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  1. On 04/08/2022 at 14:09, Harry Kinnear said:

    Well it’s match day & 3 of us heading over to game today which got me wondering how many of a travelling support we will take? Is a 1000 a reasonable estimate I wonder given it’s a decent day weather wise & early in the season with reasonable optimism for months ahead 

  2. 12 minutes ago, Bainsfordbairn said:

    That's a stat I like, as it suggests that he does have something about him. 

    From what I can see, he's hardly played any professional football so the lack of goals isn't a surprise. In fact, if I'm reading the stats on transfermarket correctly, half of his professional appearances came at Kilmarnock. All as a sub coming off the bench. 

    He got 3 minutes against QOTS, 11 minutes against Inverness, 4 minutes against Morton and a whole minute each in games against Hamilton (twice) and Dunfermline. 

    A total of nineteen minutes played in six games. No wonder he's never scored a goal! 

    His other appearances seem to be four games against Grimsby as a seventeen year old, in which he showed enough for Middlesborough to sign him as a U23 player, and two on loan to Bradford. 

    We're highly unlikely to get a proven goalscorer at L1 unless we get incredibly lucky due to circumstances, as happened to Montrose with Rory McAllister. So we're probably going to be taking a punt on unknowns and trusting the managers instincts. Given his recruitment of Finn Yeats and Sean Mackie, neither of whom had much of a reputation when they arrived at TFS, I'm inclined to trust him. 


  3. 27 minutes ago, gav-ffc said:

    Hibs likely to get points deduction.

    How ironic this is & embarrassing for a club the size of Hibs particularly given Lee Johnstone’s pop on Radio Scotland last night in his post match interview where he took time to comment on what he perceived to be the amateur nature of our game up here due to fact that there was no 4th official at their game with Morton 

  4. 19 minutes ago, Andy Dufresne said:

    McGlynn looks so frustrated in the interview 

    Yeah understandable & he also said he was 3 times 🙈

    Can’t help but appreciate his refreshing honesty in saying it as it is without the political speak of the new generation of ‘’ head coaches’’ !



  5. 4 minutes ago, Blame Me said:

    Your correct and the fact it's on the club site *should* make it authoritative.

    Not to mention the irony that our main sponsor is a web-design company. It's not a great advert for them when you scratch beyond the surface.

    Blame me seems an ironic user name for someone who spends most of their time casting aspersions 🤔

  6. 1 minute ago, Bainsfordbairn said:

    All you would get is the standard working hard to get bodies in, talking to agents and players, etc. Even if a manager expects something to happen imminently they rarely comment in case an expected deal falls through and they end up looking silly. 

    The only question you might get an answer on is where he was looking to strengthen but I think it's pretty obvious that we need more up front. 

    There's a meeting with FSS members and the management team on Thursday. I'm guessing recruitment will be the first question everyone wants to ask about so you'll get an update soon enough. 

    Thanks 👍

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