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  1. I agree with the comments on travel and the associated expense. If the post 18 game split is question for L2 does it also raise the question for Ĺ1? I can't think that any club in bottom 5, except last and 2nd last want more games and in the top 5 only 4th and 5th would have anything to gain in another 4 games.
  2. Otoo's poorest game for us but McNiff at LB is always a downgrade.
  3. Falkirk looking pretty competent here; good balance of skill and strength. So long as it remains 1 goal in it we might just nick something.
  4. Falkirk lad due a red for deliberate elbow on Howie there.
  5. Yellow card probably right. We're getting very little change from the high ball. Who is the dullard co commentating?
  6. The below update was published by the SPFL today. Ken Ferguson of Brechin City FC, and the League 1 & League 2 Director on the SPFL Board, has today tendered his resignation as an SPFL director. He said: "In view of the fact that Brechin City are currently 42nd in the League, it is appropriate for me to step aside at this time – and to devote all my time and energy into ensuring that Brechin City do not finish bottom of League 2 this season." SPFL Chairman Murdoch MacLennan commented: "On behalf of the entire SPFL Board, I would like to thank Ken for his huge contribution to the SPFL Board over the past two seasons. I entirely understand and respect his reasons for wanting to step down at this time. Ken’s hard work, commitment and wisdom have been of enormous benefit to the League and he will be missed." Gordon Thomson of Clyde FC, the SPFL’s alternate director, will represent League 1 and League 2 until the SPFL’s AGM in July. The SPFL also announced today that it is considering several issues relating to the Pyramid Play-Offs and that, as a result, it is not in a position to announce dates for Pyramid Play-Off ties this season. The SPFL understands that the Lowland League and the Highland League have each declared ‘League Champions’ for Season 2020/21, with Kelty Hearts having played just 13 games; and Brora Rangers having played only three games this season. At its meeting on 19 April, the SPFL Board will determine whether each of Kelty Hearts and Brora Rangers meet the SPFL’s Membership Criteria. Only then will the SPFL be in a position to announce the position in respect of Pyramid Play-Offs this season. A spokesman for the SPFL said: "Given that there are a number of uncertainties, including whether League 2 clubs will play 22 or 18 games this season, we are not in a position to announce dates for Pyramid Play-Off ties this season. Whilst we understand that this lack of certainty will be disappointing to supporters of Brora Rangers and Kelty Hearts, it is important that we are entirely fair to all clubs, including the SPFL club that finishes bottom of League 2 this season. Our approach has always been to apply the Rules that have been agreed by all member clubs, as well as the Pyramid Play-Off Rules agreed between the SPFL, the Scottish FA, the Lowland League and the Highland League, and we will do so again this season."
  7. Don't know if any are wonderful but on Tuesday not only did our man keep calling Cove Peterhead, the camera looked like it had glasses on with one normal vision lens and the other in smoked glass. I do like commentators who just allocate anyone on the team sheet when they don't know who it is. I also like mis pronouncing players names like McNuff and McGlinchley. Roll on attending matches in person.
  8. Fair do's my arithmetic is pish...but 5 from 15 is still not great form and not better than pre lock down.
  9. Still.means we've collected 4 points fr a possible 18 since the restart. Not impressed
  10. Wonder if maybe, just maybe, DL has a plan that Covid will tire after Sunday's exertion and we'll refresh things in the 2nd half?
  11. Nothing to scary in the other fixtures with Dumbarton drawing with Montrose and Forfar 0 0 with the other Peterhead.
  12. Thought the lad was the answer to our LB problems...not sure of the upside of Love at LB and Otoo out of position? Wonder if our early misses will come back to haunt us?
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