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  1. Just heard there are no actual tickets...they're e mailed out in next day or so. If this is the case why make people queue for an hour rather than apply and pay online? I also hope there is security applied to the ticket otherwise it is possible to print of or copy the e mail...
  2. Absolute joke. "Tickets will be sold during the game" what's the point of getting here at 2pm if the desk isn't equipped to take orders? Push out a fan to deliver the bad news. I again ask,why I bother my arese.
  3. Doesn't matter that the club said they will kick out anyone in the wrong end, from experience we know the stewards will bottle it. Don't blame the stewards, please. Look, we're a small fan owned club with an allegedly community basis. SLW is right, we probably won't sell 2k tickets,but if the club had said it is ST, owners, bully wee fund members and Bonnyrigg attendees, every one of thses criteria could be checked and Celtic tickets allocated. If I show up today, can I buy 10 then phone tomorrow and day I'm a season ticket holder, can i get another one for another section? We've again, not conveyed a very organised impression of how we run ourselves.
  4. Not sure it will be that busy, but personally I'm disappointed that no priority is given to home supporters who are 1 Season Book holders, 2 Owners, 3 Have attended Bonnyrigg (which was all ticket). 4 Bully Wee fund members. If anyone is in 1,2,3 or 4 of these groups and can't make tomorrow, what happens? If there is a way for them to buy remotely quoting their qualification criteria, why can't others use the same and not have to join the likely shambles of big queues standing beside potentially fairweather Sellic fans who aren't interested enough to watch their team v Ross County?
  5. Nothing on Prem Sports scheduler yet. It only runs up to 7th Feb. If they have the rights to broadcast at 5.20 on Saturday and Sunday, I'd guess they'd chose the old firm like they did last weekend. Don't know how insistent any particular team can be about when they play. PAYING PUNTERS BEING DICKED AROÙND THO! Sunday 5.20 is a horrible ko time for many with travel considerations.
  6. Celtic's priority must be10 in a row and with such a terrible bout of fixture congestion, I think they should field a team made up of untried 3rd choice players and over the hill players collecting a final pay day...
  7. Behave. We'll get half the main stand and the rest will be a sea of emerald coloured madness.
  8. No real rabbits left in the hat other than BSC maybee. If we made it through, I fancied Hearts, but they gave Airdrie a real pummeling...Celtic must be shitting it bearing in mind their last two visits to Broadwood on cup business!
  9. Aye, what about his old mucker Geoff Randall, could we get him on amateur status?
  10. Fair play. You youngsters have both better sight and reactions to things like that.
  11. Fair play. You youngsters have both better sight and reactions to things like that.
  12. What a 2nd 45! Great fight. Unbelievably, we should have won the game. DGW gets 2 goals he had no right to, but also misses 1 on 1 with Currie as the linesman was the only person at Broadwood who thought he was onside. Smith made a real difference when he came on. TW off the pace. Wylde didn't add too much after his introduction. 1st time Mitch has cost us a goal.
  13. Flat. Even before the red, we looked 2nd best. Flimsy in defence, not much up front but now we look like we just want it over. Can DL inspire at HT?
  14. Don't know if I'd be counting chickens. DGW has been an exceptional Clyde player, albeit at the lowest level of SPFL, but Falkirk ffs! If the lad is doing an apprenticeship and on a decent wage from us, it could be a bit shortsighted: add to that his 'baggage' and I don't know if this would be his best option.
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