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  1. The amount of denial is terrifying in this. Grim but totally gripping. Don’t know if anyone has listened to the podcast that accompanies this but it really adds to the background of whats going on.
  2. I can't remember the full story of it but I was working in A&E in the Victoria at the time it happened and remember hearing about the guy after he got taken to intensive care. Think he landed on wet grass and on his arse which apparently saved him
  3. There was a guy a few years ago jumped from a high flat somewhere on Glasgow's southside and survived a 9 storey fall. His pelvis was up by his lungs mind you and his lower body was shattered but he lived.
  4. Armed police at central station and queen street in Glasgow. Never seen that before
  5. The fact a lot of the injured seem to have leg wounds more than anything else suggests an explosion close to ground level.
  6. Christ I can see a few more controlled explosions with the police being paranoid as f**k of a secondary device. Really lucky that it wasn't a Bali nighclub type incident, with a small primary device causing panicked crowds to rush into the secondary device...
  7. Bump. Anyone else think Trump is going to start firing missiles at North Korea soon ?
  8. Mr B = Mr Paton, looked like a white Bin Laden ? I remember hearing about the dictionary incident. Also remember we had him covering our maths teacher being off the whole year in 3rd year, and we (the whole class) convinced him we had to leave as we had orchestra practice. Despite the fact I don't think the school even had an orchestra, and he wouldn't let people leave until they had told him what instrument they played Can't remember the head of physics name, but he was a buddie and used to give me hell in 6th year.
  9. If there's 11 I'll just sit out again, fucked my back in work.
  10. Think I'll sit out this week if you have ten. Shattered from working the last six day.
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