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  1. No, this is a scandal. These privileged cretins are now dictating how we live our lives, whilst protecting and enhancing their own within their utopia they call London.
  2. Fleetwood Mac - You Make Loving Fun
  3. hearthammer

    Top 5 Gigs

    Have done my list and purposely omitted a great gig as i'd actually bought the ticket to see the support act. Saw The Eagles at the Apollo in 1977, which was phenomenal, but was there primarily to see the late and great Dan Fogelberg. Unfortunately, he had to pull out before the gig and i never got the chance to see him after that. The Eagles were spectacular.
  4. Heard this on the radio yesterday and was instantly reminded why i cringe and feel for the lassie when i hear her pronunciations, particularly, although not exclusively, "surviehhhve" :
  5. Shirley & Co - Shame, Shame, Shame
  6. The Dubliners - Dirty Old Town
  7. This song was part of my spotty youth in 1976
  8. Tom Jones - Daughter Of Darkness
  9. Having a brilliant night watching "Runrig - The Last Dance" on BBC Alba whilst being fully sated with bottles of Mythos. It will be on i-player very soon, so i would recommend watching the full gig if Runrig are your thing 👍
  10. Earlier in the season, Stevie Crawford got rid of the GK coach to allow OFW to assume the role. However, not having someone who is "independent" overseeing the GK position, it is OFW who is calling the shots. Wonder how Cammy Gill feels about his chances of getting a start after the shitshow from the No1/coach on Tuesday ?? SC has to go sooner than later and an experienced manager brought in to salvage a play-off place this season and to take the Pars forward for next season.
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