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  1. I believe the circus was coming to Glasgow city centre today. Any photos of the multi-coloured, ill-fitting clown outfits on display ??
  2. Watch the documentary on BT Sport - "Shoulder To Shoulder" where all is revealed how it evolved.
  3. This is 2019. Sectarianism, as we have it in Scotland , should not exist in any form. However, it appears some people's DNA is overloaded. Those in Scotland who want to "celebrate" either their "orange" or "republican" lineage or heritage should f**k off to their respective Meccas over the water and spare the rest of the populous the annual guff-fests and all that they bring.
  4. Its no easy gettin a breidboard intae thon wee porthole
  5. Prepare for a Pearce wankathon . . . . . . . Or mebbes just a limp wan
  6. I think some of the ladies playing should be checked under the bonnet
  7. Anyone else spot the volume, tone and intonation of his voice from USA 1-0 to Them 1-1 (la vie ist wunderbar) then USA 2-1 and, thus far, the proverbial death in the family. He's ein fannae of the highest ordure, glaube ich.
  8. Not at all. I delve into many football blogs and sites of all persuasions. Just seems this may be another hear no evil . . . . . . . . . . scenario from the authorities because tv contracts, etc, are fully dependent on there being at least 4 fran n anna jousts every year. Not connected with either cheek in any way, but i'm a football fan who nearly saw his own team go the same way as Gretna and old rangers.
  9. hearthammer


    Was wondering, now that A C Milan have been "excluded" from next season's Euro tournaments for FFP breaches, whether The SPFL/SFA will feel obliged (pressurised) into looking at whats going on at the new The Rangers International ?? From what i've read over various platforms and sites, they haven't met any FFP rules for a number of years. Can anyone on here (The Kincardine ??) give the de facto position ??
  10. This United Kingdom of which Mr/Mrs?Ms Kincardine jizzes over is nothing short of the last vestage of englandshire/westminster/london colonialism. They give not one flying for Scotland, Wales or Nornirn. Its all about london being the epi-centre of the civilised universe. The sooner we fly solo, the better for me and, i believe, our generations to come.
  11. Yes, but via the tv news reports at the time. The family were not afforded a high profile pr machine being conducted by the then government. My opinions are exactly that - my opinions - viewed and formed in conjunction with what are the known knowns and the apparent deflections . We all view things as we see them. This makes us neither 100% correct nor 100% wrong - in the absence of de facto and incontrovertible evidence.
  12. Time will reveal all. The parents and/or others have been responsible for and covered up the disappearance. They set up a "corporate" pr team immediately. Clarence Mitchell ffs. Was Mrs Needham afforded similar/anything ?? Cadaver dugs don't lie and the fact that anyone who offers contradictory theories to the McCanns is sued heavily by their high flying lawyers. Ask the local police chief. You see it your way mate, i'll definitely see it mine.
  13. The net is closing in. I believe someone from the "Tapas 7" will have a severe bout of conscience before they die and lay bare the de facto evidence. I hope that, as and when this happens, focus also turns to Gordon Brown and the government cover up machine that was thrown at the case immediately upon it happening. What were they hiding ????? I can't recall Ben Needham's mother and family being given any level of support at the time he went missing on Kos. Something stinks to high heaven with the involvement of heavy duty government protection and the possibility of weel kent faces being implicated.
  14. Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms Kincardine I'm happy to be picked up on grammar and/or diction when appropriate - but this from the guy who uses "rangers" as his team of choice where it should be "the rangers international ltd" seeing his former love died a deserved death due to industrial sized financial cheating. At least be consistent. Calling me a tosser for using a particular word (via quote) yet living the hear no evil, see . . . . . existence using a word that no longer exists - equitosser under the circumstances.
  15. When englandshire tossers and tossettes use the word "jolly" as in "great" or "getting pished" grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  16. Firstly, we were 3 - 0 up. Penalty was correct although the VAR could/should have looked at the build up. Alexander was off her line. Hey, we are Scotland. Amen
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