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  1. Agree totally - ref was poor on so many levels tonight as in addition to those game changing moments he also failed to book the guy who blatantly took out Nesbitt & ended his participation in match
  2. Balanced & right perspective after the disappointment this evening
  3. I predict we will outnumber you again given we took 900 to Darvel on a Monday evening
  4. See the total attendance for your game on 11th was 2198 so that equates to approx 1200 home fans if fifes brought 800 +
  5. Out of interest how many did we bring to the first game?
  6. What’s a few when we will have 4000 at our home gate this afternoon Roath Ravers could only dream about that level of support
  7. There’s media darlings & then there’s us
  8. Listening to a conversation from a couple behind me on Monday evening who had a family member ITK and it appeared Calum Morrison was offered a deal at Dundee during January window worth close to £150k to us but he knocked it back as he wanted to help us get promotion but also holding out for a move down south in summer. Wouldn't begrudge him his pension security if that is the case particularly if he keeps providing the assists and goals of last few weeks.
  9. Anybody have inside track of the injury for Big Brad. Being at other end of park I did think at the time it was a head injury but having seen highlights looked like he took an accidental kick in groin area but not clear.
  10. Says the fan with two & quarter functioning stands at STARK park…..
  11. Love our gaffer’s refreshing honesty about game last night & hard to argue with any of his assessment. Also liked his clear marker of what he expects from Darvel & I’m sure we won’t be underestimating them.
  12. Don’t know Sandy Alexander or Martin Ritchie personally but have to say that from my perspective seeing them standing alongside me & my family behind the goal on Saturday is sufficient to confirm them tas true Bairn supporters
  13. Good energetic player but we need to remember he was at Shire not that long ago
  14. We currently have 3 fit centre halves in Donaldson, MCKay & Mackie with Henderson now cemented his place as our midfield enforcer & Watson some way from injury so signing another experienced central defender like Murray could be a very sensible deal if we can afford him
  15. See Dundee have signed a winger on loan from down south which hopefully puts to bed rumours previously circulated re Morrison & Kennedy
  16. True re Tom Daley Cardle who’s always good for a dive Think you will find the result will be different this time round though & expecting somebody to be on end of a hiding one of these days, & maybe this Saturday
  17. How many paranoids does it take to change a light bulb? Who wants to know?
  18. Yeah we don’t need to be tarred with the Sellick paranoia stuff
  19. Surprised that no one has called out the facilities yesterday. Five portals, + one hospitality van + no cover + no elevation for standing areas = poor entertainment & bad experience. Surely time for City of Edinburgh to find alternative home as not conducive to professional football.
  20. Heard a whisper that he might be heading to Swans in a deal similar to Ofabemi’s move to Burnley, namely initial loan & obligation to buy in summer. If true then no immediate financial gain for Pars but any least it will assist their budget for next year.
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