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  1. I've signed up for the PPV thing tomorrow from Boghead. Can Dumbarton fans offer an assurance that the pitch is already being watered and that my car will be abraded or ignited in the traditional Dumbarton way when I look out the window after the match?
  2. If your mate is finding things tough at the moment (and who isn't?) I've got a couple of suggestions. I've not actually tried any of these, so can't vouch for their likely success or otherwise. 1 Show up at the Megabus pick up point. Avoiding any eye contact approach the oldest person the queue and insist on taking their hand luggage onboard for them. When you get them settled, hide in the toilet until you think the coast is clear and re-emerge sitting equidistant between the driver and your luggage provider looking out the window of feigning sleep. 2 The pesky booking fee is only for passengers, so if you package yourself in a (large) hold-all you can go toll free. 3 If you have a 3rd mate who is a Megabus driver you can borrow his (or her, cos we do need to be inclusive) uniform and make like you're a back up driver. But once you take your seat, start drinking from a concealed bottle of vermouth. No one will ask you to take the wheel. 4 Befriend a supporter of the opposition team, (ideally a big team who should not be in this league and is only here due to the corrupt nature of Clyde and the likes of Brechin) and then link with them on Facebook or grindr. You can then get to watch our live stream and share it on the aforementioned platform and save the 50p booking fee, although you, or more accurately, your mate must remember to unfriendl the Thi*le fans unless you find other common ground. I hope this is helpful to you or your pal.
  3. Didn't quite recognise it at the time but what a lovely goal that was v Thistle. Great passing, movement and finish by Mr Love.
  4. Poor game. Brilliant result. Impressed by Thistle goalie and the blondey heided fellow.
  5. 6 replays to see if it's a Falkirk corner...no replay of their assault on Lang
  6. Who is the commentator? Doing a very decent job imo
  7. Big fan of Niff but feel he is exposed by being played at LB (a bit like McTominey being asked to play CB for Scotland). He gives plenty of effort but DL creates a weakness at both CH and LB with his stubbornness.
  8. What's happening? Nearly 2pm and no reports of Chris Iwelumo ( or insert name here___) being spotted in The Broadwood Farm?
  9. Scottish football is in bad nic for sure, but I'm not sure Clyde are significantly worse off than others. Championship and some Lge 1clubs paying fulltime wages with minimal income are every bit in jeopardy as wee teams paying PT wages. I'd guess the clubs who've sold season tickets or electronic tickets like ourselves have, in fact, been provided with a mortgage. That advance will be used to pay wages until it runs out. Some shitty single camera nailed to the main stand is unlikely to generate much in the way of ADDITIONAL income. I hope am wrong and before we know it, we're back to hammering the big teams and toiling to pick up a point against the bottom of the league teams.
  10. He must have something about him or he'd have been emptied by Rangers, surely? Who knows, he may fit better with us than he's done previously at clubs. (This may be heresy, but I saw very little in Archiebald at Clyde!) With all the discussions about new appointments, we can't hide our poor record of signings over the last few years under DL.
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