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  1. Does anyone know if Holt junior is still on our books?
  2. Kenny Miller relationship could be key here assuming they have one
  3. Is Leanne’s leadership coming into question
  4. Or was it the case he had already been tapped & didn’t want to aggravate things
  5. Ironically I felt that Keena was moving well on Saturday before he got the knock
  6. So that’s 6 new additions required with 1 Goalie 2 Central defenders 1 central midfield & 2 strikers Think we might manage 3 before weekend
  7. We need to see greater pace & movement & hopefully a change of system from back three which is causing us to overplayv
  8. Actually disagree as I feel we are making too many passes & not making extra man count
  9. We need to remember our current status as Division one middle table plodders Beggars & choosers comes to mind
  10. Pure speculation my friend & by the way rugby is not terrible
  11. Good post & would totally agree that the four key positions in the spine should be achievable - let’s believe
  12. Yeah agree with sentiment here BPM & as you said yesterday there will be others ready to step in & up
  13. I heard that he rode on the back of Gairdoch & Airdrie Royal bots clubs & overlooked a lot of other decent youngsters leaving him open to criticism of nepotism & closed shop Also have first hand knowledge that he used club website to advertise for notes of interest in trials for boys but actually many parents never got the courtesy of even a response
  14. See Wee Kevin O Hara out of the picture at the Pars
  15. Yet another subjective opinion / here is me thinking they we are in a democracy where freedom of thought & the right to hold an opinion contrary to that held of another is respected
  16. So is it timely for similar poll on this thread
  17. Without wishing to be controversial here but wondering how posters on this thread can substantiate the assertion that lots/many/majority of our fan base are going to withdraw their support over this potential signing
  18. Not started a game since September & not been in match squad since October
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