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  1. Happy New Year Feels like intruding in a family disagreement but a few points from my perspective. I agree that very few from either club, were disappointed to have the game postponed. Paradoxically, the view might have been different if fans were allowed to attend. From a financial viewpoint, there would be NO PAYBACK on spending 'the few grand' which does sound kinda high, so I wouldn't have switched it on either. Without wishing to open old wounds...I think many clubs, especially after last season's farcical conclusion, would have at least one eye on points on the board rather than the games played... I am not a huge fan of McCall as a person, but I really think he is one of the very best operators at this level. It is all the more surprising to find that he was sufficiently nervous (shat it) about playing Clyde in our current form, that he had a pivotal influence on whether to dial down Thistle's Hive. If 2 variables are Thistle's form and Clyde's form, I can't image we'll get much worse. Bit of a gamble even for him.
  2. You're entitled to feel the way you feel, I get it. Should Broadwood have been opened? Many Clyde fans might say yes rationalizing that we could have maintained social-distancing with our usual attendance, but I guess it's more complicated than that with people being pushed together through turnstiles on the way in, and the exit at the end. 1% mortality is pretty big, and the club and the SFA probably feel they need to be mindful of corporate responsibility and governance. Pre season, playing poor opposition, may have created false optimism and the gap between that and the reality hurts. We do look competent at points in most games. We equally look inept. At this level, inconsistency is the norm. As to our standing in the league: performance wise we're probably a bit below average. Financially, I'm not sure we're much worse off than most. The full time and blended squads must be pishing money. The rest are probably no better or worse off than us? I've been there through the Alex Smith, Gardener Spiers, Brown, Miller and Chapman and enjoyed very little of that. Few things in life are for ever.
  3. Our co clergyman commentator suggesting Love was right keep his cross low. With insights like that he'd be better sticking to eclesastic matters.
  4. Don't know if we're really as pish as some say. Individually we compete in most positions but we lack something. I don't know if its character, gyle, physical strength or belief but our squad has the inverse of synergy.
  5. No goals in the last 10 mins...well done lads we've stemmed the flow.
  6. Mitch a good shot stopper but like a mouse at the corner.
  7. If they're like us the highlighs are up early on a Sunday after a win and possibly on Tuesday when the result goes the wrong way...
  8. Might have been the addition of Palmer but Cove looked less of a team with the wind than they did against the wind.
  9. 'A dagger in the heart' Thanks Scott Davie
  10. I know we can point to departures of McStay and Grant but the collective lack of confidence of whoever is in the back 4 is huge. Megson took both goals well enough but he shook us off and wriggled by as if it was men against boys. Surely getting the defense tighter is coach-able. We've done it before.
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