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  1. Absolutely outrageous thing to say. Wontnly urging on a fellow Poster to commit suicide with scant regard to their current state of mental health......2nd only to mounting a dotting campaign IMO......
  2. ^^^Me after reading the last few pages of this thread.
  3. Thomas Gravesen aka Mad Dog

    That's low. Imagine grassing on a former teammate.......
  4. Has anyone notified @Div about this red dotting campaign? I seem to remember he was very interested in the last one.......
  5. Okonomiyaki (Hiroshima style) for lunch. Up there with ramen as a favourite. Healthy too!
  6. Ash pitches in Scotland

    Japanese schools pretty much all use "ash" pitches for football as well as other sports. Obviously a well drained, flat and true grass pitch is a better surface but as long as it (the ash pitch) is similarly flat, true and has adequate drainage then there's no reason for their use to hinder technical development of players.
  7. If a Club can play numerous ineligible players in all competitions (winning many of them) for over a decade and only be subjected to a £250,000 fine then why should anyone give a f**k about the "rules"?!
  8. It'll be interesting to see what the outcome of playing an ineligible player in the Cove tie is. It should be that the tie is forfeited 3-0 but it's not as if player registration is considered an important issue in Scottish football......
  9. Do you love your parents?

    Like most folk, of course I love my parents. I particularly like the way our relationship has evolved, as I grew into an adult, from parent (which they'll always be obviously) to that of friendship and genuinely enjoying each others company. My relationship with my Dad was difficult during my teenage years but I always knew he loved me and appreciated that he worked hard to provide for my Sister and I.
  10. England's Glorious Failure

    Gabriel Clark is a very good interviewer in fairness to him. He's done some excellent football documentaries and not really known as a "fanboy" TBH. Does anyone have a link to this? My ITV iplayer doesn't work for some reason so I missed it
  11. You just got to strap yourself in for that Craig Levein roller coaster ride my friend. It's like Alton Towers except much, much shitter.
  12. England's Glorious Failure

    Compare and contrast that shite (along with various other commentators and pundits) with the dignity and class shown by Southgate and in fairness, some of the squad when interviewed over the last few weeks.
  13. Croatia v England - semi final

    As much as us Scots would love to deny it, England are a decent team. They're not top class but have some players that could hurt any team on their day. They're very dangerous at set pieces but perhaps a bit to pedestrian in the opposition final 3rd. They lack playmaker in the mould and quality of a Modric but they do have some promising youngsters coming through. We're seeing in recent years a few of these youngsters moving to Spanish and German Clubs in order to get 1st team football. This could not only help their development but also their football education in playing the game at a different tempo compared to the English leagues.
  14. Year 1 is way too early, this season is all about gelling as a team. Years 2 and 3 of all those shree year deals will truly see this team flying.........
  15. Do you love Jesus?

    I'm finding Japanese hard enough!