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  1. Between this "member", Firestarter and JayCrawford exploding on the scene recently with their collective tiresome and inane pish, i reckon this is the advance scouting party from Mumsnet ready to unsettle P & B prior to the real hirsute kamikazi battalion wading in to take the site down. Bints scorned and all that. Or its just a bot 😉
  2. Jimmy The Hoover - Tantalise (Wo Wo Ee Yeh Yeh)
  3. Cutting Crew - (I Just) Died In Your Arms
  4. Your comment lost me if it was referring to me ?? If it was Chapelhall Chap, then i assume it is a private joke that means something to him ?? Cheers
  5. The stream i got was the Livi guys doing the commentary. How refreshing to hear a balanced account of the game without the usual in-house biased sycophancy the big clubs have. Chapeau.
  6. Your timeline is more sensible, especially if the good lady was with you. We decided to get the biggie out of the way on day 1 (27 miles i think), which left the other days more at a manageable and leisurely pace. The decent food and copious amounts of beer each evening after our walk fuelled us for the following day. We watched the Celtic v Porto UEFA cup final in the Bridge of Orchy hotel on the Wednesday (day 3). Better off watching it there as, apparently, Seville had more than 2 million visiting fans so we might not have seen the game 😎😎
  7. Done. I suspect that fans of most teams, other than those of Celtic and Rangers, will be fairly consistent in their answers, but as Mr Shtrep says, turkeys don't vote for Christmas. Good luck.
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