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  1. Agree with the noun but definitely NOT the adjective in respect of Bazza as referred to here.
  2. Watchng the stream, which is hard work. Looks like we have lost any confidence in both defence AND up front. Trying to walk the ball into the net and 1st attempt timed at 27 mins.
  3. I say we wait, Brendan Rodgers will be available soon.
  4. The move away from Broadwood was an emotional one, based on the preference of some of the board but championed principally by our former interm FD. DGW was just an excuse in my opinion. Due to OUR awkwardness we picked fights in almost every area and took no responsibly for any failure. This meant we were playing 2nd fiddle to the Colts, which in turn, further outraged the board. We can't expect any community or commercial buy in from Hamilton because the Accies are already there. We can't expect C or C support in Cumbernauld because we're not there and can't build bridges in The Gallowgate because we're not there either.
  5. Too Right! Did she not win The Badminton Horse Trial or the like with a pony called 'Dunfermline'? Obvs a secret Pars fan...would have honered her memory to have played the match even on the Sunday... Might haven given those travelling to Edinburgh something to listen to on the wireless during that long journey from Braemar.
  6. Too right! Their singing at every match, home and away, and their impressive fundraising, not to mention their sponsorship of the crossbar thing is a disgrace.
  7. Yea Wonder where he'll sit next week at Clyde V Dunfermline, if he goes?
  8. Out muscled by in defence an old ba$t'rd like Sammon. Out thought on the touchline by Chipper and I helped by poor officials. We play tidy football in midfield and we present a threat up front but we are hamstrung by 3 centre halves who are like lighthouses in the desert...tall, brilliant but completely useless. In the last 3 matches we've lost 8 goals and scored 3 against teams that I don't think are significantly better than us but each is stronger. However, the honeymoon is over!
  9. I wish I shared your confidence in that. We've lost 4 goals in the last 2 and in the 1st half v Kelty, our central defence didn't look at all decent. I was also disappointed, if I'm honest, with our reporter feeding DL a line about the great support. If DL needs to pad out the 3 mins, he'll find a way. Why not ask about loans, returning players from injury or wild substitutions?
  10. Suddenly, this looks like a long fu(kin season. Our next 4 matches look tough going too, with stiffer opposition than today.
  11. 3 very positive subs without realising it's our defence that is leaky. Wee reality check needed I think.
  12. You'll find we will hit the giddy number of 1000+ once we find our new permahome in the sunlit uplands of Ruggy, Gallowgate, Shittleston or East Kilbride. I say this with some certainty. We have a plan.
  13. I believe that Colin McGowan is the stadium OWNER. He said in May's meeting that Clyde renting NDP was beneficial to us, AND Hamilton. We must be excellent, if slightly desperate tenants, so why would Ronnie Mac want to cause any disruption?
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