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  1. If it's a wee girl, in honour of P & B, you can call her Throberta. I'm sure someone can offer a suggestion for a boy's name ?? All the best to you and your family mate.
  2. Is this current pandemic reason enough to bring back Jeremy Kyle ?? They could get all the "guests" from the past to roll up at the studios and house them all plus Kyle within the green rooms for 2 weeks till, humanely, they will all get their test "results" and meet the true level of "aftercare" the show promised. This way, it will save them having to look for a job when the pandemic subsides and many can leave their tooth for scientific studies. Just trying to be proactive and solve one of society's big problems at the same time.
  3. Daft Punk - Around The World
  4. But not exclusive to . . . . . There are inconsiderate bawbags who do this sort of stuff all over this beautiful wee country. Heavy fines and make them take their dumped shit (😮) back to their own shithole properties for starters. Then make them produce receipts to the police showing that they have disposed of it properly via a licensed "rubbish collector".
  5. Fleetwood Mac - Second Hand News
  6. Robert Palmer - Best Of Both Worlds
  7. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Learning To Fly
  8. Roy Orbison - I Drove All Night
  9. Dixie Chicks - Top Of The World
  10. Spandau Ballet - Through The Barricades
  11. Three Dog Night - Joy To The World
  12. Settled that for both of you :
  13. Emmylou Harris - Together Again
  14. Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
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