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  1. People are ill-informed at best, without being impolite. The loss of sense of smell I had was absolute, not just like a cold. Its an educational thing like anything else. Bit like folk turning up at A&E with a sore knee they’ve had for years. Interestingly (for me anyway ) the virus itself doesn’t go after the smell/taste receptors but actually inflames the nerves which carry the signals to the brain.
  2. We also need to have test that doesn't give out a significant amount of false negatives. Aye the test is a bit shit, 30% chance of false negatives and something like 20% of false positives. I’ve seen folk in ITU who’ve had half a dozen negative tests and yet the CT scan of their chest is textbook Covid. I know which I trust, pity we can’t just scan the entire population
  3. It would possibly work. A lot of it would depend on airflow too, the better the airflow the less chance of virus hovering in the air. No-one really knows enough how it’ll work until we try it.
  4. The principle reason for the 2m rule is that most of the research suggests by 1.5m the vast majority (99%) of any respiratory droplets has hit the deck. The 2m thing is just extra caution. Obviously this is null and void if someone is coughing, sneezing etc but it more relates to the virus particles people are just regularly breathing out. Until we have widescale mass testing we can’t work out how many people are infected and until we can work that out then I don’t fancy being closer than 2m to strangers. I’ve had it once and I don’t fancy putting any potential immunity to the test... edit to add: again the research suggests that you would have to spend more than 15 minutes within the 2m area to increase your risk. Just brushing past someone in Asda isn’t going to give you it unless they cough in your face.
  5. There’s no sense at all in having NHS staff that work closely with ?covid patients using this app. At the height of it I think we were seeing 50+ a day. They’ll be no-one left if it comes back in a second wave if we all have to isolate 😂
  6. I’ll think I’ll trust my years of experience and training over a tweet from a Tory thank you 😂
  7. Even with that article, it does not mention anywhere that they closed it due to deep cleaning. Which is not something they would do anyway. To shut an A&E means either you have too many patients presenting with symptoms, and/or there are too many patients with COVID in the hospital to have any more admitted. Either way it means it’s not safe to have folk turning up at the door. 10+ years working in an Emergency Department, I know what I’m talking about.
  8. You don’t understand how hospitals work do you m9? People tend to you know, come in to A&E unwell, then get admitted, die, or are discharged. They don’t come in to hospital, get to the ward, get Covid then go to A&E. Nice source too, a Spanish blog, which on reading doesn’t mention anything about the UK Health Service.
  9. If they are having to close A&E, that tells you that most of the infections are coming from without the hospital.
  10. Now he’s using loopholes in their own fucking laws. Get this c**t in the sea.
  11. The utter charlatan c***s. They make a mockery of myself and my collegues both alive and who have died from this. I am beyond furious.
  12. I’m not the one with the answers. I’m not paid for that. However I am frontline NHS staff working within an Emergency Department. I have seen countless patients over the last 2 months who I know aren’t going to make it, and they are scared, they are alone, they are often fully aware they are dying. I’m pretty hardened to death, but this is slowly wearing me out. We came incredibly close to being overwhelmed in some areas and if the NHS is overwhelmed, thousands will die because we will not have the beds, staff or medicine for them. As it stands Lockdown is everything at the minute, we have limited ability to control the spread of this, no treatment and no vaccine.
  13. Must admit Todd_is_god is making a roaring c**t of himself on this thread.
  14. I’m getting seconded to the NHS Louisa Jordan 😷
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