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  1. The ONLY episode of the whole series worth watching :
  2. Kate Bush - This Woman's Work
  3. Elvis Costello - Watching The Detectives
  4. I was kept well away, but my camera's got a 60x zoom so i was able to get close ups from a safe distance
  5. The guys were at a loss as to why the bees had settled in the hedge @19QOS19.
  6. Was disturbed yesterday afternoon by some voices coming from my front garden. Went out to see what was happening, and it turns out a swarm of bees had deserted their normal sanctuary nearby and decided to make camp in my hedge. The voices were local volunteer beekeepers who had followed them to try and get them back to their resident hives. A mix of worry and fascination for me, but the guys were there for the best part of 5 hours till they managed to get the queen and the vast majority into their boxes and took them home to the hives. (Only allowing me to upload 1 picture.)
  7. That's Sky Sports News officially going full Tonto about the Euros with them digging up previous managers and players to get them to tell everyone just how good and able ingerlund will be. Add to that some flags with "it's coming home" and their collective todgers already oot, then strap yourself in for the full - on wankathon till, hopefully πŸ™, they're emptied. Sky don't get to cover the tournament, but they're at the forefront of the cheerleading and sycophancy in ingerlund-shire. Can't wait for their massive failure (please, if there is such a thing as a god).
  8. Got a Johnny Seven Gun for Christmas mid-sixties. Wish i'd had the foresight to keep it. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=johnny+seven+gun&docid=608026485690615472&mid=1B9D4C6456FB9A1B6CDF1B9D4C6456FB9A1B6CDF&view=detail&FORM=VIRE
  9. Fabby to see Boris's UK with NUL points. We'd dae much guidder with wee Shuggie fae Drumshuckie singin' " I'm A Buckfast Swallyer" because "Europe" would associate themselves with us.
  10. You should maybe consider selling some of the shit you get delivered for your Saturday night in, mi amigo πŸ˜‰
  11. You should have whipped up a storm in protest. They didn't deserve to be beaten - or did they ?? 😲
  12. Showin' your feminine side, Chunk ?? ☺️
  13. Having tuned in to the latter stages of this cruddfest, i now partially understand why i drink on Saturday nights. The main reasons will remain private, but . . . . . . . . . . . Best winner was Nicole in 1982 with "A Little Peace"
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