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  1. Think he was coached by Dowds This young boy is a class act as I’ve watched him a few times play against my grandson at boys club level - as Manager indicated he has a wand of a left foot & whilst slight of frame could be a new Craig Sibbald if ge fulfills his potential- watch this space
  2. Now here’s some humour to start your Saturday hree Scottish sides have been named in the UK's top ten most investable clubs. The research comes from a collaboration between football finance expert Dr Rob Wilson and BetVictor. Arbroath top the list, Ayr United placed in second, with Livingston also making the top 10. (National)
  3. Yeah he’s on substantial 5 figure weekly wage rumoured to be £12k plus & club keen to move him on as want to resign Joe Allen I agree with BPM & think any prospects of us gleaning something from his sell on clause will not happen Wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up as squad player at Forest with Cooper
  4. I agree with your thoughts here & not dissimilar to Jim Jeffries our best manager in past 30 years
  5. As an exiled Jack Army member I would say that Dhanda deserves the platform to play after being sidelined at the Swans & suffering racist abuse on social media. His strengths are his football brain, ability to pick a pass, reasonably pace & decent shot. His weaknesses are lightweight frame, can let the game pass him by, struggles to last 90 mins. Will be interesting to see how he gets on & wish him the best for the season ahead.
  6. Anybody know what was our best seller of home strips & numbers involved?
  7. Personally speaking I don’t think you can beat adidas & don’t recall we’ve ever used them But my teenage grabs in & his contemporaries are Nike fanatics Everyone to their own I guess
  8. You must be the drummer boy with that kind of disclosure as biggest fan of franchise united. Who’s your proper team before the West Lothian experiment was launched?
  9. Totally concur - articulate, transparent & informative update -
  10. Also like age dynamic of mid twenties as best years ahead of him plus see similarities to style & model of management he has played under recently
  11. Yeah & now we need a centre mid, keeper & striker to complete spine before backfilling other positions
  12. Totally agree Julio but think it was suggested that the identity of blame me might have some history / link to previous board incumbents For what it’s worth my take is this is a SMART statement in every sense not lacking in specifics & clearly giving timelines for their goals & ambitions. I sense from individuals such as Blame Me they might wish to challenge how achievable & realistic these ambitions are but hey as a wise man once said aim for nothing & you will inevitably hit it I sense however that vast majority will see this as I perceive it to be, namely an honest, bold rallying call to mobilise the troops for the battle ahead. So all we need now is for the new management team to unearth a 2022 version of Yogi for the back, a 2022 version of Alex Taylor to boss the midfield & a 2022 version of Richie Cadette to supply the goals. Not asking a lot am I but guess the next generation of Kevin, Simon & Russell will need to wait for the following year
  13. Not sure tbh as this will be my first time seeing them. Aware of couple good players in Albion midfield so will be interesting watch
  14. Changing the subject FFC under 16s playing Stirling Albion this evening at Falkirk Stadium kick off 6 30pm
  15. Think the benchmark of how big your club’s ambitions are will be how many of the current Airdire squad end up playing next season at New Broomfield for the home team
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