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  1. Targeting mobile "dynamic" players with pace rather than a target man. No more UK streaming of matches Traditional season book/ card plus digital option Really supportive statement about DGW's wellbeing that should have been made 3 months ago Main area in stand available for punters for drinks and pie beans / curry rice pre-match. Hospitality upstairs. Pauline behind the bar should be our next signing. DL seems happier with recruitment todate versus last year 5 year deal at NDP reviewed After 3 years We will look at Friday Sunday and reverse fixtures where we clash with Accies Training at K Park on Thurs and Hammy Palace on Tuesday. The shows were there behind the wee stand to welcome us 'travellers' No realistic plans for academy set up
  2. Agnes from the Co Op spotted in Asda Hamilton. Heard a whisper that she's been offered exclusivity with the mark down section 6.30 to 7 Mon, Wed and every second Friday. Talk of her name being added to the PFA's available list. She's not happy but that brings out a certain melancholic quality I've seldom seen in a woman of her years.
  3. I'm not getting all this 'we should sign him or that guy'. Is it not like me saying I'd maybe go out with that Kardashian wifey or Michelle Moan (once she gets out the jail) rather than Agnes from the Co op? Surely these players need to want to join us despite our not particularly generous compensation package? I think the Grant signing is a pretty good notice we're serving; nice and early too.
  4. Disappointed that we've stuck with Rumsby, sorry to upset the short sighted in Exec club and the Castlemilk branch, but he loses to many battles, for me. I hope Jim Diamond and PJ have their Excel bang up to date and don't insult us with the same level of dross they generated a year ago.
  5. Agreed I thought he has pretty much had that outlook for the quarter of the season.
  6. Looking forward to the 1st meeting to learn WTF our 'ops team' have added post Covid. The mitigation last close season, was the pandemic, so interested to hear what Jim Diamond, JFK Corr et al will deliver now. By July, if we have not significantly improved our squad, that is, by not signing unknown jobbers from L2, we should just empty them and chase the delusional board members who proposed the whole shabang.
  7. Take that 3-400 and divide by 1.5, if we're gonna f**k about with re-signing our former captain. We have to move forward or chuck it.
  8. What's in a name? Many clyde fans get misty eyes when thinking about Brigton, Oatlands and Ruggy but we've been away so long, 30+ years, that the tie is probably severed. We are led by some petulant introverts who show little understanding of life. Why would anyone, if they were a chief exec, want to be seen as the guy who signed off on a load of money for a (semi) professional team in the greater Glasgow area when most of the public are brainwashed into following the bigot brothers. In terms of that geographical bit, Thistle don't play in Partick, Spurs don't play in Tottenham and Airdrie play miles away from Ayr! Strathclyde Academical, anyone?
  9. New award category for next season, 'the least worse player of the year' Rumsby can't be faulted for effort generally, but he gets bullied week after week and his ball skills are maybe the poorest I've seen at Clyde ever.
  10. A sore lesson from Airdrie today. Penalty was right decision. 2nd got caught in possession. 3rd should have been bounced ball as ref played a 1 2 with Airdrie lad. 4th we get caught fannying about in RB. 5th what a hit.
  11. Sensible post. I think we have a lack of ability to learn. Our board are predominately 'good guys' but lack commercial nouse and the ability to collaborate. We were pretty much on a battle footing with NLC. This was only heightened when the then chair told them, 'we're off', without a place to go to. (Thank goodness, he's not on the board now!) We are poverty stricken as a business. We have, at this stage, no capital and no means to raise capital, so are we gonna build our new home with goodwill and wishes? This means we might be able to invest in a commercial team who are paid or sacked on results. We probably cannot invest in youth and academy as that's too long term. The key is community. Community is NOT just weans' football. Look at Arbroath and the feeling of belonging and longtermism. Without this, selling hospitality at £70 a pop is just a dream. I want to feel more encouraged by the news, but I don't get positive vibes from our leadership.
  12. You cannot polish a turd, but you shouldn't let others cover it with gold leaf and tell you it's not still a jobby.
  13. So help me undunderstand...Broadwood is shit, the rent is too high and we get naff all of pitch hire and match day hospitality...let's move to New Douglas Park with an undetermined rent, where we get naff all from pitch hire and hospitality, but this is our celebration, so it's feckin brilliant. This is NOT relocation, this is being a tenant of a stadium we fill 10% of in a more crowded location. I take my hat of to your quite superior negotiation skills.
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