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  1. Well you've missed the obvious and logical so much in the past on here. it was easy to assume this was something else where your 3 wee "hear no/see no/speak no" neebs kicked in. Happy to assist you.
  2. Perhaps the amount of tom kite you've expressed on here should be a clue ?? Only sayin' like.
  3. Simply one of his best, both musically and lyrically. I give you :
  4. Attend monsieur, plus que 60 est plus meillieur mon Australia ce soir
  5. Ralph McTell - Streets Of London
  6. There's a myopic William caller on SSB just confirmed that he doesn't want Beale, but he'd be happy with "Husenhattl", The caller's obviously a die hurd han wi' nae idea
  7. Alan McManus has morphed into Michael Stewart as a co-commentator this tournament. He's meant to assist the main commentator with "expert" input on various shots, but he's been drawling on incessantly, over-elaborating on the shots and still discussing his points two or three shots on.
  8. Big Country - Broken Heart (Thirteen Valleys)
  9. Dory didn't hold back when she slaughtered both him and Mia Farrow in the brilliant
  10. Just come up on Sky Sports News that Jimmy O'Rourke, part of the fantastic Hibs team of the early 70s, has passed away. Although not a Hibs fan, i remember the brilliant team they had back then. He was also a popular owner of the Corstorphine Inn for a long time.
  11. Dory Previn - Scared To Be Alone
  12. We're being helped by uncharacteristic mistakes and a wheen of penalties by NZ. Who the f*ck cares - C'mon Scotland
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