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  1. Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill
  2. And captained by former Pars player, Josh Falkingham
  3. Adam & The Ants - Stand And Deliver
  4. Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
  5. The Kinema Ballroom in Dunfermline had its fair share of "before they were famous" bands/artists in the late 60s and early 70s.
  6. What is your learned understanding of the retail deal and the distribution rights ?? As the all-knowing ***meister here, i'm sure you can clarify exactly whether Big Mike is entitled to a slice or exclusivity of everything that's sold ?? Cheers
  7. It is trending, but it's only 3rd behind : 1 Big Mike having exclusive rights to flog the new the rangers tat. 2 The the rangers fans being sold a sick puppy by their board regarding the full distribution and contractual arrangements of their tat production and retail.
  8. And there won't be the usual feng shui of the seating in the away end either - this time.
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