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  1. 'The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune' My point is that DL talks about our success in his post match EF interview. 'Success' is a judgement term here and my point is can we in honesty say we are being 'successful'? I will take any victory and will celebrate every last minute point(s) however gained. In recent weeks we have found some steel that was missing against Dumbarton Falkirk and Peterheid. Our 3 5 2 is making us harder to breakdown. Our additions from the bench are also paying dividends. I think this is a league with little real quality and if ever there was a season to get out it; it could be this one. This year's top 4 will have at least 1 team no better than Clyde.
  2. Depends...if we have a nightmare, it can be Wednesday. If we haven't embarrassed ourselves or been lucky; Monday. If we have played well and deserved the 3 points...Don't know, that hasn't happened yet.
  3. I wish I was as confident as you with us getting that type of loan. As bullyweeno1 sets out, we have hardly excelled in the recruitment dpt.
  4. In Danny's post match yesterday v EF he mentioned "part of our success". It may be a throwaway line, like his strangled reference to rabbits and headlights but "success"? We're currently 8th in a league of inconsistent quality. We have 11 points from 8 games and I guess many fans might say there was some deserved fortune, but fortune nonetheless, in taking points at Mo, Alloa, Cove and QP. Taking our current points and projecting that on to last season's 22 match total, would give us just over 30 points...pretty much where P heid ended; 1 position above us. Is that success?
  5. P Heid take the lead v QP means we're now in 9th place. Let's wake up Clyde FFS
  6. Bizarre The start is all about some poor chap getting his ACL surgery and the advantage / demerits of keyhole surgery. New level of professionalism!
  7. Greetings to East Fife. 4 points from me, which I know is pretty much your league total to date. 1 Clyde are well known for our generosity and we regularly bestow gifts both when visiting or being visited. Whenever a team needs a result, we have usually obliged. 2 WTF has happened recently? You have been that bit better than us, at least dating back to beating us in a play off some years ago? 3 Darren Young was seen as one of these up and coming coaches. He did pretty well and was held in high regard at Albion Rovers. Has he lost the dressing room? 4 Any chance of a late postponement if one of the squad sneezes during the warm-up? I believe some of your players either have jobs or wives.
  8. DISINTERESTED surely? The attainment gap is starting to bite even at The Academy.
  9. Impossible to predict IMO. We've too often gone up there playing well and been horsed, occasionally been playing poorly and dominated them. My prediction. Cheeseburgers until 65 mins: Hot beverages 2
  10. Certainly is surprising as chairman (hope that's not me marked down for gender specificity) was waxing on about the sheer brilliance of Dominic Diamond and one of the Corrs. Maybe we're basking in the glory of stealing 3 points v Cove?
  11. Our new big goalie is in today's Record. Remarkably, he articulates a lowish opinion of our former manager "Bazza". I always thought of him as one of the finest young managers in the country and that we should have been grateful to him for his presence at Broadwood! https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/barry-fergusons-lack-respect-factor-24885632?utm_source=linkCopy&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar
  12. Otoo to Celtic? Don't suppose that counts tho? The move was done in a very Clyde way. In the Record on Friday, a replacement keeper signed, neither selected on Saturday and this official word on Tuesday midnight. Not sure the "fee" involved, but surely to Jesus it must or it should be used to help us fill some of our glaring gaps in the first 11.
  13. If not, we'll have a pretty decent 1st choice, substitute and 3rd choice keeper! Was surprised to see young Bradley Hurst in on Saturday, and I thought he did well but why was Parry not selected?
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