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  1. I'd say higher than that given that even medical professionals can't agree on the validity of testing process or the diagnostic findings and how they are being categorised......
  2. It's a beautiful day and I'm off to the park for a BBQ later with my daughter.
  3. Everyone from National Governments, the WHO, the MSM to the moron in the street is making up their COVID-19 statistics and subsequent recommendations as they go along.....
  4. I lost 20kg and have a six pack for the first time in 20+ years. Wouldn't recommend my method though.... In all seriousness, you just need to do exercises isolated to your stomach (lower abs (a b*****d!) & upper abs (a b*****d but easier)) as well as limiting you intake of calories to the same or preferably less than you burn off.
  5. That may be so but it's long been established that Clubs can't die.
  6. The good lie: Non fiction apparently so should have been named A good story, shitly told.
  7. Roll up, roll up, come on guys help save the holding companies.....
  8. OF Colts in L2?! Whoever the f**k that is, I'd actually prefer the proposal of Celtic and Rangers* being fired into the fucking sun. Problem solved.
  9. I'd counter that it's like this because the Country is a continent......... especially when you consider that people in Southern England complain about the UK using DST having never experienced the benefits it brings to the far North of Scotland. Australia has this to deal with both longitudinally and latitudinally.
  10. Fat fucker with a dodgy heart.......the signs were all there as well! I'm going to hazard a guess that it's because Australia is fucking massive.....
  11. Scottish football attendances without Celtic and Rangers* figures are still in the top 15 of European top flights. That's not too shabby.
  12. Gordon Smith is a tax dodging, wig wearing c**t. He also cost Brighton Hove Albion the FA Cup in 1983. To paraphrase John Motson, "Smith must score, NO!, what a c**t!".....
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