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  1. One thing I don’t understand is Abroath thinking Raith fans have ‘ground envy’. We’re at our best when we get the ball down and play some real neat stuff. ICT first half last week was the perfect example. Quality football goes out the window at Gayfield due to the wind and the advantage both teams had yesterday either half was comical at best or embarrassing at worst for Championship level football. Nice little ground, a good away day but absolutely no chance I’d want to watch my team play there.
  2. From nearly beating Killie to win the league to then sign about 14 players and be potentially relegated is kinda cool. Least your hospitality is booked out and you’re ranking high in the fair play table. If I can cut to the chase - your new signings are honking and Dick Campbell was past it a decade ago. Bring on Motherwell.
  3. Thought you were pish tbh. A hell of a lot of noise from the Abroath fans in here about how they’ve turned a corner and now a different team. 5pm today and they’re further in a relegation mire. Pleasing. Good support up there with us today and credit to Murray with the subs making the difference. I like Akio
  4. I do..they were our guaranteed 3 points. Can’t recall the unbeaten record and can’t be jeered checking but sure it lasted something like 20 games.
  5. This from an East Fife fan A team plying its trade at the bottom of the joiners, tilers and electricians division I remember you guys bringing a decent crowd to starks for your usual scudding to now being likely 3 divisions below. Ouch.
  6. Why pitch inspection at 10am. Ice overnight so likely off but 2pm scheduled to be 5-6 degrees. Game off and it’ll be over perfect at 3. 11.30 or even 12 inspection would’ve been fine.
  7. The sloppiness in Rovers passing is doing my box in. They're giving us so much space but we’re too slow and messy to take advantage. Would like to see there penalty award again.
  8. QP around even money for this game If they field a credible team I can’t see us getting anything from it away from home.
  9. And still went 2-0 up when there was 22 players on the park. Only point I’m making really is they’ve got better and we’re weaker through Connor going and injuries. Need to maintain / increase the gap between us and them / Cove
  10. I’ll concede yes. just read the comments from the Dundee fans that one of the new players for the smokies basically ripped them to bits. Could end up being a lot tighter a league (exc Hamilton) if Abroath go on a run which I think they will. Shudder to think of us finishing 2nd bottom and facing McGlynns Falkirk in a playoff. That said we should only need another 4 wins or so to get any thoughts of relegation gone. A chance tonight to get some points.
  11. On slightly different matters any rumours of any players coming in at all? Abroath look like they’ve done four bits of fantastic business this week alone.
  12. You’d a thought we’d be beat today going by some. Needed win and good to see we seen it out after going 2 nil up against Morton and it going wrong.
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