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  1. Time for Eck to go already!

    I'd say that advertising slogan is bag on. Doing nothing instead of going to watch Scotland is far more important imo......
  2. Pregnancy And Parenting

    Great news mate. ETA: How's your Missus doing? x
  3. Pregnancy And Parenting

    Sakura's having her 3 year ceremony today at Tsubaki Shrine:
  4. Alex Rae is waaaay more staunch that this!
  5. Get yours posted @Eoin Doyle.....
  6. Twice in my life I have had similar toilet related panicking. First was a shite after eating beetroot, second was first time I encountered the smell of pish after eating asparagus. Having a completely grey shite is fucking worrying. Trust me on that one!
  7. Sounds like you've contracted bad aids to me.....
  8. id imagine, if extremly baked, that was a very difficult decision You'd think, but surprisingly not. I don't think I was the only one to proclaim that "I'd rather shag the Jack Russell!"
  9. Reminds me of my latter days at school when I'd spend entire weekends at a mates smoking dope. There was regularly a stark choice to be made in a stoned haze of, 1. Sit in the living room with your equally stoned mates watching the Jack Russell shag f**k out of a teddy. Or 2. Go upstairs for a shot on his(our mates, not the Jack Russell!) sister. Like I say, that Jack Russell could really shag f**k out of that teddy......
  10. Annoying things people write on Facebook

    Silly me. Of course it is! FAO: @KnightswoodBear

    Smooth or crunchy?
  12. Annoying things people write on Facebook

    I believe the correct procedure on spotting a black widow spider is to turn the heating up full blast with the windows rolled down.......
  13. I'm sure there's a Dundee United fan on here that got paid with those....... although it might have been a £500 note......