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  1. When lived in the UK I used to save all my change and bank it (the BoS did this free as I had a business account) every couple of years. In Japan I need all my change as surprisingly over 80% of transactions made are in cash here, plus the smallest note is ¥1000 which is about £7.
  2. Why aren't you dead yet?

    @Flybhoy and @WaffenThinMint are only still alive due to Capital punishment being abolished in 1965......
  3. Pregnancy And Parenting

    Gambatte xxx
  4. They must have served food in those days......
  5. Both sets of Grandparents gone. My Dad's mum went back in 81 before I had a chance to really get to know her, then my Mum's dad about 5 years later. I didn't get a chance to find out what a horrible c**t he was until years later. My Mum's mum went in early 2000. I knew her well and really enjoyed her company. Very interesting and intelligent woman. I used to visit her often. My Dad's dad went last in the late '00's. I never knew him at all as a family rift after my Dad's mum died stopped all contact. The rift was so bitter that my Dad & his brother never spoke to their father again and didn't even attend the funeral. They've not spoken to their sister since, either. Families, eh?!
  6. How can he be racist when he drives a black cab?
  7. Old Firm Colts in L2

    She'll suck the OF cock just like she and all the others are told to.
  8. Old Firm Colts in L2

    That isn't even up for debate given the shenanigans of completely rewriting their own rules 6/7 years ago!
  9. Old Firm Colts in L2

    Given the fact that the vast majority of Posters on here would gladly punt both Celtic and Rangers* into the sea, then it would make no sense whatsoever if it were suggested that their Colts be punted anywhere other that the sea. FTOF and their Colts.
  10. Dawid Kucharski : A centre half that managed to combine being as slow as a week in the jail, having the turning circle of an oil tanker and the aerial ability of the ISIS air force. The biggest imposter since @Briannmataxi denied being @Hibbiesbounce75.
  11. I very much doubt the US will invade Venezuela. The Venezuelan Government has made some pretty influencial friends in both China and Russia as have most Carribbean and Central American Countries. The only "Allies" the US has in the vacinity are Brazil and Colombia. As we saw with North Korea, it's rhetoric in an attempt to bring people to the negotiating table, albeit not very diplomatic.
  12. Happy new year everyone except @Flybhoy as he's a c**t.
  13. If 2018 was a tyre

    It has to be said that despite PB keeping a low profile this year, his posts have lacked balance. Not sure if he struggles in dealing with the pressure of posting on a loosely moderated football forum but his alignment seems way off track. However, he is from Perthshire therefore I remain on his side(wall) and any personal criticism of him would be deflating. Close tread.
  14. Why leave Syria then? They're effectively fighting Iran (via Assad) there. For all his rhetoric and lack of diplomacy, Trump isn't the problem in American Politics, he's a symptom of the problem in American Politics.
  15. Far be it for me to white knight Trump, but he wants to pull America out of their continual cycle of endless war. It's the Industrial Military Complex that has the entire US governing system in its pocket that's championing war with Iran.