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  1. 6 hours ago, Passionate said:

    No chance of McCabe getting suspended for the game,,


    How many will Falkirk bring next week,   Champions elect Dunfermline have brought the biggest away support to the Excelsior so far this season , they brought 800 plus last week,   

    See the total attendance for your game on 11th was 2198 so that equates to approx 1200 home fans if fifes brought 800 +


  2. 6 hours ago, Passionate said:

    No chance of McCabe getting suspended for the game,,


    How many will Falkirk bring next week,   Champions elect Dunfermline have brought the biggest away support to the Excelsior so far this season , they brought 800 plus last week,   

    Out of interest how many did we bring to the first game?

  3. 16 minutes ago, Enigma said:

    Seems like a good few of your fellow fans care deeply about not getting a wee mention on some BBC Alba show.

    What’s a few when we will have 4000 at our home gate this afternoon 

    Roath Ravers could only dream about that level of support 




  4. 45 minutes ago, bridge of allan bairn said:

    Tuned in this morning to a view from the terrace and very surprised and disappointed to see the Darvel Falkirk game wasnt even mentioned. Especially when they did a complete review of the Scottish cup games, the Darvel manager was the featured guest last week, they tipped darvel in the banker and the game was live on the BBC! Also 6 goals, sending off and media attention. Poor from a programme I really enjoy

    There’s media darlings & then there’s us 🤔

  5. 1 hour ago, Long Suffering Bairn said:

    After the Darvel game being live nationally, pretty sure there will be teams coming in to nick Cal Morrison, Nisbett and Henderson from us.  I feel certain Cal will be gone in the summer.  Every manager of a team up to a certain level will be looking at his performance and wanting that for their team.

    Listening to a conversation from a couple behind me on Monday evening who had a family member ITK and it appeared Calum Morrison was offered a deal at Dundee during January window worth close to £150k to us but he knocked it back as he wanted to help us get promotion but also holding out for a move down south in summer. Wouldn't begrudge him his pension security if that is the case particularly if he keeps providing the assists and goals of last few weeks.

  6. 5 minutes ago, Dawson Park Boy said:

    Just hope SA doesn’t read this, especially as its likely he’s the one baling us out as per the Accounts.


    Don’t know Sandy Alexander or Martin Ritchie personally but have to say that from my perspective seeing them standing alongside me & my family behind the goal on Saturday is sufficient to confirm them tas true Bairn supporters 

  7. 11 minutes ago, SouthStander1876 said:

    That was my thinking. Can't see it being Murray sadly even though I think that would be a great signing.

    We currently have 3 fit centre halves in Donaldson, MCKay & Mackie with Henderson now cemented his place as our midfield enforcer & Watson some way from injury so signing another experienced central defender like Murray could be a very sensible deal if we can afford him

  8. Just now, Kelheart said:

    We will get one on Saturday , wee Cardle dive = Penalty Kelty win 3 - 2 does that mean we get to keep you 😂😂

    True re Tom Daley Cardle who’s always good for a dive 🙌

    Think you will find the result will be different this time round though & expecting somebody to be on end of a hiding one of these days, & maybe this Saturday 🤔

  9. Surprised that no one has called out the facilities yesterday.

    Five portals,  + one hospitality van + no cover + no elevation for standing areas = poor entertainment & bad experience.

    Surely time for City of Edinburgh to find alternative home as not conducive to professional football. 

  10. 58 minutes ago, FalkirkBairn2021 said:

    Actually thought his booking was the only decision the ref got right all game.

    A breathtaking display of incompetence. Highlight clearly being playing on fir 5 seconds after the Edinburgh player went down with a nothing injury then deciding as we were going to score that he was about to need an undertaker.

    Worst ref I've seen this season. By far.


  11. 1 hour ago, NavyBlueArmy1876 said:

    Nisbet to Millwall falls through. Wee shame for the Pars that 

    Heard a whisper that he might be heading to Swans in a deal similar to Ofabemi’s move to Burnley, namely initial loan & obligation to buy in summer. If true then no immediate financial gain for Pars but any least it will assist their budget for next year.

  12. 9 minutes ago, Craig1876 said:

    Should change their name to BellendoftheYear. My god, support your team or just bugger off. 

    Wow - it never fails to amaze me how people hide behind the mask of keyboard warriors. The fact that s/he has one deleted all their posts is one sure indication of fear of exposure.


    Personally speaking I find it sad yet not surprising that that a bruised ego resorts to bitter expression but guess that’s human nature at its worst.

  13. 30 minutes ago, Taxi for De Massis said:

    We’re still in the cup, with the revenue it brings

    2nd in the league with the title still a real possibility 

    We have a coach who actually knows what he’s doing

    Close to 4000 each home game, and as alway a healthy away support (something teams in the Premiership would be jealous of)

    Things behind the scenes are less amateurish, more professional 

    And yet, the complaining continues


    ”La tristesse durera toujours”


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