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  1. He's a sanddancing fanny that screams "foul" anytime an opponent comes near him and doesn't let him prance, preen and pose. Ref was takin' nane o' his snash hardefuckinhar
  2. Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime
  3. VID-20220916-WA0000 (1).mp4
  4. There's been 2 monarchs and 2 prime ministers since the The Rangers Int. last won a game. Only sayin', like.
  5. Bad Company - Rock 'n Roll Fantasy
  6. Just switched on to the service. I see all of the circus performers are decked out in their full fancy dress outfits with all of them bedecked in a wheen of medals and trinkets - even wee Eddie. The Americans must love all this shit.
  7. Perhaps focusing on the underlying message is progressively more difficult for you after 7p.m. on most evenings. Maybe try analysing things before you "settle down" for the evening where your cogency may be more rational. Only sayin', like.
  8. Tell me, oh oracle of all things right and proper, is the first "P" "Papa" ?? Canny help yersel but to fire some more Bucks-shot at the FM at every opportunity, notwithstanding you tried to disguise your attack with some tempered, maybe worth considering, soft soaping before your colours were fully unfurled. We're on to you, ya wee scamp ye.
  9. Michelle Shocked - Anchorage (Unable to find the song as an individual track - Starts 20.57)
  10. Elfish Costello - Watching The Detectives
  11. Haud the bus, mi amigos. If we're looking for a smug, entitled, english uber lord with a nuclear level of distain for the "equal" partner that is Scotland, then there can only be one major candidate - the Kincmeister himself, the Bollock of Bucks.
  12. China Crisis - King In A Catholic Style
  13. Chuck 3 will be checking out his new found free AirBnBs in the Aberdeen area soon now that the auld goat who was clogging up the rooms has "left"
  14. That must have been what i heard - thought it was a national record. He was a 100m & 200m runner as well, although i don't know if he actually won any titles. Think he maybe ran for Pitreavie through his teens but was at St Columba's in Dunfermline so would have represented them.
  15. Ken McKay held the Scottish long jump record for a good number of years after he left school. Tony I knew through athletics circles. I'm guessing you were at the same school/athletics club as either Ken or Tony ??
  16. When the distraught Witchell said earlier that there was a bulletin from Balmoral, i thought, good move, as another car crash accident might just raise more suspicions about how they let Charles get what he wants.
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