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  1. Rangers* losing the Cup Final despite dominating the game. Rangers* losing the Cup Final to 10 men. Rangers* losing the Cup Final and Morelos missing a penalty. Rangers* losing the Cup Final to an offside goal. Rangers* losing the Cup Final and being denied a stonewall penalty. Rangers* losing the Cup Final and Ryan Jack's in tears at FT.
  2. It's the hope that kills you, Rangers*.......and not just holding companies.
  3. I'm no fan of Corbyn, but why do you wish him dead?
  4. A friend of mine went out with a girl that was into being asphyxiated during sex. She'd start punching him in the face if his choking wasn't to her satisfaction. Freaked him out he admitted, hence they didn't go out together very long. Regarding the OP - Consenting adults is the correct answer.
  5. Perhaps the Poster in question identifies as Spanish regardless of the Country of his birth or family heritage........
  6. Our dog took his first shite outside last night, much to the delight of my wife. I on the other hand, was derided for doing the very same previously...... #doublestandards
  7. Wasn't the same platitudes laid upon George Foreman when he became World Champion in the 70's? Not that I'm saying that Fury/AJ/Usyk are on par with Ali but Wilder is far from unbeatable.
  8. Shit Club merchandise thread for this pish.
  9. Hearts are so shite at the moment that even Scotland could beat them whilst looking like Brazil 1970 in the process.
  10. Official Rangers* toilet seats, for those who want to be staunch whilst they haunch.
  11. Hard to believe that she started out in Christian "rock"........
  12. 4 pages in and not one mention of Eugene Thundercunt. You disappoint me P&B.
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