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  1. Watching Trnsmt and looking at the age demographic of the crowd took me back to when my own children went to T in The Parkas part of their teenage rite of passage. I headed up on the saturday morning with my car loaded with sausage and bacon rolls, crisps, pies and an emergency case(s) of beer. I remember the sight of my son and his 2 mates like zombies coming down the hill to the car park for their supplies. Jeeeez 😮 As my son says, "happy days".
  2. Tis a broad church on here. Each will hold their own and varied views. You are wholly entitled to yours. I take no offence at your criticism, but i reserve the right to either divulge or not to divulge. Cheers
  3. Angus, i tried umpteen times to nip his pedantic and foolish pursuit of nailing things directly to me. "Dug wi' a bone" - but barking wi' nae nashers.
  4. Cher Sarge, I tolerated your insatiable lust for the name of the site where the article i copied and pasted from was taken. You were summarily dismissed on that point. Now you seek my opinion of the author of the article ?? Really ?? What part(s) of the 6 or 7 explanations given yesterday relating to this are you having difficulty with ?? I actually used to think some of your posts were witty and worth a wee chuckle now and again. However, yesterday's performance in a vain attempt to be seen on the sanctimonious high ground here, it seems that you're not quick-witted and sharp, but make things accidentally appear funny through unwittingly being a fanny. Case closed.
  5. I just pasted the quote. i did not pursue the veracity of the content, but made sure i said it was an "account" of that period. It was a comment from a contributor to a site that i hold in the highest regard. It did not come from the site itself. This i explained to the auld Sergeant from the outset. Happy to be corrected and/or educated on things mate.
  6. Sergeant, I'm done with your pedantry. Please quote me as the poster if you must, but DON'T say that what i clearly indicated was taken from elsewhere is MINE. There's a guid chap. Aye, alright, you have the final word if you have to, to make your uniform twitch in the Trossachs. Tennnnnn-hunnnnnnn !!!!
  7. Prior to intervention, perhaps you should have worked out that it wasn't MY list. I only made you aware of that fact around 4 or 5 times right enough. Auld age, eh ??
  8. 2 out of 4 before half time. Hope you get the goal and booking you crave in the 2nd half mate 🙏
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