-Post - 2016/17

    IMO , Rob Roy have been the best side i've seen at Townhead this season , haven't had the six finger mob yet so that might change.
  8. The Recent Match Videos Thread

    Hi Sunrise , Thanks for the highlights , not easy when yur team loses, I've added yur link to the 'Nock forum , hope you don't mind PS.. was going to video the game , but when i saw you were all set up , Ah thought .... Good Saturday night off . Bowie.
  9. Scott anson

    Aye yur right , Another 2 goals fae Scott , the guys pish .
  10. Talbot v Cumnock. Mon 15th Aug.

    Com'n surely yi must remember McGills effort , happened right in front of the Glens stand ,or had you left by then ? McGill never even looked back, he knew what was coming , just kept on going ti the clubhouse.
  11. Talbot v Cumnock. Mon 15th Aug.

    Try kicking the ball instead of the opposition, yous might get on a bit better , doubt it thou
  12. Cumnock v Talbot Monday 06/06/16

    Tell me , When you heard this , was anybody else there? did you recognise the voice? is there more than one voice? you've heard it before , haven't you? is it always the same voice? does it ever shut up? do you answer back ? nutter
  13. Cumnock v Talbot WOS Semi Final 7th May

    Talbot Bing , please get there early, there might be a delay at the Talbot end .
  14. In fairness to Sandy Mclean his team were taken a bit of doing. Now if ur talking twats. The Meadow manager must be amongst the biggest smallest out there , the foul mouth abuse hurled towards his own goalkeeper in the recent Cumnock/Meadow game had to be heard to be believed